Saturday, April 19, 2008

David Caruso - Has Gabriele Huber Fled Austria?

This past week has been interesting in many ways. I have received numerous e-mails from people claiming to have at least a working knowledge of Austrian law. Weeding through them, including the fakes from Gabriele, I have learned something about how the Austrian legal system operates. Many who wrote have told me that Austria has recently enacted very tough anti-stalking laws and when Gabriele is finally apprehended, she will face not only the original stalking charges, but she will also be facing additional charges for fleeing. If she is convicted on the stalking charges, she could receive a maximum sentence of three years in the slammer. If found guilty of fleeing, Huber will face additional time that will be tacked on to her stalking sentence.

Any attorney worth his salt knows how to contact his client at all times. Dr. Gunther Gast, who represents Gabriele Huber, may very well be trying to convince her to turn herself in. The longer Gabriele avoids the inevitable and remains at large, the less inclined a Judge will be to impose a lighter sentence. Gabriele too may be trying to negotiate the best possible outcome for herself in this situation. Huber continues to hit this blog from countries other than Austria and that is disturbing.

Worst case scenario, as mentioned here yesterday, Gabriele may very well have decided to leave her mother country for good taking up residence in one that does not have a formal extradition treaty with Austria. If that is the case, then Austrian prosecutors may well be up that proverbial creek. Let's hope for the sake of David Caruso and his family that is not the case.

Friday, April 18, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Remains on the Lam

Last September, I had to travel to Europe on business and at the time I remember German authorities searching for a suspected terrorist ring. Within a matter of days, three people were taken into custody and the story made international news. Now this week, we have a situation where an indicted woman charged with stalking and threatening to murder David Caruso has managed to jump bail failing to appear for her court date. Grant this case does not involve known terrorists and may not be as high priority, but it appears that Austrian authorities have their hands tied. How could it be so difficult to track down a second-rate stalker whose main weapon is her laptop?

Today, Gabriele has hit this blog multiple times every hour or so. I can clearly see the same information that authorities can see. And not only can the authorities see it, they possess much more sophisticated equipment to track her.

Although it remains unknown whether or not Gabriele has succeeded in fleeing Austria, if she has, how did she get past airport security? After pulling a similar stunt last summer, surely Austrian authorities would have considered her a flight risk requiring the forfeiture of her passport. Or did someone close to Gabriele aid and abet her escape perhaps hiding her in the trunk of an automobile as they crossed a border?

In reality, the Austrians are probably keeping things close to the vest as most law enforcement agencies do when trying to capture someone who has fled their jurisdiction. It is usually standard procedure not to comment on a matter in an ongoing investigation.

At the moment, authorities have the advantage of waiting Gabriele out. Unless she has an accomplice who is funding her illegal activities, eventually she will be located and brought to justice. That is providing she has not managed to enter another country that does not have an extradition treaty with Austria and where she might seek asylum.

How will it all end? The Innsbruck Big House awaits and so do we.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

David Caruso - The Big House Awaits Gabriele

Realizing that she will soon be captured, either that or surrender, Gabriele Huber is making one last ditch effort to slander and defame David Caruso before she goes down on stalking charges. Much like the Iraqi troops did while retreating from Kuwait during the Gulf War when they set fire to countless oil wells, Huber is lighting her own brand of fire on the Internet prior to her arrest. Internet sites are literally being burned with hate and libel during Huber's last moments as a free woman.

On Monday of this week, knowing that she had an upcoming trial date, Huber went into hiding. There are few if any posts from Huber on Zimbio or Digg for that day, April 14. Her Internet activity on Monday was limited to the early morning hours and was virtually non-existent. Fleeing from justice was Huber's focus on Monday.

Having been diagnosed with a "profound personality disorder", Huber is more than likely hiding out where she can watch all of this unfold in the media and on the television. After all, Huber is a classic example of a narcissist who loves to read and hear about herself.

Enjoy it while you can Gabriele because you're riding on borrowed time. And by the way, you won't be needing your laptop in the Big House.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker Thumbs Her Nose at Austrian Police

As reported here earlier, The Associated Press reports that Gabriele Huber, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker, failed to appear for her trial on charges that she stalked and threatened to murder David Caruso. The story adds that Huber fled armed with her laptop.

And armed she is. Posting as "Vixen", "DiamondsandHearts", "Dixiebabe", "Carmen", "KillerQueen2", "StealthQueen", "Eva" and "DavidCaruso," Huber has spent most of the day hitting every blog, fan site and board under the pretense that she is simply another innocent bystander just as interested in the outcome of this story as anyone else. Her ruse is just that. The authorities can and will catch up with her. Gabriele has left a very sloppy cyber-trail in her wake that will aid in her capture.

Whenever Gabriele gets backed into a corner and she's in a big jam now, she always plays the innocent act to the hilt. "Who me?" she'll respond or better yet, "not me." While in hiding, Gabriele is loving the publicity and has been on the Internet all day waiting for her RSS feeds to update with the most current information on herself.

This blog alone has had nearly one hundred hits from Gabriele in the last twelve hours. Why? What is she searching for? Is she on the lam in Mexico again, sleeping on a lice-infested mattress begging for money on the Internet much like she did last summer when she pulled a similar stunt? Or is she hiding out in Austria? On Monday, Gabriele's Internet activity was limited to the early morning hours. Was she traveling perhaps?
Was it all worth it Gabriele? Better sleep with one eye open tonight. You are a marked woman now!

Stay tuned.

David Caruso - Austrian Police Search for Gabriele Huber

Monday of this week was remarkably quiet for Gabriele Huber. The usual inundation of multiple Internet sites with slander and libel directed towards David Caruso was practically non-existent and visibly gone. In fact, so was Gabriele. As it turns out, Huber was no where to be found on the Internet or in Innsbruck apparently where her trial for stalking David Caruso was scheduled to begin.

Today, The Associated Press is reporting that Huber has "vanished without a trace and took her laptop with her." How surprising! Huber is wanted after sending 100's of letters to David Caruso demanding an autograph. When none was forthcoming, Huber mailed a threatening letter to Caruso stating "I will locate you and your ugly Latina tramp and kill you."

The Court-appointed psychiatrist has testified that Gabriele Huber has been diagnosed with a "profound personality disorder." No kidding! Any of us who follow this crazed woman could have supported that diagnoses with hard core evidence.

The good news is once authorities locate her, she will be placed under arrest and jailed until her trial begins. Now that Huber is a known flight risk, it is highly doubtful that any sought bail will be granted.
This evening , it will be interesting to see how or if the entertainment shows run with this. Other sites have consistently reported that Huber had already been tried last summer and was out on parole. This was never reported in the media and simply is not the case.

Let's hope for David Caruso and his family that Gabriele Huber is located and swiftly brought to justice. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele's Grammar Faux Pas Redux

I suppose pointing out Gabriele's hilarious grammar mishaps could keep this blogger busy full time. Since they are so common place, most of them are best overlooked . However I couldn't pass up sharing this little jewel I found on Zimbio today. It never ceases to amaze me what a fool Gabriele ends up making of herself in her desperation to slander David Caruso:

"If the opportunity to slap David Caruso came up on Ebay, I would pay good money to win that auction...Where do we place the BIT?" posted by "DiamondsandHearts"[pseudonym for Gabriele Huber]

As most people know, the word "bit" has several definitions. Normally a "bit" is the part of a bridle that is placed in a horse's mouth. In Gabriele's case however, could we suggest that she try placing this "bit" in her own mouth and inserting her head firmly into the location pictured in the above photo.
Enjoy FurryMom1.

Monday, April 14, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Re-Invents Herself

Following the recent positive identification of Gabriele Huber as the Austrian woman responsible for stalking and threatening David Caruso, Huber has stepped up her denials and diversion efforts. Now that the Internet world knows the name behind this deranged woman, the pseudonyms which she uses are changing daily and her attacks on others have increased two fold. Challenge Huber and be prepared for a defensive response and attack that doesn't even address the topic or question posed to her. Here is a list of Huber's latest pseudonyms:

"Jen", "Anonymous"
"Eva", "Christina", "Adam", "Francis", "INSIDER", "Sara", "Miss Caine"

Compounding matters for anyone who tracks Huber is the fact that she is playing both sides of the fence giving the illusion that she is having a conversation with others. Huber is having a particularly difficult time though defending Vipix's latest statement about the existence of a "brunette" absent any supporting photographs. And now Huber's BFF Sebastian has said it could "take weeks or months" before he is able to produce a photo of the alleged mystery woman. Don't be fooled. This is simply Huber and Sebastians' "string them along to keep them reading my trash" tactic.

Huber's latest scheme is summed up best by the following comment from Manpaper:

"What on earth are YOU reading, Vixen? [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber]Josie mentioned nothing about Caruso and anybody. You seem to forget everyone can read ALL comments; easy enough to determine how insane you are. Only you could twist personal ridicule of you into a defense of Caruso - NO CORRELATION THERE. I'm noticing it's not just Josie. ANY negative comment directed at you is twisted, by you, into a defense of Caruso. Even those who agree with you condemn you and your assaults/insults. Your "C lister" made front page in your favorite paper? How could that happen? No one's interested in Caruso? Why over 1,000 comments over 1 photo on a website? You and your death threats and internet propoganda have promoted Caruso's popularity and put you and your photo in NE. Aren't you proud? What's your new goal? Insult anyone not agreeing with you? Ridicule someone's name? nationality? race? Refuse to dialogue with anyone who doesn't agree with you? Refuse to address questions to you? Repeat the same, tired messages over and over, as a response to a legitimate comment. Trumpet a new rumor? Rerun the old rumors? You've done that. TALK ABOUT A 1 TRICK PONY!!! "posted by "Renna"
If I have missed any pseudonyms please e-mail me or leave in the comments section.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele's Grammar Faux Pas

UPDATE: Earlier today when the following article posted on Zimbio, Gabriele Huber immediately corrected the word in question in her slanderous article about David Caruso. However, Gabriele cannot correct the misspelled word on Topix where she has absolutely no editing capabilities. She also went in and deleted this update which had to be re-posted. The article which has created so much consternation on Gabriele's part is as follows:

Recently Gabriele Huber, pictured above, has been making frequent use of the word "trough". In one of Huber's Zimbio articles she in fact refers to George Clooney's and David Caruso's "break-trough." Those of us who have a command of the English language understand "trough" to be a drinking and eating vessel for animals. Gabriele seems to be obsessed with this word. Is a trough something she turns to for comfort when she is hungry or thirsty for more material with which to slander David Caruso?

If there are any German readers in our midst who can shed some light on any additional definitions for the word "trough" it would be greatly appreciated. In the above exclusive photo, Gabriele was captured on break from her hate war against David Caruso drinking from her "trough". Would this be considered Gabriele's "break-trough?"

Last week on Topix Gabriele, using the pseudonym "Anonymous", posted yet another comment using the word "trough":

"Sweetheart, whatever gets you trough the day." posted by Anonymous [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] on Topix' David Caruso Forum

Lately, a trough seems to be playing a major role in Gabriele's life. Gabriele must need a large one to feed and quench that never ending hunger and thirst for gossip, rumors, lies and innuendo about David Caruso and his family.

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