Sunday, April 13, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele's Grammar Faux Pas

UPDATE: Earlier today when the following article posted on Zimbio, Gabriele Huber immediately corrected the word in question in her slanderous article about David Caruso. However, Gabriele cannot correct the misspelled word on Topix where she has absolutely no editing capabilities. She also went in and deleted this update which had to be re-posted. The article which has created so much consternation on Gabriele's part is as follows:

Recently Gabriele Huber, pictured above, has been making frequent use of the word "trough". In one of Huber's Zimbio articles she in fact refers to George Clooney's and David Caruso's "break-trough." Those of us who have a command of the English language understand "trough" to be a drinking and eating vessel for animals. Gabriele seems to be obsessed with this word. Is a trough something she turns to for comfort when she is hungry or thirsty for more material with which to slander David Caruso?

If there are any German readers in our midst who can shed some light on any additional definitions for the word "trough" it would be greatly appreciated. In the above exclusive photo, Gabriele was captured on break from her hate war against David Caruso drinking from her "trough". Would this be considered Gabriele's "break-trough?"

Last week on Topix Gabriele, using the pseudonym "Anonymous", posted yet another comment using the word "trough":

"Sweetheart, whatever gets you trough the day." posted by Anonymous [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] on Topix' David Caruso Forum

Lately, a trough seems to be playing a major role in Gabriele's life. Gabriele must need a large one to feed and quench that never ending hunger and thirst for gossip, rumors, lies and innuendo about David Caruso and his family.


Mr Ed said...

Well, a horse is a horse of course, of course.

Perhaps if she can keep her nose bag on long enough, the Caruso camp will have piece, children will be safe and we can all go about our lives. Not so the US border patrols. No nose bages for you. You should be on alert for a Vixen dressed as horse.

Anonymous said...

tsk,tsk,tsk... when is the horse gonna learn? she gonna screw up sooner or l8r and then she gonna get caught.
~ CSIFreak191 ~

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