Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stalker's Hitler Sites - Weekend Reflux

For most of the world, the weekend affords a welcome repose to be spent with one's family or in pursuit of beloved diversions or simply to experience the pleasure of nothingness. For a stalker however, the weekend is simply another opportunity to inundate the Internet with libelous hate posts about David Caruso. After all, a stalker's work is never done. There is a hate campaign to be waged. And now that "Ace" has identified her efforts as nothing short of Hitler's, the stalker rages on. See

It is mid-day in most of the U.S. and the enraged Austrian stalker has already posted four rehashed anti-Caruso articles on the Internet. Some of this reconstituted tripe is from 2006! If you happen to run across them, do not click the links for these articles. You may unknowingly be infecting your computer with a virus or spy ware if you do. If you read them, you will also be infecting your brain with salacious and unsubstantiated rumors, products of the stalker's own reflux.

For those unaware of the stalker's tactics, these articles are traps designed to drive web traffic to her hate sites. These sites do not contain anything relevant to David Caruso, his acting, or his television and film career. Quoting "Ace":

"Damn, I don't know who writes this site..... no one gets this angry at a stranger."

Folks, if you fall for any of this, you have been duped. And the stalker can and will chalk up one for the win column. Avoid these hate sites at all costs and spend your weekend more productively.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mobster Stalker Compared to Hitler

This rather frank observation, about a site maintained by Caruso's stalker, appeared a few days ago:

“I don't have anything really personally against the guy[David Caruso]. This site does. I've seen Hitler biographies that were more charitable....”

When this post was first published, the blogger named "Ace" included a link to the Stalker's site. Big mistake! The Stalker, armed with her multiple aliases, engaged in a comment war. Nothing new--it happens many times every week. For most normal people though, you either like or dislike David Caruso, post a comment and leave it at that. Not so with Caruso's Austrian stalker.

It has become some kind of sick game to post, re-post and post again until she is able to have the last word. For some very strange reason, the Stalker is under the false impression that people only read the last post for blog articles. Recently as well, she has been double posting her last post.

Many people have asked what would drive someone to this type of insanity. Has the Internet given birth to new forms of criminal behavior? Is there an Internet Mob behind technology that supports criminal activity? Is it now acceptable for a person who hates another to utilize blogs and forums to perpetuate hostility day in and day out?

Yes, it would seem and the Internet is partially to blame. Devices called Proxy Servers, many widely available for free, allow anyone to anonymously surf and post messages on the Internet. Caruso's stalker employs a number of different Proxy Servers to disguise not only her true identity, but her actual location. Proxy Servers provide a unique i.p. address and make it difficult if not impossible for site moderators to determine with any certainty the stalker's location which changes hourly.

Yesterday alone, I counted no less than 11 i.p. addresses being used by the Stalker to view this blog. Those were the ones she was using in Austria. Proxy servers also provide her with access to i.p. addresses in other countries. Last week on Topix, thanks to a proxy server, it appeared that the stalker was posting from Durham, UK when she was actually in Austria.

For law enforcement officials, it must be a nightmare to track and locate someone suspected of an Internet crime who has figured out how to tweak the system to their advantage. Anyone remotely familiar with the Caruso situation understands this. Many people however do not.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Envelope Please!

With the Oscar Awards days away, there will be new categories honoring those whose outstanding achievements in the industry are noteworthy. Will there be awards honoring exceptional on-line video and music productions in 2008? What about on-line writing awards? These questions remain unanswered.
However, there is one highly anticipated new category that will honor Best Performance by a Cyber-Stalker as an Internet Joke. Nominees include: Vixen, Mermaid7, StealthQueen, KillerQueen, Crazyrabbit2, QueenBitch2die4, DiamondsandHearts, Cole, Liz, Visitor, The Mole Hunter, Batgirl97, Boo2221, Sammy and Joe. Due to printing deadlines, these are the only names that made the ballot. There are hundreds more. Look for those in 2009.
Cast your ballot soon. And since David Caruso's cyber-stalker was denied a visa to enter the country for the awards ceremony, she will have to make her acceptance speech via satellite from the Austrian mental health facility where she is currently locked up.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Stalker Scorned

David Caruso's stalker does not take rejection well as evidenced by her on-going hate campaign. Recently she has stepped up her efforts to libel and defame Caruso by assaulting other blogs with comments designed to perpetuate her daily rumors. Acting out of desperation for attention and recognition, she has also been peppering the titles of her posts with obscenities and making sure they stay at the top of other celebrity sites. This stalker sustains her very life by the stat counts on her own blogs. When the hits take a nosedive, as they have over the last several months, the Stalker goes into overdrive. Rejected both by David Caruso and fans she sought to turn against him, this Austrian woman has taken rejection to a whole new level.

What happened to this stalker that made her go off the deep end? If one is to believe unconfirmed reports, the stalker allegedly approached David Caruso at a Miami bar a couple of years ago. That was prior to U.S. Immigration banning her from entering the United States. Presenting the actor with an explicitly sexual overture, she was summarily REJECTED by the object of her desire and obsession. Prior to this encounter, she worshiped David Caruso and posted complimentary items about him on the Internet.

After David Caruso had not only the good sense, but good taste to decline her advances, the stalker set out to publicly defame him. Using the Internet as her weapon, the stalker daily posts multiple headline grabbing lies and innuendos in an effort to destroy Caruso's reputation with his fans, friends, family and professional associates.

And since David Caruso has always maintained a very low profile, paparazzi seeking stories and gossip about the actor have been presented with an overwhelming challenge. David Caruso is just another regular guy who happens to pursue a livelihood as an actor. Caruso does not seek out the cameras and rumormongers. Without photos or any hard evidence of Caruso's comings and goings, the stalker has been unable to determine with any certainty what is going on in his private life. Does anyone, besides the deranged Austrian stalker, even care?

No! And that is what drives this woman to desperation. She has become an Internet Joke. Hell hath no fury like a stalker scorned!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Stalker Plagiarizes Another Blog

It should come as no surprise that someone who would belittle Eric Stolz wouldn't have any problems with something like plagiarism. The following is how a post from the MoreNotesFromUnderground Blog originally appeared today:

Monday, February 18, 2008
"The following takes place between Antonin Scalia and his Tivo box
Last week Antonin Scalia said that
torture is okay by the US constitution so long as it's for interrogation purposes as opposed to punishment. Others have been quick to point out that this is another case of Scalia watching too much 24. I'd like for interviewers to find out what other ideas Scalia has gleaned from TV. Perhaps we should issue ugly sunglasses to all government counter-terrorism agencies, they can take them off and put them on at appropriate moments - this gets results:"

Now, read the stalker's plagiarized version of this very same article with her anti-David Caruso spin. The items in red never appeared in the original post:

"Last week Antonin Scalia said that torture is okay by the US constitution so long as it's for interrogation purposes as opposed to punishment. Others have been quick to point out that this is another case of Scalia watching too much "24".We'd like for interviewers to find out what other ideas Scalia has gleaned from TV. Perhaps we should issue ugly sunglasses [like the one David Caruso - the skinny, pale, wrinkled, wimp with a smug attitude who seems to think that t a l k i n g r e a l s l o w makes him into a tough guy - wears] to all government counter-terrorism agencies, so they can take them off and put them on at appropriate moments - this gets results." Brackets added by Sarakanne

Although the stalker credited MoreNotesFromUnderground as her source, she never bothered to alert readers that she had added her own negative words about Caruso. Words, mind you, that NEVER appeared in the original. Altering key words and phrases in an original work without noting it is also considered plagiarism.

The stalker then pounced on the opportunity to comment as soon as this article appeared in the blog feeds:
"David Caruso as secret weapon against Al Quida - PRICELESS!!!"
Vixen 02.18.08 - 12:55 pm #

"To the Blog Owner: Now that you have mentioned David Caruso, you may have unwittingly set yourself up to be the next victim of Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker. If she shows up here, she will post a negative comment about Caruso. When someone else arrives and says something pro-Caruso, she will engage in a non-stop commenting [war] with that person/persons until she gets the last comment posted on your blog. Last summer, Rob Steiner was forced to close down his mobblog after the stalker and Caruso fans posted over 200 comments. Mr. Steiner posted a photo of David Caruso's home in LA.
Good luck to you."
sarakanne 02.18.08 - 4:04 pm #

"To the Blog Owner: I knew it wouldn't be long before you were the stalker's next target. You might also be interested to know that the stalker has re-written your blog article. See the following link for the Stalker's version of YOUR work: David+Caru...ture+instrument If it's any consolation, you are not the first blog owner to be plagiarized by the Austrian stalker." sarakanne 02.18.08 - 7:53 pm #

The blog owner's response is what is priceless here:

"That's really weird. I didn't know anyone was that hardcore for David Caruso"
Dan Homepage 02.18.08 - 8:07 pm #

"She's a nut job to say the least. Last summer, with the help of the FBI, Austrian officials indicted her after she threatened to murder Caruso. She has also threatened his toddler and his female companion. She cannot gain entry in the U.S. any longer. While she awaits trial in Austria, she floods the Internet with libel and defamatory remarks directed at Caruso. Here are some other links that will give you an insight into this idiot's head:
sarakanne 02.18.08 - 9:25 pm #

Stalker Hi-Jacks Blogs to Promote Hatred of Caruso

Another blogger fell victim this past weekend to David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker. As she has done many times over, Caruso's stalker hi-jacked the comments section of NoWaterMark.Net. After the blog owner's post containing photos of David Caruso showed up in the Blog Feeds, the stalker raced over to his site to post the following negative comment:

Comment by Vixen on February 17, 2008 @ 11:01 am
"Collecting the latest adult magazines he ordered?"

Out of 14 comments posted on this blog, 9 of them were posted by the stalker commenting as Vixen, Sammy and Joe. The stalker uses multiple screen names to give the FALSE impression that she has like-minded Caruso haters who just happen to show up at the same time she is posting. Go figure!

The remaining 5 comments were posted by me. Had I not stopped posting, this back and forth with the stalker would have continued until the blog owner was forced to shut down the comments. Each and every time this happens, blog owners are obliged to take drastic measures, short of deleting their blogs, to rid themselves of the uninvited stalker.

Let this serve as a WARNING to any and all blog owners who deign to publish something remotely related to David Caruso--your blog is subject to being hi-jacked by David Caruso's stalker. If anyone posts a differing opinion, she will battle them to the death in order to have the last post.

Schnitzer's Death Threat

Schnitzer's Death Threat
Actual Letter Sent to Caruso