Friday, February 22, 2008

Mobster Stalker Compared to Hitler

This rather frank observation, about a site maintained by Caruso's stalker, appeared a few days ago:

“I don't have anything really personally against the guy[David Caruso]. This site does. I've seen Hitler biographies that were more charitable....”

When this post was first published, the blogger named "Ace" included a link to the Stalker's site. Big mistake! The Stalker, armed with her multiple aliases, engaged in a comment war. Nothing new--it happens many times every week. For most normal people though, you either like or dislike David Caruso, post a comment and leave it at that. Not so with Caruso's Austrian stalker.

It has become some kind of sick game to post, re-post and post again until she is able to have the last word. For some very strange reason, the Stalker is under the false impression that people only read the last post for blog articles. Recently as well, she has been double posting her last post.

Many people have asked what would drive someone to this type of insanity. Has the Internet given birth to new forms of criminal behavior? Is there an Internet Mob behind technology that supports criminal activity? Is it now acceptable for a person who hates another to utilize blogs and forums to perpetuate hostility day in and day out?

Yes, it would seem and the Internet is partially to blame. Devices called Proxy Servers, many widely available for free, allow anyone to anonymously surf and post messages on the Internet. Caruso's stalker employs a number of different Proxy Servers to disguise not only her true identity, but her actual location. Proxy Servers provide a unique i.p. address and make it difficult if not impossible for site moderators to determine with any certainty the stalker's location which changes hourly.

Yesterday alone, I counted no less than 11 i.p. addresses being used by the Stalker to view this blog. Those were the ones she was using in Austria. Proxy servers also provide her with access to i.p. addresses in other countries. Last week on Topix, thanks to a proxy server, it appeared that the stalker was posting from Durham, UK when she was actually in Austria.

For law enforcement officials, it must be a nightmare to track and locate someone suspected of an Internet crime who has figured out how to tweak the system to their advantage. Anyone remotely familiar with the Caruso situation understands this. Many people however do not.

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