Saturday, March 29, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Weekend Charade

When will it ever end? Is David Caruso's stalker capable of moving on? Gabriele, please humor us with a new and different shtick. Your old charade has become so transparent.

Yesterday, VH-1's Bestweekever TV blog published an article, "10 Redheads Who are Probably Having More Sex Than You." At the number ten position was OUR favorite redhead, David Caruso:

"10. David Caruso. Pretty much the only thing going for David Caruso are his thick fire-engine red locks. And his raw sexuality. And the fact that he was in Jade. OK, so he has a lot of things going for him. Which is probably why he’s having more sex than you."

Positions one thru nine went to other well-known redheads like the Duchess of York, Danny Bonaduce, Carrot Top, Kathy Griffin, etc. The comments that followed were hilarious and oftentimes, biting, however none mentioned David Caruso. For a while, it appeared that this blog might be spared one of Gabriele's usual defamatory onslaughts. Either that or like a sniper, she was lying in wait for the perfect moment to slither in with her usual nasty remark. And slither in she did. Posting comment number 31 and establishing a new record for delayed response, Huber disguised herself as "Alaska:"

"alaska says:
March 28th, 2008 at 10:54 pm
I saw David Caruso in LA, and you could drive a truck into the pocks on his face. Also, he has a giant, huge, terrifying package in his jeans. You can spot it from space. "

Dying for more material to add to her nearly gazillion posts already on Zimbio, Huber published "Alaska's" comment under the pretense that it originated from a total stranger! Not likely, Gabriele. Borrowing from your own words, your lies are easily spotted "FROM SPACE," much like your "onsetsnitch" hoax.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker's State of Denial

Over on Zimbio, there's a very loud echo! Today alone, Gabriele Huber, David Caruso's deranged cyber-stalker, has posted no less than five slanderous articles on Zimbio. Nothing new to report, just the same repetitive lies and fabrications that we have come to expect from Caruso's crazed stalker.

Languishing in a state of denial following her latest effort to smear David Caruso, Huber has decided to back track and repeat ad nausea the same trash that she posted last week. Again, the current rumor, which will die very shortly, has officially been declared an elaborate HOAX. Gabriele never worked on the set of CSI Miami and although she yearns to, she never will. "Onsetsnitch" is yet another one of the many pseudonyms she's hiding behind to LIBEL David Caruso.

Disgusted Caruso fans should write at and tip them off that they were duped by none other than David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

David Caruso - An Open Letter to


You have been duped by none other than David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker, Gabriele Huber. No need to despair though because you are in very good company. In 2007, Janet Charlton fell victim to one of Huber's many Internet scams designed to defame David Caruso and his career. After several weeks where no corroborating evidence surfaced to support Huber's contention that Caruso was involved with one of his co-stars, Janet Charlton felt compelled to publish a retraction. No other media service had picked up Huber's scam story and more importantly, none was planning to do so.

Lacking any originality, Huber's latest effort is a contemporary re-hash of stories that were touted following Caruso's departure from NYPD Blue in the 1990's. Fast forward to 2008 and you have the same story with a slightly different spin hailing from the set of CSI Miami. Stories that amount to nothing more than mere fabrications claiming the actor is difficult to work with and behaves poorly on the set.

With the 2008 story, the only difference is how Huber has used the Internet as a weapon of mass defamation. Last week, Huber successfully managed to perpetrate yet another elaborate hoax on numerous media outlets. Claiming that she had worked on the set of CSI Miami, Huber e-mailed Defamer with details of alleged bad behavior on the part of David Caruso. Disguising herself under the pseudonym "Onsetsnitch", Huber gave a detailed account that only a deranged stalker could invent. The story was so wild on its face Huber knew there would not be any comments forthcoming from Caruso's people. To have done so, Caruso's people would have had to acknowledge how ludicrous the entire story was. The story was Huber's to run with. And that she did.

If you doubt this woman's motives, peruse the article published by The National Enquirer on Nov. 12, 2007 on page 50. After you realize that Huber's latest scam is nothing but an elaborate hoax to perpetuate her ongoing Internet slander of David Caruso, consider doing the honorable thing and publishing a retraction.

After the initial flurry of activity following this latest hoax, no reputable media organization has commented any further. It's highly doubtful any will.

David Caruso - Stalker's Elaborate Internet Hoax

That's all it was, nothing but an elaborate HOAX invented by David Caruso's stalker, Gabriele Huber. Stinging from the massive failure of her HOTMINCE rumor, Huber immediately put into motion Plan B and began scheming how she would pull off her next fabrication. Armed with her latest eyewitness fable, Huber decided to pose as "Onsetsnitch" and claim that she worked on the CSI Miami set allegedly observing less than stellar behavior on the part of David Caruso. Nothing could be further from the truth. It's an elaborate HOAX invented to malign Caruso and further Huber's hate war. Nothing more, nothing less.

For more information on this dangerous stalker, see The National Enquirer, Nov. 12, 2007 page 50.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Caruso - Huber Perpetrates Internet Hoax

It' nothing but a Hoax! It has been a week now since Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker planted her latest fabrication about the actor. Posting as "Onsetsnitch", Huber sought to inundate various on-line media outlets, forums, sites and Boards with her eyewitness fable involving her alleged employment on the set of CSI Miami. Since that time, the New York Post's Page Six has gone belly up and Huber's rumor has been reduced to some nonsense involving spitting and unsanitary floor conditions on the set. Huber herself has noticeably backed off the rumor and has resumed digging thru her archives for the usual trash talk about the actor's appearance, private life and comparisons to Jack Lord.

Either Huber is being unusually low-keyed or she realized early on, that her most recent deception is so ludicrous on its face that it's not going to fly with even the most jaded fan. Absent from the stalker's usual haunts, Manpaper, IMDb, Topix, and CBS' CSI Miami Board, is the non-stop 24/7 promotion of the newest rumor. In recent days instead, Huber has been focusing on the dead and buried Liza Marquez rumor that failed so miserably it actually gave birth to Huber's current effort to defame Caurso.

What caused the latest rumor to be so short-lived? Perhaps the private e-mails to various media outlets including MSNBC, The New York Post and Defamer that initially published the slander had something to do with it. Most media services, no matter how yellow they are, simply don't take too lightly to being duped by a novice rumormonger like Huber. Particularly when the rumormonger was arrested last summer for threatening to murder David Caruso and cannot gain entry into the US. Can't work on the set of CSI Miami without a green card! Nice try Gabriele.

Now, it's on to the next rumor. Only this time it's doubtful that , Defamer, The New York Post and MSNBC will get burned twice.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker Spends Easter Slandering Caruso

While the rest of the Christian world celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it's just another day at the "Internet office" for David Caruso's stalker, Gabriele Huber. Huber has taken advantage of the holiday, knowing that most people are not blogging and commenting, to flood forums and fan sites with her current fabrication. Repetition ad nauseam abounds in her latest strategy to promote a rumor designed to embarrass David Caruso. This rumor, lacking any veracity whatsoever, has now been posted on Zimbio and Digg multiple times a day for the last week. In addition, Huber is promoting the rumor on every blog that mentions the words "David Caruso."

As Christians, we should pity Huber today. What kind of life does this sick woman lead that would compel her to use the Easter Holiday as an opportunity to gain the upper hand for another one of her salacious rumors that weeks from now will be proven false?

Schnitzer's Death Threat

Schnitzer's Death Threat
Actual Letter Sent to Caruso