Saturday, May 17, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber From a Male's Perspective

Earlier this afternoon on CBS' CSI Miami Message Board, something wonderful happened. A male, outnumbered by a 99% female board, showed up and challenged Gabriele Huber and all of her B.S. Calling himself the Vince Man ("XXPrinceVinc"), it didn't take long to declare him the winner in this one, two, three knockout punch. Gabriele Huber never knew what hit her:

"Hey all and Good Afternoon, I just found two recent articles about that crazy stalker woman i see you guys post about, personally, if she was gonna do anything but stalk Mr Caruso she would have done it by now, and in the one article it appears she was close enough at one time for a autograph but Mr Caruso refused, ''who can blame him?'', so she had the oppurtunity right there if she was serious. Sounds like someone who is all talk and written letters with not much action, i guess she does not want to die in a hail of gunfire from his bodyguards, LMAO. And it says in one article she could get 3 years in prison and longer for fleeing once they catch her, I [no] longer think Mr Caruso is her main goal, i think trying to avoid becoming a lesbian in a aussie jail has now takin prioroty, and seeing she is 41, those women in there will play with her like a worn out blonde barbie doll, LMAO. And seriously, this poor woman has personality disorders as well, so the article says, she probably dont even realize how rediculous she has made herself seem, a stalker, a real stalker would have done tried something, she is a stalker by letters and by mail, if i paid attention to every woman who was gonna kill me after i forgot to call her the next day i be a dead man by now, LMAO! Anyhow, take care Mr Caruso, and dont sweat it bro, this woman is nothing but a babble of words on paper and by websites, and David Caruso is a dam good actor, and plays the part of Horatio well, keep up the good work brother! Please take care and be safe all, especially the main man, Mr David Caruso!" posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

Gabriele responded immediately:
"A - Z-lister like Caruso and bodyguards? Him? He can thank God on his knees if somebody recognizes him on the street. Besides, bodyguards who attack people get SUED BIG TIME (as it should be). How old are you? 12?" posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

Minutes later the Vince Man responded:
"No babe, but now that your here, why are you not out taking your shot? How old are you, 12? Quit wastin time, if your gonna stalk get off the iste and go do your business? Or is that all talk and the bells of a coward i hear, maybe i should try and trace your IP myself, LMAO! I will turn the tables on you you messed up wreck! What kind of gun do you have anyway, I have a 45 and a sawed off, care to go a few rounds, maybe ill come stalk you!! LMAO" posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

"No Gabby, LMAO, not a religious freak, but gotta be the Catholic i am. Pornographic material about a 2 year old, dam Gabby, i knew you were very unattractive, but dam, you really arent getting any, you still a virgin, LMAO, DAM, A 41 YEAR OLD VIRGIN? No wonder your so uptight Gabby, and i knew about the letters, why has she just sent letters and not followed through, she is only dangerous because we make her out to be, she dont even know how to handle a gun, LMAO! She cut a deal with people to help this story grow bigger and ta rake in bucks, Gabby, you really are pathetic, never been laid, no wonder your after Caruso, he was probably in your fantasys about what a lover is like and looks like now your jealous cause another woman has your fantasy, deep down she lovessssssss Caruso, LMAO! I can tell ya Gabby sex is fun, go out and try it after you get a facelift, fix up those legs, and do something with that hair..." posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

"So, "Gabriele Huber" is going to be famous? You go girl! Sarakanne's descend into madness progresses very fast. I'm looking forward to the next absurd theory. You know how much I like to laugh....LOlAnyway, HOW PEOPLE are going to "apprehend" "Gabriele Huber"? They don't even know how she looks like. The least you can do is to provide A NEW PHOTOGRAPH of her. Because I'm afraid, scanning hotels for someone registered under the name "Gabriele Huber" won't do any good. Especially in a place where you don't even need ID to check in.Are there any volunteers that will go and look for her? Sarakanne - should you be the first on the lookout for "Gabriele Huber"?Talk is cheap - WE want to see actions...LOL" posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"Put a bounty out on ya and ill track your bony butt down myself, LMAO! As dumb as you are you wont be to hard to track, maybe i should be Mr Caruso's personal bodyguard, LMAO! You are just not good at what ya do Gabby, now go to stalkerswhoarescary and register to learn how to really stalk someone, LMAO! Now, i dont use water guns babe, i use real lead when i shoot, LMAO, so be ready. Whats a 45? yhea, your a real stalker, you thought 45 was a beer, well colt45 is, LMAO! Sorry Gabby, had to get one last punch in, your to much fun not to, LMAO!"
posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

Always claiming she is NOT Huber, but ALWAYS responding to any and all posts to Huber, Gabriele again weighed in:
"Oh my, someone has been watching really BAD TV lately - CSI Miami and old f*g David Caruso maybe?Bounty? Laughable. Since I haven't done anything wrong why would they do such a thing. I don't know what kind of stuff you are smoking - it keeps you hallucinating..." posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"She just put her foot in her mouth, words not action Gabby, all we have seen you do is type here and type letters to Mr Caruso, you will be famous all right, because the other stalkers of the world will beat your butt for making them look bad and non scary, LMAO, that will surely get the news. Now get on over to and learn to do it right. Set off some fireworks to make people think you know how to use a firearm. 2nd, lets see some action, go out and buy a water rifle to really move up another grade in the world of ''armed and dangerous'', they are 4.99 at kmart! LMAO! And third, my golly, look like a stalker, a face like yours dont change, you aint hard to spot at all, LMAO! Its not hard to find out what ya look like now Gabby!! LMAO!..." posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

How many times will Gabriele pretend that she isn't Gabriele?
"Sweetheart, grow up and I will take you seriously. Until then, dream amuse me if nothing else. BTW WHo is Gabby? posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"...As i was saying, she can post all the negative hate remarks in words about him as she wants, words on a computer and on paper are just that, words, if i were her, id stop babbling and do what i gotta do or else move forward in life, but to type on a website the same remarks about Mr Caruso is really not proving anything except your a coward running from the law, LMAO, i would be to if i had 3 years in a lesbian joint looking at me, LMAO! Anyway, just my opinion, please take care and be safe all. " posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

From our wonderful "IntheWind":
"Good post, xxprincevinc! So much of what you've said is true. There remains, though, that tiny inkling that many stalkers who turned homicidal gave prior warning signs and no one paid any attention. Don't you think this internet barrage of hostility might be a plea for help? BTW, David Caruso has no regular security, only when there's been a threat, as when the death threats came in.
Those stalkers turned killers didn't have the advantage of the internet. This one was an internet obsessive long before she became a stalker. She was a delusional fan from the outset, living in Austria yet dreaming of America. So, by the time her love obsession became a hate obsession, she was well versed in the workings and capabilities of the internet.
Both the FBI and Austrian CIB, that's Criminal Investigation Bureau, Sweet Cheeks (Huntersarse), think it's serious enough that there's currently a warrant out for her immediate arrest. She can't get a visa so she can't come to the US. The internet is her only outlet.
Your comments make good sense. We would all like to think she's blowing smoke. But, since she's now a criminal, she needs to surrender or be captured. Treatment is a must." posted by "IntheWind"

"I do agree with much of what you said, but if she was serious she would have unloaded a six shooter by now in her attempt, i mean, 2 years, dam, it aint hard, especially on the run, if you wanna take someone out. And have you seen her, she is frail, 41, i doubt she could even lift a gun much less fire one, i think she is just obsessed and scared downright outta her mind to attempt anything but to send letters and threats. I may be wrong, but if im crazy and stalkin someone, which Thank God im not, i would have takin a shot or two by now, she is just lost, desperate for attention, and comes here to get it. She actually amuses me, she is more hilarious than anything, LMAO! Then again, being a martial artist, id snap her like a toothpick, LMAO! Anyways, I really dont think Mr Caruso has anything to worry about except more ''im gonna kill you letters'', I just got two this week from women i forgot to call after last weekend, LMAO, join the club of hate mail Dave! Peace out and take care all!" posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

"I LOVE to be entertained. Especially if Inthewind hands out advice. This is getting funnier and funnier by the minute....keep those jokes coming...Wow, you don't expect me to be impressed? Next time maybe. Boys who don't have any brains at all play with their guns. Fitting somehow. BTW I'll tell "Gabriele" when I see her. Good luck in finding her...." posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"Your Impressed, Well good, glad to impress any woman, thats what a gigolo does, LMAO! Men who are men are trained to use handguns and have them registered in case some fruitcake stalker approaches them, LMAO, And tell Gabby i said hi, well, your right there hon, you talking to yourself now, better stop that, they usually put ya in white jackets if ya do that, LMAO!" posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

Still in denial, Gabriele Huber responds:
"You are right. I find the whole thing AMUSING. Since I don't have done anything wrong I don't know WHY on earth I should "turn myself in"....." posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"Yhea, i agree with that post, Gabby babe your quite a trip, hilarious, funny, man, you sure help the afternoon fly by, LMAO! But i do have my usual Saturday date to get ready for soon, so i gotta say thanks for the laugh, you should do standup, LOL, quit stalking and turn to comedy, if your good in prison at comedy they might not be so rough on ya, anyway, I am done responding now..." posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

And last but certainly not least, this little jewel from "Furrymom1":
"okay i've been reading this stuff and i think the main reason she hasn't tried to shoot david is because she hasn't been able to get close enough to him..
then about being a frail 41 year old and not able to shoot.. heck i'm a sicky 63 year old and don't let anyone break in my house because i'll blow them away..
this is not a threat against anyone, believe me it is a promise if my safety is in doubt. so don't ever doubt the ability of a woman of any age..
why are you such a naughty boy that anyone would threaten you as you seem rather nice to me, just need more education about threatened women.. JUST KIDDING... H rules jeanne" posted by "FurryMom1"

I am still laughing how Gabriele was caught totally blind-sided by this exchange. Conceding defeat, Huber finally threw in the towel and moved to another thread hoping to harass unsuspecting board members there. When she realized that we were all still laughing at her, she returned pretending again that she was not Gabriele.

On a very serious note, Gabriele Huber remains at large wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso. Huber is armed and considered very dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend her yourself. Contact your local FBI or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Vain Attempts to Discredit Stalker Story

Every day on various Boards and Forums, Gabriele Huber (David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker) attempts to discredit the stalker story in its entirety. Claiming not to know who Gabriele Huber is, the stalker and all of her pseudonyms never miss an opportunity however to respond whenever Gabriele's name is brought up. The identity of Gabriele Huber which has been reported by two different news services strikes fear in the stalker. Why? Maybe the truth has hit a little too close to home.

Last summer, anecdotal reports mainly from other bloggers and Caruso fans, suggested that the stalker's name was "heidimarie schnitzer." The origin of that identity allegedly was provided by the stalker herself. If anyone believes such nonsense, then one would have to also believe that Gabriele in a moment of weakness revealed her true identity to another blogger. Sorry, I am not buying it. It certainly is agreed that Huber has more than a few screws loose, but it's highly unlikely she was stupid enough to have revealed her real name on the Internet. Besides, comments naming her as "schnitzer" were always followed by the same denials and outrage now associated with comments identifying her as Gabriele Huber.

If the stalker's real name is NOT Gabriele Huber, then why such vehement denials on her part? As a rule, Huber's standard operating procedure is to cast doubt, especially when it involves the truth. To further her ruse, Huber also casts aspersions on the story suggesting that without photos of the stalker, she can never be captured. Don't give up your day job Gabriele. Your future in a stand-up routine doesn't look very bright.

Huber has even threatened to bring suit against this blogger for disclosing her identity. Why if, as the stalker claims, she is not Gabriele? Losing sleep on a nightly basis, I have been literally shaking in my boots. To date, no papers have been served and none will be. It's a purely empty threat by a desperate woman on the run from the law.

GABRIELE HUBER remains at large wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso. Huber is armed and considered to be very dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend her yourself. Contact your local FBI or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

Friday, May 16, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Hunts Down David Caruso

As mentioned here yesterday, Gabriele Huber remains a fugitive from justice after fleeing a month ago. Armed and considered very dangerous, Huber is hunting down David Caruso in what could ultimately be a tragic confrontation. For the last seven to ten days Huber's daily Internet time had been increasing. However, the last couple of days has seen another significant drop in her on-line time. As evidenced by her hits to this blog, Huber undoubtedly is on the move again.

While on the lam, Huber has availed herself of numerous proxy servers in an ongoing feat to disguise her location. One of her latest proxies is a free service provided by which allows Gabriele to read this blog multiple times a day thinking she is cloaked in anonymity. For those who follow Gabriele's Internet obsession with David Caruso, this is particularly interesting when you consider how often Huber claims on multiple Boards and Forums that she knows nothing about Gabriele Huber. In a futile effort to deflect attention away from herself, Huber accuses others, including this blogger, of being Gabriele Huber. The fact that Huber is lying is lost on no one. Given the number of times she reads this blog only proves once again that Gabriele(whose pseudonyms include Vixen, Dixiebabe and Horatiolover, et al) is indeed the same woman wanted for stalking and threatening to murder David Caruso.

In the meantime, Austria's Federal Investigation Bureau the Bundeskriminalamt appears to be sitting this one out. Either that, or as suggested in an earlier piece, Huber's lawyer has negotiated some type of plea deal allowing Gabriele to dictate the terms of her surrender. For the Austrians, this case just doesn't have the urgency and/or priority needed to focus a large amount of manpower. In Josef Fritzl's case, it took the Austrians 24 years to bring him in. So, what's the hurry with Gabriele?

If anyone has any information on Gabriele Huber, do not attempt to apprehend her yourself. She is armed and considered to be extremely dangerous. Please contact your local FBI or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber One Month on the Lam

Tomorrow marks the one month anniversary of Gabriele Huber's flight to avoid prosecution on charges she stalked and threatened to murder David Caruso, Greta Caruso and Liza Marquez. Huber continues to hit this blog multiple times a day disguising her location with various proxy servers and stolen wi-fi access. Piggy-backing on other's wireless services seems to be Gabriele's method du jour of accessing the Internet. Guess spider holes don't come with complimentary broadband access necessitating Huber's illegal trolling for an ISP.

I would like to thank Austria's Press and Information Service for their very prompt reply to my e-mail about the Gabriele Huber case. Yesterday, I requested updated information on the Federal Investigation Bureau's(also referred to as Bundeskriminalamt) efforts to capture Gabriele Huber and bring her in to face the music for her crimes. Within minutes I received a response indicating that there had been no updates on the Huber case. The names of several REPUTABLE Austrian news services were suggested for follow-up namely "Kronen Zeitung"and "Kurier". Links to both of these news services will be furnished at the end of this article.

I would like to encourage anyone who has an interest in seeing Gabriele Huber located and brought to justice to e-mail these news outlets and request updated information on the case. If there is enough public outcry that this case has not been resolved, these news services can be very propitious in applying pressure on the right people to bring closure to this matter. Both of these news services by the way have sites that can be easily translated into English. Look for contact information and send them an e-mail. Most professional Austrians are multi-lingual and read and speak English. It's certainly worth this small, but effective effort to rid the Internet of Gabriele and bring some peace for David Caruso and his family.

Monday, May 12, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's IMDb Debate in Idiocy

Last month, a relative newcomer to IMDb's David Caruso Forum, "Raea-3" showed up for a few days and tried to no avail to reason with Gabriele Huber, David Caruso's fugitive stalker, who at the time was posing as "Dixiebabe." Although I have my suspicions, I do not know with certainty who "Raea-3" is but whoever it is can fashion a tightly wound coherent argument. Something so far out of Huber's league that, as you will see, provided Huber with little opportunity to counter with anything intelligent. In fact, it is not within the realm of Huber's cognitive abilities to respond with anything remotely on-topic or based in fact. The following is from pages 4 and 5 of the "Sexiest Red Head thread." Let me warn that it is lengthy, but a hilarious read well worth the time. Have a cup of tea, relax and enjoy a good laugh:

"Dixiebabe: Am I correct in my understanding that ONLY your opinion of David Caruso is the correct one? It is quite apparent that you do not find him attractive in any way, shape, or form. You appear to have (for some odd reason) found it necessary to state and RE-state your negative opinions of Mr. Caruso. I am most certain that it is apparent to all members posting on this site that you do not appreciate his acting ability, nor do you approve of his facial features, and furthermore, you do not approve of his body shape and size. I get it. I understand. You are obviously venting some sort of anger that you may or may not have recently developed for Mr. Caruso, and you feel it necessary to speak out against him. However, to further negate Mr. Caruso's ability to act, and to continue with this imprudent attack on his personal features is utterly ridiculous. Your opinions are duly noted and therefore, no longer necessary. Personally, I find Mr. Caruso's talent to be quite brilliant. As for his looks, I personally find him to be a most attractive and sexy man. This is NOT to say that Gary Sinise is not attractive, for he most certainly is. But Mr. Sinise lacks the "bad-boy" persona that Mr. Caruso is so well known for. Now, do not misconstrue that statement please. I am not stating that he is bad in ANY way. I am simply stating the fact that in today's media Mr. Caruso is IMPLIED to be of the "bad-boy" nature. Now as to the truth of that insinuation, I can not say as I do not personally know Mr. Caruso. Although I wish that I could say that I did. For in my personal opinion, it would be an honor and a privilege to meet such an esteemed man. As for his alleged "drinking problem"? Yes, it is factual to state that once an addict, always an addict. Yet even though a recovering drug or alcohol addict is still considered an addict, the addiction itself is a disease and just like any other disease, treatment and consistency is essential in remaining clean and healthy. (I myself was addicted to pain killers, yet I am consciously aware of this and for that reason I sought treatment and alternative methods of pain control.) However, one can be an addict of more than just alcohol and/or drugs. One could be addicted to receiving attention, or addicted to exuding feelings of negativity. (As some seem to be here) But to claim that you have factual, negative information regarding an individual that you do not intimately know, and to state that information AS FACT, and in PUBLIC format, could be legally classified as slander, libel, and/or defamation of character. (To cover my hiney, so to speak, I am not using the word "intimately" in place of the word "sexually". I am using the word as it is defined here: Marked by close acquaintance, association, or familiarity. I would not want to confuse anyone.) May I also now say, oceansplash/Stephanie Warning, that I am indeed envious of your friendship with him? I can only hope that one day I will have the honor of meeting him personally. In conclusion, I will state again (For Dixiebabe seems to require this type of repetition) that your opinion Dixiebabe is simply that. A single opinion shared only by those who are either intimidated by Mr. Caruso's talent and good looks or have had an experience with him that did not live up to the expectations fabricated in their feeble minds." by raea-3 (Wed Apr 23 2008 18:18:39)

"Are you done? May I quote you? your opinion simply that. A single opinion... The same goes for you. As for oceansplash and her alleged friendship with Caruso - we are ALL friends of a celeb one way or the other (or pretend to be) Caruso has talent and good looks? Since when? alleged drinking problem? The man admitted HIMSELF that he was constantly drunk for a few years on a row - in an interview back in 1997. So we are not to believe the man's own words? Caruso says he had a drinking problem. You says he has not. How odd. Wishful thinking? And you conveniently forgot to mention his 3 divorces and failed relationships. One woman even had the spunk to sue his a** because he left her. Kudos! Before you put a halo on his head you should check out every aspect of his life and not only the things he wants you to see. " by Dixiebabe (Wed Apr 23 2008 18:40:33)

"I have read your posts Dixiebabe, and at most I would consider them inane. However, being that I am indeed a person who believes in a good debate.... Am I done? No... Not by far. Absolutely you may quote me! Any time that you would like! Now, as I said before, repetition seems to be your forte' so let me state (ONCE AGAIN) that this is MY PERSONAL OPINION. I believe I made this point VERY clear in my post. Now, let us address your comment regarding us "ALL" being friends with Celebrities in one way or another. I personally do not intimately (Lets not forget the definition of the word intimately) know ANYONE who is a friend to ANY celebrity. I am not sure what world YOU live in, but mine is lodged deeply here in reality. As I said before, your comments regarding Mr. Caruso's talents and looks are at best, absurd and most certainly repetitive and tedious. To quote some of YOUR previous posts: "WHATEVER!" LOL! Yes, I did indeed refer to Mr. Caruso's drinking problem as an alleged problem. I did so because he was so vehemently accused of having a "CURRENT" problem. Yet you state that he admitted to being drunk for a few years in a row - in an interview 11 (ELEVEN) years ago. So yes, I did refer to it as alleged and I will continue to do so as I am certain your information is jaded at best. Although Mr. Caruso admitted to drinking heavily in the past, it does not mean that he is still drinking today. (Have you seen him at YOUR local Pub lately?) Now, to reiterate my previous post, I primarily addressed the issue of addiction. It was stated that once an addict, always an addict. I did not dispute this statement. I did however expand on it to include even more factual information. Please take note that I did not FAIL to mention his failed relationships and divorces. I simply CHOSE not to. Why? The answer is simple, because this is one aspect of his life that neither you nor I could possibly know any true details of. Were you one of the wives he divorced? Were you the other half to any one of his failed relationships? Well, were you? No, I didn't think so. You see, there is his side of the story and her side of the story, and somewhere in between is the truth. Only Mr. Caruso and the other half to any one of his previously failed relationships know the real truth. It is not for you and I to speculate based upon information obtained through the media. I do not claim to be Judge and Jury, how can you apply such a title to yourself? Have you truly been elected to this prestigious position? Do you truly feel that you have earned the right to be judge and jury to this man? If so, could you please elaborate as to when and how you were given this right? Where are your credentials? And as long as we are talking about failed marriages and domestic partnerships, would you care to be judge and jury to EVERYONE who has been divorced more than once or parted ways from a domestic partner? And where oh where would Elizabeth Taylor fit into your grand scheme? How many times has she married and divorced? I didn't place a halo on Mr. Caruso's head. As far as I am concerned, and in MY OWN PERSONAL OPINION there is no one person in this world who has earned the right to wear a halo. For a halo is reserved in Christianity for Angels in Christian Heaven, and as an individual who does not practice a faith based upon Christianity there is indeed no one person (IN MY OPINION) that is truly worthy of a halo. There are NONE here that are infallible. Now, would YOU care to expand on EVERY aspect of Mr. Caruso's life? No? Yes? OK, answer this.... How ARE you aware of every aspect of his life? Do you truly obtain all of your information from such prominent news sources as "The National Enquirer"? (Note my sarcasm here, I would hate for you to lose the context in which it is implied.) Do we not all present to the world the image of ourselves that we want to be seen? Seriously, who in their right mind would intentionally present themselves to be vicious and cruel? The Marquis De Sade was a cruel and vicious sadist, yet he presented himself in such a way that some ladies still came to him willingly. Elsbeth Bathory, was she not found to be guilty of draining the blood from young maidens so that she could bathe in it and maintain her youth? Yes, she was, but did she outwardly present herself to be such a monster? No, she did not. So, present to me one tangible piece of evidence to support your theories. And by tangible, I mean as tangible is defined: Discernible by the touch; palpable, or possible to touch. Media information is not tangible evidence. It is information passed on by an individual who gathered data and INTERPRETED it in his or her own perception. And perception is the downfall here. We should all be aware at this point in our lives how words and the context of those words could be very easily misconstrued. " by raea-3 (Wed Apr 23 2008 21:48:07)

"Are you done or do I have to expect another "book" long post about christianity (spare me!) and "where you there?" BS . I touch his private affairs because I like to and because I can. If you chose not to - fine by me. Doesn't mean that everybody has to follow your rule. If I want to hear a sermon I go to church, thank you. your comments regarding Mr. Caruso's talents and looks are at best, absurd and most certainly repetitive and tedious.... because you do't happen to like my point of view? Now I'm really concerned - NOT. Will there be anything else? PS: Where do you get your information? From silly fan-boards where adolescents wet their panties over every Caruso picture. Give me a break." by Dixiebabe (Wed Apr 23 2008 22:06:40)

"Is there anyone else here that would like to contribute to this discussion? I would love to read what you have to say. Pro or con, it doesn't matter to me. Now, back to the matter at hand. Obviously I have succeeded in upsetting you. Your grammar and spelling gets worse with each post. Although, for some reason I don't feel the need to apologize to you regarding this matter. Hmmm... Go figure... You asked me if I was done, and as I stated (VERY CLEARLY) before, No. Not by far. In regards to the length of my posts, it is quite apparent that you only choose to read the parts that suit you so I am not sure why you feel the need to complain as to their length. I have chosen to respond to each and every statement you present in a clear and concise manner. However, I will try to keep it brief this time as not to confuse you too much. A long post about Christianity? I simply included more factual information in response to your accusatory remark regarding giving Mr. Caruso a halo. Am I to understand this correctly and assume that you do not want me to respond to the statements you make? (Trust me dear, you DO NOT want to debate the topic of religion with me.) "Where you there?" No dear, it is spelled WERE, and you still failed to answer the question so I believe that I am correct to state that you WERE not. You touch his private affairs because you like to and you can. This sounds like you fantasize about him more than you would like to admit. However I will refrain from stating what this actually implies. Do I care if you are concerned? No, I do not. (Simple enough for you?) Where do I get my information? Why yes, I do get some of it from silly fan boards where adolescents wet their panties over every Caruso picture. You see Dixiebabe; there is a fine line between Love and Hate. It is a well-known FACT that in order for a person to hate so intensely, there was once (if not still IS) an intense propensity for Love. Now, to further expand on this, I will also state that I do read what the media has to say as well. However, I do read these articles with the understanding that it is merely an interpretation of ONE persons view on the situation and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt. " by raea-3 (Thu Apr 24 2008 05:59:33)

"I have succeeded in upsetting you. Don't make me laugh. How? By writing a sermon? Grammar mistakes or not - running out of arguments so you have to play the spelling-error card? Is that ALL you have to offer? Laughable. However I will refrain from stating what this actually implies. Plese do that because I don't really care what you have to say. You are right in ONE THING - and that is the only thing - I don't want to disucss religion with you since this is just blah, blah anyway. view on the situation and therefore must be taken with a grain of salt. Of course, ALL the papers LIE - dream on. Why should they? Especially if it is only a D_lister with more failures than success. People rather talk about whom Caruso si screwing than his "acting". What does that tell us about the man? Anything else, sweetheart? I'm going for a Latte. Last but not least: Do I care if you care? No, I do not. (Simple enough for you?) Quote of the day: Loin de nous l’idée de tirer sur une ambulance, mais il convient de se souvenir que Caruso a connu une carrière relativement mouvementée et instable, marquée par l’abus d’alcool. Translation (Google Tools) Far be it from us the idea of firing on an ambulance, but it is worth remembering that Caruso had a relatively turbulent and unstable, marked by alcohol abuse. " by Dixiebabe (Thu Apr 24 2008 07:40:23
"Dixiebabe: Your spelling and grammar mistakes make your posts difficult to understand at times. As I stated previously, I have read back through the majority of your posts and this seems to be a common problem for you. (A statement of fact, not an attack on you personally.) As an individual I have much more to offer. However I am not the topic of this message board. Why is it though that you refuse to address what you cannot dispute? Is it too difficult to admit publicly that maybe you do not know ALL of the details in any one given situation and/or comment regarding Mr. Caruso? I enjoy the acting talent of Mr. Caruso. You do not. I find him to be a very attractive man. You do not. I agree to DISAGREE with your opinion rather than continue on with this pointless discussion in which you show nothing but contempt for this man. (And me apparently.) Your posts COULD be construed as nothing more than a feeble attempt at trying to convince everyone here that you are right and they are wrong. You refuse to answer legitimate questions proposed to you directly. You insist on misconstruing the context in which some of the postings are written as well. It appears as though your sole purpose here is to defame David Caruso. I do not understand this. Where is the logic behind your attacks? On that note, I would like to ask you what it was that Mr. Caruso did to anger and/or hurt you so deeply? On this issue would you be able to provide tangible proof of some horrid misdoing on his part? Again, this is not an attack on you. I am seriously very interested in what it is that makes you spurn this man so intensely. ' by raea-3 (Thu Apr 24 2008 09:04:45)

"I don't address anything because I don't see the point in doing so. I have my opinion you have yours - and there is little inbetween that needs to be discussed. I'm not trying to convince anyone since I don't care too much if people agree or disagree with me.If they like me or not. However, I can't help noticing that my posts are disliked by some people. Shrug. One mans' meat is another mans' poison. Caruso has got a bad reputation - one thing that you can't discuss away no matter how hard you try. This reputation will follow him around wherever he goes. Some little fan-girls chose to ignore the bad side. I don't . Why should I? I don't fall for that "I have changed"- blah blah Caruso wanted to make us believe. " by Dixiebabe (Thu Apr 24 2008 10:31:25)

"I for one most certainly understand the principle of opinion. I agree that there are some on this board who are intent on arguing. Personally, I don't prefer to argue, however as I said before, I do love a good debate. I do try to stick to factual information though to make it harder to misconstrue the context of what I am trying to say. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine, but that still leaves my questions unanswered. Not that you are required to answer them. However, I asked the questions because I am truly very curious as to what your reasons are. It is obvious that you and many others on this board have been accused of being the infamous Gabriele Huber AKA Heidemarie Schnitzer AKA Vixen. As to whether you are or not is not my concern, nor do I really care. I would just like to understand the logic and reason behind your opinions. I understand that you have stated that you choose not to ignore Mr. Caruso's bad reputation. I cannot personally fault you for that, as it is your choice. However I believe that people can and do change if they truly want to. As to whether or not Mr. Caruso has changed his ways, I cannot be the judge nor is it my place to say. If you would prefer to not discuss it publicly, I am more than open to reading what you have to say in a private message. I am a reasonable person, but I base my opinions and feelings in logic. If something does not make sense to me it drives me crazy. So again I ask... Would you "PLEASE" consider answering the questions I posed in my previous post? " by raea-3 (Thu Apr 24 2008 11:58:05)

"mmm I wouldn't go as far to say he is gorgeous, hot, sexy or even butt ugly lol, wanna see some of the guys in the town I live in, now they ARE butt ugly. I think a lot of peeps are actually more in love with H because they know the character. In real life none of us know the real David, just what we read, so there is a big difference. Given the opportunity, which I know I won't be, but I wouldn't date David cus I would be too afraid of being hurt cus of his track record, it's a self preservation thing with me lol Now then.... Gary is a different matter....phwooooooarrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! lol" by sargent465 (Fri Apr 25 2008 05:58:34)

"I am not sure what town you live in, but if your guys are butt-ugly, then mine are skunk butt-ugly. So are most of the women for that matter. However, gorgeous, hot, sexy, and butt ugly are all relative terms, for isn't beauty truly in the eye of the beholder? As I told Dixiebabe, I agree to disagree with her opinions of David Caruso. However, I can't figure out why she refuses to answer my last question to her. Discussion boards are for the discussion of topics that each of us feels the desire to discuss. I enjoy discussing David Caruso, AND Gary Sinise for that matter. In fact, I think the very first thing I saw Gary in was Stephen King's "The Stand". His acting ability is no less than brilliant, and his looks... Well, here is one thing we can both agree on... He is absolutely GORGEOUS! But the point I am trying to make, is that when posting comments on a discussion board, the people reading your posts often want to know WHY you feel that way. What are your reasons, your logic behind those comments and opinions? Headlines can read one way one day, and something totally different the next. Reporters often (unintentional as it may be) include their own personal viewpoints in their columns or televised reports. So there has to be some sort of logical reasoning behind a person’s feelings. Why is it so hard for some people to provide those reasons publicly? Seriously, if you are going to state something as fact, should you not have tangible evidence to back it up, and the bravado to explain it? OK, I'll get off my soapbox now... Now, would I date David Caruso? Hmmm... Good question. Let me explain my thought process first. In my (humble) opinion, I believe that a lot of actors date and marry on impulse. Personally, I would want to take the time to really and truly get to know a person inside and out before I even agreed to go out on a date. Having similar interests and similar core values really help to solidify a relationship so that it has even the slightest chance of survival. To jump into bed with someone just because he or she is a famous actor/actress or just because you have seen that persons picture in the media is not the smartest thing to do. You basically set yourself up for failure at that point, because you are basing the relationship on looks and/or that persons status rather than whom the person really is. I am single right now, but to be brutally honest, I have dated some rather physically unattractive men in the past. However, I did not date them because of their looks. I dated them because I felt an inner connection with them that allowed me to see past the physical looks. This inner connection also led to some intense chemistry (if you catch my drift) between us. And although I was sought after by some very attractive men, I refused to date them because when I got to know them a little better I realized how shallow they really were, and regardless of how handsome they were on the outside, they were emotionally ugly therefore I could not establish any type of connection with them let alone chemistry. So, my answer to that question is this: If I met David Caruso and was able to take the time to truly get to know him as a person and was to discover that he was nothing like the way he is portrayed in the media, then yes I might date him. Assuming we were able to establish that connection I spoke of earlier. However, if he was everything they claim him to be, then no, I would not. " by raea-3 (Fri Apr 25 2008 12:13:03)

"You would date a guy who has nothing but failed relationships on his record? Three marriages that ended not on exactly friendly terms. One girl-friend sued him for millions AND WON because he treated her like *beep* The other girl-friend got dumped before she popped his second kid for another woman. Wow! Great dating material! " by Dixiebabe (Fri Apr 25 2008 13:14:12)

"Did you read my post? I think I made it very clear as to under what circumstances I would or would not date him. I also stated my opinion of why I believe most of the relationships of actors and actresses fail. Not to be mean, but maybe you should go back and re-read it? "
raea-3 (Fri Apr 25 2008 15:46:05)

"Raea-3, As you have probably figured out by now, "Dixiebabe" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] is not interested in logic and/or answering any questions beyond a pre-school level. Her mission is to slander and libel David Caruso instead of answering any question about her motives. It's the same M.O. on every Internet site. Sorry to have to tell you this, but don't even waste your breath. It just gives her another opportunity to bash Caruso and post his address at the bottom of each response. Check out Vipix Squarespace where she posts under multiple names, i.e., Vixen, Anonymous, Christina and Eva to name a few. You can also find "Dixiebabe" starting arguments on as "horatiolover" and "southernbelle98." The list goes on and on. Your posts were interesting and quite factual, but I am afraid they were lost on a mentally deranged celebrity stalker. And yes, I will be called "nutcase", "seeking attention", "needing meds" or fill in the blank as soon as Gabriele returns to post the last word on this thread. Sara " by sarakanne (Fri Apr 25 2008 16:23:30)

"Well, I know GREAT actors who had less then three failed marriages and didn't walk out on at least 2 girl-friends with another woman alread warming the bed. As for your post - I picked the part that really interested me. The rest is...forgetable Finally, we agree upon something Sarakanne. Your rants earned you the name resident nutcase who is obsessed with someone called Gabriele Huber. BTW I would love to help in apprehending Gabriele Huber. Where can I find an ACTUAL PICTURE of her? It is a bit hard to be on the lookout for someone whom you only know by name. People have faces you know...LOL " by Dixiebabe (Fri Apr 25 2008 16:35:55)

"You know... the more I think about it the more I pity you. To pick apart a persons post and misconstrue it in such a way as to benefit your own vicious propaganda is pathetic at best. Forget the questions I asked you about why you feel the way you do. Obviously you truly don't have any legitimate reasons and therefore your comments are unworthy of my time. You may also forget the private message I sent you explaining that this was not a personal attack on you. At this point in the game, I could not care any less as to whether or not you even have any feelings at all. Now, to respond to this post will most certainly prove the point of sarakanne. For you most certainly have more than proven yourself to be deranged at best. So don't bother as you will just be wasting your time. However, this doesn't mean that I won't respond if you do reply. I so love to challenge the mentally unarmed! LOL! Of course, we all know that you will respond. If not just to post that address in your signature line. Most likely though it will be to tell me that I am ignorant or blind or whatever. Go ahead sweetie, make my day... I think that your mommy and daddy need to turn you over their knee and give you a good spanking little girl. " by raea-3 (Sat Apr 26 2008 07:00:14)

"Lol. Are you done? What else is new? by Dixiebabe (Sat Apr 26 2008 09:00:24)

"You ought to know by now that I am never done.... So where are the witty replies and vicious attacks? Has the cat got your tongue? I was under the impression that you would jump on any opportunity to bash David Caruso AND/OR anyone who defended him. Ooooooh, aaaaaahhh, I just LOVE David Caruso... He is the hottest, sexiest man on television! Brilliant actor! I soooooo love his style! Mmmmm... what a tasty treat he would be! ROFLMAO! You are so amusing! Please, please post something for me to respond to! LOL! "
by raea-3 (Sun Apr 27 2008 07:29:54)

"Are you okay? You out of it? Smoking bad stuff? " by miamilover [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] (Sun Apr 27 2008 08:54:14)

"No, I don't smoke anything. Maybe I should, then I might be able to fabricate some really good reasons as to why Dixiebabe is so vicious. I love a good challenge, and thus far Dixiebabe has been unable if not unwilling to provide any tangible proof for her reasoning. At one point I would have been willing to listen to what she had to say, at this point it's all about the amusement I get from her ridiculous comments. She refuses to put anything towards the defense of her comments thereby letting it stand to reason that she's just a sad little girl with nothing better to do than bash David Caruso. Such a pity..." by raea-3 (Sun Apr 27 2008 17:05:46)

"You are mad at people because they don't care to answer your questions? How odd is that. Is there a rule on this boord that says "you have to answer every question that people direct at you?" She has her opinion about DC like you have yours and like I have mine. Do we have to explain ourselves to others just because other people tell us so? I don't think so. She does what she does for reasons of her own. Like everyone else. " by miamilover [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] (Sun Apr 27 2008 18:03:43)

"I never said I was mad, and by far I am not. (I don’t get mad; it is a complete waste of energy.) I did say I was amused though. I find it illogical that people are willing to spout slander, but unwilling to provide reasoning behind that slander. That was all I asked her, "WHY do you feel the way you do?", "What is the REASON for your opinion?". An opinion is like an "A"hole, everyone has one, but discussion boards (note it is spelled boArd, and not boOrd) are for those who prefer a more in depth discussion where one can provide the reasoning behind those opinions. I have many opinions, but I also have reasoning and logic to back them up. I am also not afraid to share those reasons publicly. There is no rule that states everyone is required to answer each question posed to them, but if you don't intend to have your reasons and logic questioned, why post to a discussion board in the first place? There is one thing about this board that is BEYOND all reason and logic though. Why is it that individuals such as yourself choose to "read between the lines" and put words in my mouth? I say what I mean and I mean what I say. There should be no confusion there. sarakanne had NO problem reading and understanding my posts. Yes, she is PRO David Caruso, but whether you like him or not should have no relevance on ones ability to comprehend the written word. I state things in a very clear and concise manner so that it cannot be misconstrued; yet individuals such as yourself and Dixiebabe seem to prefer to mangle my posts and interpret them in your own way. This makes no sense to me. There is NO logic behind this. How hard can it be to read something and understand what it says? " by raea-3 (Sun Apr 27 2008 20:35:38)

Finally after engaging in a war of words with Gabriele Huber and her multiple aliases for five days, "Raea-3" gave up and threw in the towel. She had no choice. Gabriele Huber's severe personality disorder coupled with her irreversible brain damage made it impossible to have a discussion based in fact. Huber lacks the intellectual skills to debate on an even playing field and whenever she is backed into a corner, she comes out fighting with name-calling and Caruso bashing.

"I can accept anything that is based in logic sweetheart. However there is not a single one of you who has made any type of effort to provide any logic behind your opinions. You are all so wound up in the bashing process that you seem to have lost the ability to discuss things in a rational and intelligent manner. I seriously doubt that any single one of you even HAS a good reason to bash him so much. Petty little school children with nothing better to do. THAT is how you portray yourselves. BTW... you can keep them coming for as long as you like. As I said before, I love to battle with the mentally unarmed. "
raea-3 (Mon Apr 28 2008 10:35:25)

Note to Austria's Federal CIB: this is further evidence that Gabriele Huber, the woman you have failed to capture for nearly a month, is in need of serious psychiatric care as an in-patient. Why not take this deranged woman's rants seriously before she does the unthinkable and murders three people as she has threatened to do!

Schnitzer's Death Threat

Schnitzer's Death Threat
Actual Letter Sent to Caruso