Saturday, April 4, 2009

David Caruso Stalker Appears In Court April 14

Reinhard Fellner of Austria's Tiroler Tageszeitung newspaper is reporting that Heidemarie Schnitzer, David Caruso's mentally deranged stalker, will not have to wait as long in pre-trial detention as previously expected. Recognizing Schnitzer posed a flight risk, Judge Guenther Boehler ordered her detained until time of trial after she was extradited to Austria. This ruling came after Schnitzer twice failed to appear for court hearings and fled the jurisdiction for Mexico where she was captured in February.

Following the Easter holidays, Schnitzer will make her first court appearance on Tuesday, April 14. At that time, Judge Boehler will rule on a Motion to institutionalize Caruso's stalker. Austrian laws, much like those in the U.S., require speedy disposition of criminal cases. Schnitzer will more than likely serve out her sentence in a mental facility.

Schnitzer's Death Threat

Schnitzer's Death Threat
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