Friday, May 9, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Spams

Why the sudden uproar? Gabriele Huber has been spamming for years now and TVGuide has always looked the other way. This is certainly nothing new. Anytime I tried to out Gabriele Huber (who posts under the primary pseudonym "Horatiolover") I was immediately and summarily deleted. Except for an occasional visit, I all but ceased going to that site.

Last summer after Gabriele Huber fled to avoid prosecution the first time, I pointed this fact out on TVGuide identifying "Horatiolover" as Caruso's indicted stalker. Someone associated with TV Guide named David (last name forgotten and/or misplaced) responded by deleting my comment and remarking "take it elsewhere" And I did! Thank you TVGuide for letting the world know that your online site aids and abets a known celebrity stalker who is on the lam for threatening to murder David Caruso. Following is a piece titled "David Caruso's Stalker SPAMS TVGuide Site" in its entirety that I ran here on February 23, 2008 citing TVGuide as a stalker-friendly site:

"The website is brimming with the very latest information and updates for television shows aired across America. Unfortunately, the website also has some dark areas haunted by none other than David Caruso's Nazi stalker. Here she identifies herself as "horatiolover" and maintains not only a blog but a running battle for the last comment on this site's CSI Miami Message Board. The Nazi stalker skulks in the shadows of this Board waiting to post derogatory responses to any comment about David Caruso. She's obviously under the false impression that Internet surfers are either too stupid, too lazy or perhaps both to read anything other than the last comment posted on any given topic."Horatiolover's Blog"is simply another spoke in her elaborate wheel of Internet contrivances designed to disgrace David Caruso. Every Tuesday, until recently, the Nazi stalker updated her "Horatiolover" blog with a negative review of the previous night's episode of CSI Miami. Here is a sample of the ongoing negativity posted by "horatiolover":“CSI Miami is a perfectly created illusion. And with that we neither mean the acting nor the story lines. I daresay, CSI Miami is the only show that could be produced during the WGA strike - since they don't need writers for the cr** they show us week after week.”If someone posted anything remotely positive disagreeing with the stalker's review, she automatically deleted their comment. Once the stalker discovered that there were no comments that she could post which agreed with her weekly disapproval of the show, she quickly executed Plan B. Employing her now famous ruse of conversing with like-minded posters, she invented identities to give the illusion that someone, anyone, agreed with her. Thus, "Southernbelle98" and "Natsim" were born.Fans, not to be outdone, quickly learned to circumvent the Nazi stalker's domination of TV Guide's CSI Miami blogs and moved in droves to the Message Board where they could enjoy diverse conversations about the show. The Nazi stalker lost her capability to do away with comments that she didn't find to her liking. No delete key was enabled on the Message Board. In fact, other writers joined in and posted fair and balanced reviews of the show each week.This sent the stalker into a tailspin. People had stopped reading her TV Guide blog and fans were viewing and commenting elsewhere, namely on the Message Board. Not to be outdone, the stalker began posting negative reviews on the Message Board. Still, there were no takers. Next she invaded the comments section of Javlin's CSI Miami reviews and began commenting skirmishes. Each and every comment posted was met with a negative post by "horatiolover", "southernbelle98", "natsim" or the stalker's name du jour.Complaints to the moderators of this site seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Numerous fans have notified the moderators about who and more importantly, what "Horatiolover" really is. Much to the fans' chagrin, TV Guide has done nothing. When fans took it upon themselves to reveal who the stalker was in the comments section, TV Guide summarily deleted anything they saw as argumentative.Rarely, has TV Guide ever deleted anything posted by the known Nazi stalker. As I have stated before, David Caruso is not everyone's cup of tea. That is no excuse TV Guide! Knowing what these mods know, why does TV Guide continue to provide a "safe harbor" for this indicted Austrian stalker? Do they not understand the magnitude of the situation? This woman has threatened to murder David Caruso! She has also threatened his companion and his two-year old toddler. What does it take to convince TV Guide?If you visit to post on the CSI Miami message board, do so at your own risk. The mods here tend to side with the indicted Austrian stalker. Why, is any one's guess."
Posted by Sara at
4:38 PM February 23, 2008

Obviously nothing has changed and nothing ever will. When Gabriele Huber first sought revenge against David Caruso for rejecting her, she was the only game in town on the Internet. New sites welcomed her with open arms. Later as fans found these sites once dominated by Huber, they challenged her ridiculous and antagonistic views to no avail. Many were deleted and Huber was allowed to continue unabated. Could Steve Bochco be one of this's investors?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber "See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil"

Recently published photos of David Caruso in the company of an unnamed woman have Gabriele Huber diverting attention away from the fact that she stalked and threatened to murder David Caruso. For four weeks now, Gabriele has managed to either remain on the lam or her attorney has quietly negotiated her surrender sans media coverage. Gabriele may have even managed a plea bargain and be back out on the streets while awaiting sentencing. How odd that not one word has been written about this story since it happened. Why all the silence? Staying true to their reputation as "the look-away society," the Austrians surely do not want to interfere with Huber's rights as a criminal. Incarcerating Gabriele Huber, who has threatened to murder an American actor and twice fled to avoid prosecution, would be downright unfair and in all likelihood unconstitutional under Austrian law. To hell with David Caruso's rights!

Either way, Huber's truncated hours on the Internet have frustrated her efforts to devote 24/7 to her addiction and obsession with all things David Caruso. Like clockwork, Huber appears on the Internet at the same time every day. Now though, her Internet schedule affords her very little time to slander and libel Caruso. When time allows, Huber delights in obsessive speculation about the new woman's pedigree, occupation, hair and age. In the little time left each day, Huber tries to revive the six month-old HOTMINCE (Hot Miami Night Club Exec.) fabrication that had Caruso and Liza Marquez broken up prior to the birth of their daughter. Does anyone really care?

The more important story asks why the Austrians have been so paralyzed in their efforts to deal with Gabriele Huber. What type of society turns a blind eye when someone threatens to murder another human being? More than likely the same society that gave birth to Josef Fritzl.

Monday, May 5, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Death Threat

"The Miami Herald" ran a piece today titled "Celebrity Stalkers on the Warpath" with David Caruso being one of the celebrities mentioned who had become a victim of a stalker:

"These days you're just not famous if you don't have someone obsessively shadowing your every move. There's a dark side of being in the glittery public eye.
Recent cases in point:

David Caruso: The CSI: Miami star has a serious international fan base: His stalker is Austrian. Prosecutors allege she sent more than 100 letters to the 52-year-old redhead -- one particularly threatening one bore a Miami postmark. It read, in part: ''I will locate you and your ugly Latina tramp and kill you.'' Was it a reference to actress Alana De La Garza, who played Caruso's TV wife?
Creepiness factor: Extreme. A death threat's a death threat. My Sister Sam's Rebecca Schaeffer was killed by a deranged fan in 1989, which resulted in anti-stalking laws being passed in California."

If Austrian officials think this case is low priority, they might wish to reconsider. Gabriele Huber poses a real threat to David Caruso, Liza Marquez and their children. Huber's attorney, Dr. Gunther Gast along with her court appointed psychiatrist, Karin Treichl, should also try to prevail upon the Austrians to bring this woman in.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Nightmare

Gabriele Huber, Caruso's fugitive stalker, is claiming on the Vipix website today that she is without her laptop. Huber asserts that her lifeline to the outside world which she relies on to slander and libel David Caruso is locked up in some one's house. Yesterday, she claimed she would get her laptop returned today. Today, however, she is claiming it will be Monday before she has it. According to Gabriele, Internet Cafes are her only available Internet connections now.

Is this Huber's latest ruse? After fleeing to avoid prosecution, who in their right mind would disclose this type of information on the Internet? Is Huber attempting to throw off law enforcement? Or is she attempting to perpetrate another hoax on Internet surfers? Email certainly would have been a more desirable and discreet way to communicate this message to someone. Or maybe Gabriele has been using a government issued computer, one provided by an Austrian jailhouse.

For days now, Huber's Internet activity has been severely curtailed. It's possible that Huber's attorney, Dr. Gunther Gast, negotiated a plea agreement whereby Huber would acquiesce and quietly surrender in exchange for no media coverage. If Huber has been incarcerated, this would certainly account for her lack of Internet activity. Although this scenario is highly unlikely, in the event this is the case, news of her incarceration will eventually be leaked to media sources.

Whatever the reasons, Huber's inability to wreak havoc 24/7 ad nausea has been a welcome respite for David Caruso's fans. Even if Huber has been locked up, with Austria's lax laws, she'll be back out soon to wage her non-stop Internet war against David Caruso. Austria, after all, is an enabling society.

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