Monday, May 5, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Death Threat

"The Miami Herald" ran a piece today titled "Celebrity Stalkers on the Warpath" with David Caruso being one of the celebrities mentioned who had become a victim of a stalker:

"These days you're just not famous if you don't have someone obsessively shadowing your every move. There's a dark side of being in the glittery public eye.
Recent cases in point:

David Caruso: The CSI: Miami star has a serious international fan base: His stalker is Austrian. Prosecutors allege she sent more than 100 letters to the 52-year-old redhead -- one particularly threatening one bore a Miami postmark. It read, in part: ''I will locate you and your ugly Latina tramp and kill you.'' Was it a reference to actress Alana De La Garza, who played Caruso's TV wife?
Creepiness factor: Extreme. A death threat's a death threat. My Sister Sam's Rebecca Schaeffer was killed by a deranged fan in 1989, which resulted in anti-stalking laws being passed in California."

If Austrian officials think this case is low priority, they might wish to reconsider. Gabriele Huber poses a real threat to David Caruso, Liza Marquez and their children. Huber's attorney, Dr. Gunther Gast along with her court appointed psychiatrist, Karin Treichl, should also try to prevail upon the Austrians to bring this woman in.

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