Saturday, March 1, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker's Identity Crisis

This recent photo of the Stalker shows her going to desperate measures in search of new names to further her hate campaign against David Caruso. Tearing thru what has to be the mother lode of name tags, the stalker has now armed herself with fresh new identities to further her Internet subterfuge. Here is a sampling of recent names she has been using:

On Topix:


The Dallas Observer's Unfair Park Blog:

Inquiring Minds




Miss Caine
Nocturne Viligantes


Z Ryan
Loonies are all around us!
Sarakanne is stirr crazy
She's in need of meds and schizoid

CBS' CSI Miami Board:






This list is not all inclusive and is subject to hourly changes. Next thing you know, the stalker will be using the names of the presidential candidates: Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, John McCain and Mike Huckabee. If I missed any names, please post a comment and/or e-mail me.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Stalker's Comment War on The Dallas Observer's Blog

Yesterday television stars Adam Rodriguez and Sophia Bush appeared at a Barack Obama rally at the University of Texas at Dallas. The Dallas Observer reported on the rally as follows:

"C'mon, UTD, No David Caruso?
Yesterday we mentioned
Sophia Bush's appearance at the University of Texas at Dallas, where she touted her choice for president, the apparently faint-worthy Barack Obama. (And if you're anything like me, you wait to find out how actors on the CW are gong to vote before you cast your own ballot.) Turns out, she was joined by another TV actor: Adam Rodriguez, who's on some show called CSI: Miami. Really, though, this is just an excuse to run a few more photos of Bush. Which you already figured out. More photos, courtesy UTD, after the jump. --Robert Wilonsky
Khamid Bakhadirov/UTD"

Comments were opened and the indicted Austrian stalker (Vixen) nearly tripped over herself posting the following hateful remark about David Caruso:

"Vixen says:
David Caruso won't show up on these events because HE can't take center stage. David Caruso endorses only David Caruso
Posted at:
February 29, 2008 12:39 PM "

The next post was my own warning to the blog owner of an impending hi-jack by the stalker. Sure enough, Vixen responded almost immediately to my warning. This time though she responded as "Emmy" with her trademark spelling and grammatical errors as evidenced by the stalker's misspelling of Mr. Obama's first name:

"Emmy says:
Question to Sarakanne: What has this to do with Barak Obama?
Posted at:
February 29, 2008 2:58 PM "

Unless my reading comprehension skills have failed me completely, I read the above article as an account of the appearances of television personalities at a political rally. I did not read it as an exclusive piece on Barack Obama.

Wisely so, comment moderation is enabled on The Dallas Observer's site and at the time of this blog article, only four comments had been posted. It will be interesting to follow this and see if a comment war breaks out between the stalker and Caruso's supporters. For those who may have forgotten, this exact scenario was repeated last week on Ace's blog.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nazi Stalker - A Two-Headed Monster

Recently I have been engaging in an activity that I often find little time for: reading. Being a long-time fan of the wildly popular rock band Van Halen, I couldn't wait to pick up my copy of founding member Eddie Van Halen's ex-wife's new book. Titled Losing It--And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time, Valerie Bertinelli delivers a brutally frank and moving account of her life as an actress, wife of a rock star and Mother to her son, Wolfgang. What does any of this have to do with the usual topic of this blog, David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker?

Eddie Van Halen and his then wife Valerie Bertinelli were huge in the celebrity world. Van Halen sold millions of records while Bertinelli had a successful acting career. The couple was often fodder for the tabloids much like David Caruso is. In one poignant passage, Bertinelli describes an incident when the National Enquirer interfered with her and Eddie's negotiations to purchase a home. After the smarmy National Enquirer ran a story claiming that the couple was worth more than they really were, the seller increased the asking price on the property. Ms. Bertinelli related how the tabloids were a constant nuisance in their lives:

Original Text (From Losing It--And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time) Bertinelli (February 2008) 110.

"But damn those tabloids for the problems they created. The stories that appeared every few months claiming we were on the verge of a breakup were a pain in the ass--more like an irritation under the skin. They didn't run stories about us laughing at Disneyland or holding hands as we took in a performance of the musical "Dreamgirls." Only the hint of disaster interested them. Though we had our share of fights, we'd never gone to that dire place where we spoke about splitting, as the tabloids suggested. And yet if you read it often enough, or if others read it often enough and call to ask if it's true, as they did, it pollutes the air."
Not to make light of the situation, but Ms. Bertinelli should thank her lucky stars that she and Edie Van Halen were not being stalked on the Internet as well. Not only does David Caruso have to contend with nonsensical tabloid articles, he has to endure the daily barrage of bombastic utterances by a mentally deranged Austrian woman. And this low-life creep stalker firmly believes that if you post something false and negative enough times, it will magically come true. As Ms. Bertinelli said, "it pollutes the air" and creates doubt in the reader's mind.
This blog was started to provide a foil to offset the stalker's efforts to destroy Mr. Caruso. If I am successful in some small way, it has been worthwhile.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Caruso's Stalker Wages Damage Control

It's back to the drawing board for the indicted Austrian stalker. Although declared dead several weeks ago, the stalker's rumor about Caruso and his companion was officially buried earlier today when the E.T. interview with Caruso and various CSI Miami cast members was aired on-line. In it, David Caruso speaks fondly of spending the hiatus with his family and says, among other things, "We have a two and half year old".

What is key in this statement is Caruso's use of the plural pronoun "We." If, as the Nazi stalker has suggested, Caruso and his companion Liza Marquez are no longer together, why not say "I have a two and half year old". Most single parents would. But Caruso did not because he and Liza are still together. There has NEVER been a shred of evidence to the contrary. Couples use the word "We." Why would David and Liza be any different?

Reeling from the failure of her latest effort to defame Caruso, the stalker has now gone into full swing with damage control. She is flooding various sites with denials and parsing the word "we" much like Bill Clinton parsed the word "is" during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Accusing everyone of reading too much into this, the stalker has become nothing more than a dog chasing its tail.

Two years ago, things were different for the stalker. With the Internet all to herself, she was able to defame Caruso at a whim and no one bothered to question her fabrications. Things are different now. The stalker's rumormongering days are OVER.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

David Caruso's Stalker SPAMS TV Guide Site

The website is brimming with the very latest information and updates for television shows aired across America. Unfortunately, the website also has some dark areas haunted by none other than David Caruso's Nazi stalker. Here she identifies herself as "horatiolover" and maintains not only a blog but a running battle for the last comment on this site's CSI Miami Message Board. The Nazi stalker skulks in the shadows of this Board waiting to post derrogatory responses to any comment about David Caruso. She's obviously under the false impression that Internet surfers are either too stupid, too lazy or perhaps both to read anything other than the last comment posted on any given topic.

"Horatiolover's Blog"is simply another spoke in her elaborate wheel of Internet contrivances designed to disgrace David Caruso. Every Tuesday, until recently, the Nazi stalker updated her "Horatiolover" blog with a negative review of the previous night's episode of CSI Miami. Here is a sample of the ongoing negativity posted by "horatiolover":

“CSI Miami is a perfectly created illusion. And with that we neither mean the acting nor the storylines. I daresay, CSI Miami is the only show that could be produced during the WGA strike - since they don't need writers for the cr** they show us week after week.”

If someone posted anything remotely positive disagreeing with the stalker's review, she automatically deleted their comment. Once the stalker discovered that there were no comments that she could post which agreed with her weekly disapproval of the show, she quickly executed Plan B. Employing her now famous ruse of conversing with like-minded posters, she invented identities to give the illusion that someone, anyone, agreed with her. Thus, "Southernbelle98" and "Natsim" were born.

Fans, not to be outdone, quickly learned to circumvent the Nazi stalker's domination of TV Guide's CSI Miami blogs and moved in droves to the Message Board where they could enjoy diverse conversations about the show. The Nazi stalker lost her capability to do away with comments that she didn't find to her liking. No delete key was enabled on the Message Board. In fact, other writers joined in and posted fair and balanced reviews of the show each week.

This sent the stalker into a tailspin. People had stopped reading her TV Guide blog and fans were viewing and commenting elsewhere, namely on the Message Board. Not to be outdone, the stalker began posting negative reviews on the Message Board. Still, there were no takers. Next she invaded the comments section of Javlin's CSI Miami reviews and began commenting skirmishes. Each and every comment posted was met with a negative post by "horatiolover", "southernbelle98", "natsim" or the stalker's name du jour.

Complaints to the moderators of this site seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Numerous fans have notified the moderators about who and more importantly, what "Horatiolover" really is. Much to the fans' chagrin, TV Guide has done nothing. When fans took it upon themselves to reveal who the stalker was in the comments section, TV Guide summarily deleted anything they saw as argumentative.

Rarely, has TV Guide ever deleted anything posted by the known Nazi stalker. As I have stated before, David Caruso is not everyone's cup of tea. That is no excuse TV Guide! Knowing what these mods know, why does TV Guide continue to provide a "safe harbor" for this indicted Austrian stalker? Do they not understand the magnitude of the situation? This woman has threatened to murder David Caruso! She has also threatened his companion and his two-year old toddler. What does it take to convince TV Guide?

If you visit to post on the CSI Miami message board, do so at your own risk. The mods here tend to side with the indicted Austrian stalker. Why, is anyone's guess.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Nazi Stalker - Weapon of Mass Defamation

Exploiting the Internet's lack of regulation and vast potential audience, David Caruso's Nazi stalker has created her own electronic war zone to promulgate her hatred of the actor. Playing the role of an Internet Terrorist, the Nazi stalker has bloated forums, boards and fan sites with LIBEL about the actor's personal and professional life, his hit T.V. show CSI Miami and the many films in which he has appeared.

With the surge of advanced technology to monitor, search, track and analyze information posted about David Caruso, the Nazi stalker plans her on-line invasions much like a skilled war general. Subscriptions to multiple internet RSS feeds provide the Nazi stalker with a sophisticated radar. These feeds alert her within moments that someone has commented about David Caruso on a blog, in the news or on a fan-related site. The more negative the comment, the better the fodder for the Nazi stalker.

Cyberspace has become the Nazi stalker's primary WEAPON OF MASS DEFAMATION to spin disinformation and disseminate less than attractive photos of David Caruso. Trying to win publicity for her anti-Caruso propaganda, it is believed that the Nazi stalker is actually seeking an arrest: Her OWN! In the stalker's very sick mind, an arrest would grant her a legal opportunity for a face-off with the object of her obsession, David Caruso. Negative attention, in her thinking at least, is better than no attention at all.

Last summer, Austrian officials arrested the Nazi stalker (unconfirmed sources state that her real name is either Heidimarie Schnitzer or Gabrielle Huber) for threatening to murder David Caruso. At the time, the stalker was elated thinking that she would finally have her day in court with Mr. Caruso. Her hopes were madly dashed when she was ultimately returned to Austria. U.S. officials will not grant her entry into the country and have also denied her a visa.

Now, with unfettered internet access, the Nazi stalker continues her well-planned invasion of multiple internet sites. What motivates this Nazi terrorist? The potential for arrest? Perhaps another opportunity to be in the same room, albeit a courtroom, with David Caruso? Will any of us ever know?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nazi Stalker - Lies, BS and More Lies

Why am I so surprised? Knowing what I know about this Nazi Austrian stalker, today's stunt amounts to nothing more than another one of her many charades to make her hate sites appear legitimate. Here is how the subterfuge played out.

During the wee hours of Sunday morning, Caruso's deranged psycho Nazi stalker went into CBS' CSI Miami Board, made up another false identity and started an anti-Caruso thread. On its face, this is nothing new and occurs too often to garner mention. This time was different. Here is the original comment as it appeared on the CBS Board under the stalker's newly created thread "David Caruso (Horatio) Miami". The stalker is posting as "Kbaxhen":

“We have stopped watching CSI Miami only because of Caruso. He is top of the line HAM. He speaks as tho' he were the only one in the room and is watching himself in a mirror. Other actors on that show are great, and should be given credit for making it ALMOST worth watching. Caruso was good on NYPD Blue, but his "lead" role has truly gone to his head and egomania has taken over. “
posted by Kbaxhen—Caruso’s real life Austrian stalker

What is remarkable about this particular comment is what happened next. Immediately after posting the above comment on CBS, the Nazi stalker raced over to one of her OWN blogs, copied the above comment, pasted it and proceeded to quote it. Yes, you read that correctly---she quoted her OWN COMMENT in a failed attempt to make it appear that someone else shared her anti-Caruso sentiments. The following quote is exact, misspellings and all:

"We see our blog as first port of call for all those who are fed up with David Caruso, with his sub-par acting, his hamming and for he daily growing number of people who ask themselves why Caruso is still allowed to "grace" the TV-screen. Now peoples' discontentedness doesn't even stop of short the "holy" CBS Miami Message Board:
'David Caruso (Horatio) MiamiFrom:
kbaxhenPosts: 2....We have stopped watching CSI Miami only because of Caruso. He is top of the line HAM. He speaks as tho' he were the only one in the room and is watching himself in a mirror. Other actors on that show are great, and should be given credit for making it ALMOST worth watching. Caruso was good on NYPD Blue, but his "lead" role has truly gone to his head and egomania has taken over. .....' "

The Nazi stalker didn't fool anyone for very long as evidenced by the following response:

"If you don't like the show, then don't watch it. This board is filled with fans of the show. Maybe you should go find a CSI Miami bashing board to join instead. Is it just me? Or does anyone else smell nuts around here?"
posted by "cgimiamifan1"

As I cautioned here yesterday, if you venture into the stalker's sites you risk infecting your computer with spy ware or a virus. Short of that, you will find yourself in a quagmire of lies and deceit. If it's not beneath this deranged person to perpetrate deception on her own audience, what else is she capable of?

Schnitzer's Death Threat

Schnitzer's Death Threat
Actual Letter Sent to Caruso