Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Caruso's Stalker Wages Damage Control

It's back to the drawing board for the indicted Austrian stalker. Although declared dead several weeks ago, the stalker's rumor about Caruso and his companion was officially buried earlier today when the E.T. interview with Caruso and various CSI Miami cast members was aired on-line. In it, David Caruso speaks fondly of spending the hiatus with his family and says, among other things, "We have a two and half year old".

What is key in this statement is Caruso's use of the plural pronoun "We." If, as the Nazi stalker has suggested, Caruso and his companion Liza Marquez are no longer together, why not say "I have a two and half year old". Most single parents would. But Caruso did not because he and Liza are still together. There has NEVER been a shred of evidence to the contrary. Couples use the word "We." Why would David and Liza be any different?

Reeling from the failure of her latest effort to defame Caruso, the stalker has now gone into full swing with damage control. She is flooding various sites with denials and parsing the word "we" much like Bill Clinton parsed the word "is" during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Accusing everyone of reading too much into this, the stalker has become nothing more than a dog chasing its tail.

Two years ago, things were different for the stalker. With the Internet all to herself, she was able to defame Caruso at a whim and no one bothered to question her fabrications. Things are different now. The stalker's rumormongering days are OVER.


Jester said...

And, quite beautifully and perfectly timed, Emily Proctor shatters Vixens rumour that H and Calleigh don't do scenes together b/c of bad blood b/w them. AND I AM LAUGHING, UNFETTERED, UNASHAMEDLY, HILARIOUSLY. CAN YOU HEAR US ALL!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sara said...

Vixen thinks if she says lies enough times on enough websites that her rumor will magically come true. How wrong she is!

Now she's trying to start a rumor about the new baby--how low will she go? Perhaps Hell is her final destination. We can hope!

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