Thursday, February 28, 2008

Nazi Stalker - A Two-Headed Monster

Recently I have been engaging in an activity that I often find little time for: reading. Being a long-time fan of the wildly popular rock band Van Halen, I couldn't wait to pick up my copy of founding member Eddie Van Halen's ex-wife's new book. Titled Losing It--And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time, Valerie Bertinelli delivers a brutally frank and moving account of her life as an actress, wife of a rock star and Mother to her son, Wolfgang. What does any of this have to do with the usual topic of this blog, David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker?

Eddie Van Halen and his then wife Valerie Bertinelli were huge in the celebrity world. Van Halen sold millions of records while Bertinelli had a successful acting career. The couple was often fodder for the tabloids much like David Caruso is. In one poignant passage, Bertinelli describes an incident when the National Enquirer interfered with her and Eddie's negotiations to purchase a home. After the smarmy National Enquirer ran a story claiming that the couple was worth more than they really were, the seller increased the asking price on the property. Ms. Bertinelli related how the tabloids were a constant nuisance in their lives:

Original Text (From Losing It--And Gaining My Life Back One Pound at a Time) Bertinelli (February 2008) 110.

"But damn those tabloids for the problems they created. The stories that appeared every few months claiming we were on the verge of a breakup were a pain in the ass--more like an irritation under the skin. They didn't run stories about us laughing at Disneyland or holding hands as we took in a performance of the musical "Dreamgirls." Only the hint of disaster interested them. Though we had our share of fights, we'd never gone to that dire place where we spoke about splitting, as the tabloids suggested. And yet if you read it often enough, or if others read it often enough and call to ask if it's true, as they did, it pollutes the air."
Not to make light of the situation, but Ms. Bertinelli should thank her lucky stars that she and Edie Van Halen were not being stalked on the Internet as well. Not only does David Caruso have to contend with nonsensical tabloid articles, he has to endure the daily barrage of bombastic utterances by a mentally deranged Austrian woman. And this low-life creep stalker firmly believes that if you post something false and negative enough times, it will magically come true. As Ms. Bertinelli said, "it pollutes the air" and creates doubt in the reader's mind.
This blog was started to provide a foil to offset the stalker's efforts to destroy Mr. Caruso. If I am successful in some small way, it has been worthwhile.

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