Saturday, April 26, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker Photoshops Fake Autograph

Gabriele Huber, Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker, has again tried to pull a fast one on Internet surfers. Using Adobe's Photoshop software, Huber has created what appears to be an authentic autograph from David Caruso.

Perusing the Internet for autographs from the actor, one thing stands out: there are many available for sale. It's doubtful that Gabriele has the funds to purchase a legitimate autograph so she did the next best thing. She created one borrowing from various sources all readily available on the internet.

In Gabriele's feeble mind, she probably views this autograph as her ticket to freedom. When the authorities catch up to her, she can plead, "not me, I HAVE Caruso's autograph. You have the wrong person!" Nice try Gabriele. Like all of the fake names that you employ to further your Internet subterfuge, this latest stunt won't fly either.

Friday, April 25, 2008

David Caruso - Huber "Could Become Dangerous"

I found this interesting Austrian News site that also has an English translation. The following is a copy of the article they ran last week when David Caruso's stalker, Gabriele Huber fled after failing to appear for her trial. Note the psychiatrist's statement in red at the end of the article:

Austrian Woman Goes on Trial Accused of Stalking US TV Star David Caruso

"A 41-year-old Austrian woman went on trial in Innsbruck Wednesday accused of stalking 'CSI: Miami' star David Caruso and allegedly threatening to kill him.
Prosecutors allege the woman sent more than 100 letters to Caruso and pursued the American actor for an autograph. After the star refused to provided her one, she wrote letters threatening to kill him and his co-stars.
Authorities have identified the defendant only as a 41-year-old native of Innsbruck, Tyrol. She was arrested after a joint investigation by the FBI and Austria's Federal Criminal Investigations Bureau.
Since then, the defendent disappeared, and not even her family knows where she is. A court hearing was set for last Thursday, but she failed to appear as required. Her defence lawyer, G√ľnther Gast, said that the case will be conducted without the defendant being physically present. He said, "My client has also be away from work, unexcused. Her relatives fear the worst."
It is possible that the accused has flown to Miami, where much of the series is filmed as it is known that she has visited Miami in the past. That would be the worst that she could possible do, her lawyer said, as she would probably be arrested by the police there and be required to pay a significantly higher penalty.
It is unclear why the woman, whom her attorney has yet to meet, would become a stalker and write someone death threats. She has a family and was successful with her work.
A psychiatrist for the court says that she is probably suffering from a personality disorder and it should be investigated as it is possible that she could become dangerous.
Caruso, 52, is the star of the American TV series and plays Miami police Lt. Horatio Caine."

David Caruso - Tips for Austrian Polizei

With each passing day, the question begs: why is it taking the Austrian polizei so long to capture David Caruso's escaped stalker, Gabriele Huber? Most U.S. law enforcement agencies have dedicated lines set up so the public can phone in tips concerning ongoing investigations. Some even offer cash rewards if information leads to an arrest and conviction. Surely, a similar reporting system must exist within Austria's expansive Federal Criminal Investigations Bureau.

In case one doesn't, I would like to provide the FCIB with a few, well actually more than a few places where they might want to contact site administrators for data that could lead them to Gabriele's physical location: [DiamondsandHearts and DavidCaruso] [Mermaid7, StealthQueen, Cole, CrazyRabbit, QueenBitch2die4] [Anonymous, Vixen, Eva, Christina, Miss Caine, Charles] [Vixen, Anonymous, Pia, RLC, Biene, AngelWings5, etc.] [Horatiolover, SouthernBelle98, Chloe Showy] [Dixiebabe, CSI MFan, Puppeteer, Miamilover, etc] [name changes daily, sometimes hourly, but look in the David Caruso threads] [onsetsnitch] [check google blog search for any mention of David Caruso]

Sophisticated computer hackers have been brought down in less time when authorities traced their internet activity. Since the Internet is where Gabriele spends most of her waking hours locating her should actually be quite elementary. Being a celebrity stalker probably has not put Gabriele at the top of the FCIB's Most Wanted List, however she has threatened to murder David Caruso and members of his family. That alone should make it a priority in locating and bringing her to justice.

If anyone has legitimate information about Gabriele Huber, please contact Austria's Federal Criminal Investigations Bureau at: +43-(0)1-531 26-0

Thursday, April 24, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Wants To Suppress Stalker Story

For those who are not regular readers of Digg, I wanted to share Gabriele Huber's [David Caruso's Austrian stalker] latest effort to suppress the week-old news about her bail jumping stunt heavily reported by major news services worldwide. Enjoy the following blurb:

"News come and go. What is interesting today is old tomorrow. What we frown upon today will be shrugged off the very next day.David Caruso has a stalker? So what? He is not the only one. More talented and more successful people than him have been stalked in the past/present. Come to think of, when was the last time that the man had that much PRESS?" posted by Mermaid7 [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] on Digg, April 24, 2008

In Gabriele's foolish mind, everyone should simply disregard the fact that she is wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso and how she has fled to avoid being tried on those charges. Why? Because Gabriele says so! But when it comes to Don Gentile's nearly six-month old National Enquirer story concerning David Caruso's personal life, Gabriele wants nothing more than for everyone to remember that ridiculous story which she continues to post on the Internet multiple times a day.

Cooler heads, those owned by Caruso's fans who have not been diagnosed with "profound personality disorder," have also posted concerning Huber's efforts to muffle the stalker as evidenced by this jewel:

"For a "D" lister, he sure has your undivided attention, doesn't he? Why don't you stalk an "A" lister? You'd get more media exposure that way. And, since media attention has dwindled due to your flight from court, we're now waiting for your next move that will put YOU back in the headlines. Why wait for a know nothing pap to get a pic of an unknown female friend of a "D" lister? Nothing better to do?"
April 24, 2008
Brian posted on VipixSquarespace

Note to Gabriele: If wishes were horses, all beggars....... This story ain't going away no matter how hard you wish for it to. That's a promise!

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Flight From Justice Continues

Update: To my loyal readers, my sincere apologies for having neglected this blog for a few days. Work and family commitments take priority and that is where I have had to focus my attention.

As you all know, Gabriele Huber skipped out on a mandated court appearance a week ago and a bench warrant for her arrest was issued. To date, she has not been captured and Huber continues unabated to thumb her nose at the justice system while maliciously attacking David Caruso's loyal followers who hope that justice will be served and soon.

Gabriele's Caruso bashing attacks continue with the vitriol and hate reaching an all time high. It's obvious Gabriele realizes that her days are numbered and that she has little left to lose . So why not pull out all the stops. On the very day that she jumped bail and fled, she managed to post the following attack on David Caruso's toddler Marquez:

"I wonder if the boy is really HIS. .. "
********************* posted by "Dixiebabe" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] on IMDb

On Manpaper and Vipix, fans have been trying to prevail on Huber to turn herself in. She responds with the same tired expressions:

"Renna - you really should stop smoking that stuff. You don't make sense.
The" baggage" - looks like YOU are part of the baggage. How ridiculous questioning a paparazzi who has been in the field for over 15 years.Whom to believe? Him or some silly fan girls,wannabes etc.?
Whatever your personal preferences - one thing remains unchanged. Caruso and the Latina are separated. The Latina is HISTORY. Over. Fini. Aus. " posted by "Vixen" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] on Manpaper

Monday, April 21, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's 15 Minutes of Fame

Gabriele Huber's 15 minutes of fame is now within her grasp. All David Caruso's stalker has to do is surrender. Her reward will be the attention she has so desperately sought for years. Huber's perp walk and the accompanying media stampede all but guarantee that her image will be splashed all over every major newspaper and online media outlet.

It remains to be seen though how this will all play out in the end. As each day passes without Gabriele surrendering, the more difficult it is going to be for her to negotiate any type of reduced charges or sentencing with prosecutors. Huber doesn't seem to be too terribly concerned. With her severe personality disorder, Huber has never cared that she is extremely disliked and probably doesn't care that she is ultimately going to suffer some serious consequences for stalking and threatening to murder David Caruso.

One thing is an absolute certainty and that's the fact Gabriele Huber is going to milk this for all it's worth. She has assured herself a place in the entertainment annals as a celebrity stalker. What a dubious legacy.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber, On the Lam and On-Line

DAILY UPDATE: Armed with her laptop and a get-a-way tote, Gabriele Huber, David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker, remains on the lam today. That has not stopped her Internet activity, in fact, it has only increased it. Gabriele obviously has nothing better to do like turn herself in, so she has stepped up her attacks on David Caruso and Liza Marquez. Since Gabriele subscribes to every RSS feed that would even mention the words "David Caruso", she is posting negative comments on every site that writes about this story or any story surrounding Caruso or his hit show CSI Miami.

After I posted a warning notifying a blog owner that his blog had been visited by the fugitive stalker, he sent me an e-mail thanking me for the warning and confirming that Gabriele had indeed left a comment:

"Thanks for the head up comment on my blog. You were correct. I had a visitor at that time from Tijuana, Mexico...and the language information for the visitor was listed as German, so the chances are good it was from whom you said it was!

You know, I like to poke fun at CSI Miami and David, but I'm still a big fan of both. Too bad there are people out there that have to carry their fandom to such craziness. I had only heard bits and pieces about Ms. Huber, but just enough to know that it made me really feel bad for David and his family. I hope that they catch up with her soon."

Oh yes, the chances are 99.9% certain that this poster was Gabriele. In fact, The Stalker Chronicles is also being hit from Tijuana, Mexico as well from a link in German. Hmmmmm, does anyone see a pattern here?

Since this story broke, I have also noticed that there seems to be some confusion surrounding the stalker's real name. The Stalker Chronicles refers to Caruso's stalker as Gabriele Huber because two different media outlets have identified her as such. The only evidence I have ever seen that her name is "heidimarie schnitzer" comes from anecdotal references by other bloggers who claimed that the stalker herself stated that was her name. The stalker stated that? Now that's information anyone would want to run with sarcastically speaking. After all, Huber is a woman who jumped bail to avoid being tried on charges that she threatened to murder David Caruso. Who then would believe Huber's claims that her name is NOT Gabriele Huber?

The stalker will state anything that is in her best interests. Given Huber's propensity for lying, The Stalker Chronicles will continue to use the name Gabriele Huber until there is independent verification otherwise.

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