Saturday, March 8, 2008

David Caruso's Stalker - Threatened with a Lawsuit?

What has happened to the Stalker's 4 month-old rumor? Remember the one that had David Caruso purportedly involved with a "hot Miami night club executive" referred to hereinafter as "HOTMINCE"? For nearly ten days, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker has not even mentioned "HOTMINCE." In her ongoing defamation campaign, the stalker has replaced the "HOTMINCE" rumor with disparaging and partial quotes lifted from other bloggers together with her own wild claims that Caruso is now a single father. I don't know about you, but I have been waiting with baited breath and tongue firmly planted in cheek for the identity of "HOTMINCE" to be revealed once and for all.

Why the stalker has ceased mentioning the "HOTMINCE" responsible for Caruso ALLEGEDLY abandoning Liza Marquez would be pure speculation. The titillating words "hot Miami night club executive" have been replaced (Comments in brackets courtesy of Sara) by the following:

"We do hope that the new relationship (woman nr. 6) will last."
"David Caruso spend days alone in Miami in January. " [what happened to HOTMINCE?]
"WHAT's WRONG with David Caruso that NO RELATIONSHIP ever works out??????? [has Caruso already dumped the unidentified HOTMINCE?]
"(They say we will be very surprised when we find out WHO Daid Caruso's new girlfriend is!!)"[does this mean it's not HOTMINCE?]
"WHOM IS DAVID CARUSO S*C*R*E*W*I*N*G???" [I thought the stalker said it was HOTMINCE]

One cannot help ruminating on the welcome possibility that Caruso's Nazi stalker has finally been threatened with legal action. After all, she went so far as to name Miami's Casa Casaurina as the night club that employed the alleged interloper. Adding insult to injury along with more evidence for any plaintiff's attorney, she posted photos of the female employees of Casa Casaurina on her website and stated more than once which woman Caruso was involved with.

Many apologies to HOTMINCE. Everyone had been looking forward to meeting you and in six months or so, hearing how David had dumped you for Number 7. If Gabrielle Huber, Caruso's Austrian stalker, is not yet a defendant in a libel suit, it's high time she should be.

Friday, March 7, 2008

David Caruso's Stalker - Austria's Omarosa

David Caruso's stalker, the Internet's serial liar, has all of the similarities of "The Celebrity Apprentice's" Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. Several years ago, Omarosa first appeared on Donald Trump's show that pitted professional people from all walks of life against each other for the enviable opportunity to become Donald Trump's apprentice. Omarosa made a name for herself as television's new vixen. Unabashedly obtrusive, Omarosa lies, schemes and does not tolerate viewpoints other than her own. Sound familiar? Yes, hauntingly so.

Is there a connection between Omarosa and David Caruso's Austrian cyber stalker, Gabrielle Huber (Heidimarie Schnitzer)? Is Omarosa mentoring Caruso's indicted stalker?
For those who missed last night's episode, Omarosa suffered the worst loss as a project manager in the history of "The Apprentice" franchise. When Donald Trump questioned the loss, Omarosa's defense was simple: she denied, blamed and simply would not accept responsibility for her failure. Trump fired her as he should have. Her repeat appearances on "The Apprentice", designed to boost the sagging ratings of this show, only serve to enhance the sadness of such a self-absorbed individual. Like Omarosa, Caruso's stalker invokes the same slimey, underhanded tactics on the Internet to defame David Caruso.

Are Caruso's stalker and Omarosa in competition to be named the World's Biggest Liar? In one recent episode, Omarosa maligned her nemesis by attacking his children. NBC was forced to bleep nearly every other word that spewed out of Omarosa's mouth. Caruso's stalker is just as shameless in her Internet rants. With internet censorship non-existent though, Caruso's stalker has more freedom than Omarosa. The indicted Austrian daily inundates various sites with profanity, references to Caruso's body parts and attacks on his family and toddler.
When fans and bloggers come to his aid, Caruso's stalker villifies them as well.
So, the question begs, who came first? Omarosa or David Caruso's stalker? It would seem that the stalker is attempting to emulate on-line what Omarosa has accomplished on-screen. Accomplishment may be too charitable of a term as all Omarosa has done is portray herself as a sad, self-obsessed individual who will go to any lengths to prove she is right.
Like Omarosa, Caruso's stalker is totally devoid of integrity. She believes that it is fashionable to be a lying, scheming, rumormonger who will stoop to any level to destroy another human being. What has caused this shift in values and the ultimate loss of moral behavior that Omarosa and Caruso's stalker proudly embody? That is a question for a doctoral thesis. Suffice it to say that Caruso's stalker, like Omarosa, needs to be fired!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

David Caruso - Spinography 101

Armed with her PhD in spin, David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker has perfected the art of half-truths, lies and falsehoods. In one of her recent posts on Zimbio, the stalker dissected a comment about David Caruso left on Zip TV and posted it as follows to further her defamation of David Caruso:

"I hate David Caruso. I just see his face in previews of CSI Miami and my stomach turns. Used to love him in NYPD Blue but after his Diva departure it was lights out for me..."

What we didn't see was the rest of the comment which had been conveniently censored by the stalker:

"Mind you I love the original CSI and CSI NY so I tried CSI Miami for 40 minutes but could not take him, too bad the show seems to have good plots. I also dislike Russel Crowe don't know why, I have avoided all of his films since I first saw him in Gladiator, just recently saw 3:10 to Yuma enjoyed the movie but if it had been another actor in his place it would have been awesome. Can't stand Will Ferrel, Rob Schneider and the likes "

Within moments of posting this on Zimbio, the stalker rushed over to Digg and posted it there as well. After I saw it on Digg, I left a comment pointing out that she had failed to post the entire quote:

by sarakanne 16 hours ago
"Too bad you failed to include the entire quote, but then that would not have been good for your spin."

The stalker responded as follows:

by KillerQueen2 11 hours ago

As the venerable "Bennu" recently noted on Topix, the stalker subscribes to every feed and search engine known to mankind. If there is ever a mention of David Caruso in Cyberspace, no matter how insignificant, the stalker is on the offending site within a nanosecond to post her agreement or an equally vituperative opposing view. A most accurate observation Bennu.

David Caruso - Rumor Contest

Does anyone else hear an echo on the Internet? Ever noticed how Caruso's stalker attempts to dominate Digg and Zimbio by posting KNOWINGLY FALSE AND MALICIOUS information about the actor? NO REPUTABLE MEDIA OUTLET HAS EVER REPORTED THAT CARUSO AND HIS COMPANION HAVE SEPARATED. Yet, the stalker repeatedly posts this rumor multiple times a day on Zimbio as "DavidCaruso" and "DiamondsandHearts" and on Digg using five or six pseudonyms. It's high time for a new rumor don't you think?

In the last year, the indicted Austrian has planted several rumors about David Caruso that eventually ended up in the great rumor graveyard in the sky. Remember "Eva LaRue and David Caruso are an item", remember "Caruso was drunk on a plane" and remember last Xmas' rumor that "Caruso was in Miami with his new girlfriend." None of these ever panned out and none of them ever will. The "plane" rumor was so ludicrous on its face that even the tenacious stalker gave up after only a few weeks. And when an eyewitness reported seeing Caruso Xmas shopping with Liza in South Beach, that rumor died as well.

Therefore, I am going to conduct a poll here in the next few weeks based on readers' responses to the following question: What should the stalker's next rumor be?

Post a comment or send me an e-mail with your suggestion for the stalker's next David Caruso rumor. Make them juicy too with things like Caruso Endorses Hillary,Obama or McCain. Better yet how about Caruso Dines with Ann Donahue, Caruso goes to Toys R Us, or Caurso Favors Shell Gas over Chevron, or Caruso Puts Trash out by Curb. I will select the 5 best and set up a poll so everyone can vote. The winning rumor will be posted on Zimbio and Digg.

Monday, March 3, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker's Photo Rampage

Two photos of one very devoted father: One shows him at work supporting the beloved child he is kissing in the other photo. Unusual? Hell no! Only in the mind of Caruso's stalker are these photos evidence of a broken relationship. Huh?

These photos published by Vipix, the French version of the National Enquirer, have the stalker on an Internet rampage today. Yes readers, Heidemarie Schnitzer would have you believe that these photos are somehow proof beyond a reasonable doubt that David Caruso and Liza Marquez have separated. Where? Please show me how these photos evidence that three-month old allegation. What am I missing?

As far as I am concerned, until a reputable media source reports otherwise, David Caruso and Liza Marquez remain a couple. These are great photos of a loving father--nothing more, nothing less.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boycott IMDb - Site Promotes Hatred of David Caruso

I should have known better. Of all people I, a professed stalker hunter, ventured back onto IMDb's David Caruso Message Board last night after discovering the stalker's latest Internet rampage against Caruso and his co-star Emily Proctor. And although the stalker has not completely abandoned her failed rumor about Caruso and his companion, she is attempting to launch a replacement rumor. This new rumor in fact is one that she tried to breathe life into before and involves the stalker's claims that Caruso and Proctor are having problems on the CSI: Miami set. NOT TRUE, ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.

I fled IMDb (dubbed the "Internet's Malicious Deception Business") months ago when my posts and those of other Caruso fans were summarily deleted for no other reason than they expressed opposing viewpoints to the stalker's latest deceptions. Am I a glutton for punishment? Knowing that my comments and those of other staunch Caruso supporters are hastily deleted, why would I return?

Back when this site was in its infancy ANYONE, including an indicted celebrity stalker, could sign up and be given moderating capabilities. When the stalker discovered this loophole, she was first in line to seek and be granted a Moderator position on the David Caruso Forum. When fans descended here about 6 months ago to defend Caruso against the stalker's wild and salacious rumors, their comments were routinely deleted. Like TVGuide's site, complaints to the site owners fell on deaf ears and were virtually ignored.

IMDb's David Caruso Message Board has evolved into a killing ground for fans and a safe haven for a moderating stalker. The stalker posts under nearly 10 different names (Sks97, CSI Mfan, Puppeteer67, Miamilover, Dixiebabe, KitKatClub, Black Fire, and Guta53) Post a comment that disagrees or even deigns to question that of the stalker and you will be deleted. It's as simple and as blatant as that. The indicted Austrian stalker wields her dominance here and LIBELING DAVID CARUSO is the name of her game.

Last night, the stalker started this new thread: David Caruso VS Emily Procter 2 The following comment to her own thread is the stalker's latest effort to start yet another salacious untrue rumor involving David Caruso:

By Sks97 (the Indicted Austrian Stalker):
The article appeared just at the right time. Writers' strike is over, everyone goes back to work - it is about high time to do some much needed PR.( Emiliy Procter does what she does best - she chats about this and that. Her role. The show. The cast etc. ALL very positive, of course. Everything is fine.They like each other 24/7....blah, blah, blah.... One is almost tempted to stop reading and turn to something else .......until Emiliy Procter mentions David Caruso and their scenes together - or better the LACK of it. Now Procter goes into an overdrive. She gushes how much fun David Caruso is to work with. One can't shake the impression that she is desperately trying to convince people that everything is okay (between them). However, the harder she tries the less believeable she becomes. People have been complaining about the characters' - Duquesne/Horatio - drifting apart. Little to no interaction. What started out as "a dream team" in 2002 has faded into something grey in 2008. The writers seem to avoid scenes between Procter/Caruso. Is it because they were told to do so because Caruso and Procter don't get along too well? Is David Caruso back to his bad old habits again? Some behavior patterns never die no matter how hard you try to bury them. David Caruso has had (or still has) stormy private times. He dumped his girlfriend for a Miami Nightclub Executive Did he take some of the emotional baggage to work - thus alienating Procter? Someone recently wrote it is high time for David and Emily to put differences/egos aside and start acting like responsible grown up people. Agreed. However, it always takes two to tango. What if one of them - David Caruso - actually likes it the way it is and has no inclination whatesoever to change anything?

The following opposing comments were posted:

by pjh1955 14 hours ago (Sat Mar 1 2008)
"You are full of it. You make crap up all the time. I saw that interveiw too and she did not go into overdrive talking about him. She was very sincere. How do you sleep at night? I'm sure just fine, because people like you feel no guilt or remose."

by sarakanne 13 hours ago (Sat Mar 1 2008)
"The person posting as SKS97 is Caruso's real life stalker and she is on a hate rampage across the Internet. This garbage about Caruso and Liza HAS NEVER been proven and Vixen seems to think if she says it enough, then it becomes the truth. Sooner or later Caruso and his lawyers are going to say ENOUGH and she's going to find herself a defendant in a Libel suit."
The above message WAS deleted by an administrator NAMELY THE STALKER
by pjh1955 13 hours ago (Sat Mar 1 2008)
"Yeah, I know. I saw the similaries some time ago, so when you and others also started to noticed...I knew it wasn't just me. BTW, David does talk about the time he spent with his family during the writers strike, and how enjoyable that was to have the extra family time. It didn't sound to me like there was a split."
by sarakanne 13 hours ago (Sat Mar 1 2008)
"They are not split. If you would like to post on a fan-friendly site, try the David Caruso Forum at Topix or CBS' CSI Miami Board. We would love to have you."
The above message WAS deleted by an administrator NAMELY THE STALKER

And ALL comment wars must end with the stalker getting in the last post:
by SKS67 (the indicted Austrian stalker
"He just said that "I had a great time." He didn't say with WHOM. Caruso dumped Liza - that was just a matter of time."
Thanks IMDb (Internet's Malicious Deception Business) for reminding me why I stopped going to your site in the first place.

Schnitzer's Death Threat

Schnitzer's Death Threat
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