Friday, March 7, 2008

David Caruso's Stalker - Austria's Omarosa

David Caruso's stalker, the Internet's serial liar, has all of the similarities of "The Celebrity Apprentice's" Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth. Several years ago, Omarosa first appeared on Donald Trump's show that pitted professional people from all walks of life against each other for the enviable opportunity to become Donald Trump's apprentice. Omarosa made a name for herself as television's new vixen. Unabashedly obtrusive, Omarosa lies, schemes and does not tolerate viewpoints other than her own. Sound familiar? Yes, hauntingly so.

Is there a connection between Omarosa and David Caruso's Austrian cyber stalker, Gabrielle Huber (Heidimarie Schnitzer)? Is Omarosa mentoring Caruso's indicted stalker?
For those who missed last night's episode, Omarosa suffered the worst loss as a project manager in the history of "The Apprentice" franchise. When Donald Trump questioned the loss, Omarosa's defense was simple: she denied, blamed and simply would not accept responsibility for her failure. Trump fired her as he should have. Her repeat appearances on "The Apprentice", designed to boost the sagging ratings of this show, only serve to enhance the sadness of such a self-absorbed individual. Like Omarosa, Caruso's stalker invokes the same slimey, underhanded tactics on the Internet to defame David Caruso.

Are Caruso's stalker and Omarosa in competition to be named the World's Biggest Liar? In one recent episode, Omarosa maligned her nemesis by attacking his children. NBC was forced to bleep nearly every other word that spewed out of Omarosa's mouth. Caruso's stalker is just as shameless in her Internet rants. With internet censorship non-existent though, Caruso's stalker has more freedom than Omarosa. The indicted Austrian daily inundates various sites with profanity, references to Caruso's body parts and attacks on his family and toddler.
When fans and bloggers come to his aid, Caruso's stalker villifies them as well.
So, the question begs, who came first? Omarosa or David Caruso's stalker? It would seem that the stalker is attempting to emulate on-line what Omarosa has accomplished on-screen. Accomplishment may be too charitable of a term as all Omarosa has done is portray herself as a sad, self-obsessed individual who will go to any lengths to prove she is right.
Like Omarosa, Caruso's stalker is totally devoid of integrity. She believes that it is fashionable to be a lying, scheming, rumormonger who will stoop to any level to destroy another human being. What has caused this shift in values and the ultimate loss of moral behavior that Omarosa and Caruso's stalker proudly embody? That is a question for a doctoral thesis. Suffice it to say that Caruso's stalker, like Omarosa, needs to be fired!


Anonymous said...

Will Caruso's Stlaker ever be revealed... the world may never know (but hopefully shes revealed soon and put in a mental institution.) so what you been up to? Could Omarosa BE Vixen? or is she the mentor? Stalker must be revealed!

Jester said...

Hi freaky! Good job Sara. Once again, devoid of any intelligent ideas, Vixen has needed to use your take on Omarosa to fill her blog sheet! Ha! See, she really does need us all. Don't worry Vixen. We will send the bill later! Meanwhile, go dig into another dumpster. Better still, there were some very cool rumours back a few days on this thread. Even Steve Irwin would be smiling from above!

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