Saturday, March 8, 2008

David Caruso's Stalker - Threatened with a Lawsuit?

What has happened to the Stalker's 4 month-old rumor? Remember the one that had David Caruso purportedly involved with a "hot Miami night club executive" referred to hereinafter as "HOTMINCE"? For nearly ten days, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker has not even mentioned "HOTMINCE." In her ongoing defamation campaign, the stalker has replaced the "HOTMINCE" rumor with disparaging and partial quotes lifted from other bloggers together with her own wild claims that Caruso is now a single father. I don't know about you, but I have been waiting with baited breath and tongue firmly planted in cheek for the identity of "HOTMINCE" to be revealed once and for all.

Why the stalker has ceased mentioning the "HOTMINCE" responsible for Caruso ALLEGEDLY abandoning Liza Marquez would be pure speculation. The titillating words "hot Miami night club executive" have been replaced (Comments in brackets courtesy of Sara) by the following:

"We do hope that the new relationship (woman nr. 6) will last."
"David Caruso spend days alone in Miami in January. " [what happened to HOTMINCE?]
"WHAT's WRONG with David Caruso that NO RELATIONSHIP ever works out??????? [has Caruso already dumped the unidentified HOTMINCE?]
"(They say we will be very surprised when we find out WHO Daid Caruso's new girlfriend is!!)"[does this mean it's not HOTMINCE?]
"WHOM IS DAVID CARUSO S*C*R*E*W*I*N*G???" [I thought the stalker said it was HOTMINCE]

One cannot help ruminating on the welcome possibility that Caruso's Nazi stalker has finally been threatened with legal action. After all, she went so far as to name Miami's Casa Casaurina as the night club that employed the alleged interloper. Adding insult to injury along with more evidence for any plaintiff's attorney, she posted photos of the female employees of Casa Casaurina on her website and stated more than once which woman Caruso was involved with.

Many apologies to HOTMINCE. Everyone had been looking forward to meeting you and in six months or so, hearing how David had dumped you for Number 7. If Gabrielle Huber, Caruso's Austrian stalker, is not yet a defendant in a libel suit, it's high time she should be.

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