Saturday, March 15, 2008

David Caruso - Murder Threat Made by Stalker

David Caruso follows a long list of celebrities, Conan O'Brien, Jodie Foster and David Letterman among others, who have been stalked by deranged fans.

The woman pictured in this photo is Heidemarie Schnitzer, an Austrian national who threatened to murder David Caruso and his companion, Liza Marquez, last summer. Schnitzer wrote Caruso hundreds of letters demanding an autograph. When none was forthcoming, she spiraled out of control and made threats of bodily harm.

The FBI became involved and sought the assistance of Austrian authorities in bringing this woman to justice. After Schnitzer was indicted for stalking and making criminal threats, she skipped out on a scheduled court appearance and fled to Mexico. She was later captured and returned to Austria.

She has been denied future entry into the US and is now waging an all out hate campaign against David Caruso on the Internet. If anyone has information on this dangerous woman, please contact local authorities or the FBI.

Friday, March 14, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker's Emperor's Club Franchise

Looks like business is picking up at the stalker's new Emperor's Club franchise in Austria. Customers have already started lining up outside the club located in the seedy red light district. Unfortunately, word of mouth accounts have not been too favorable for the stalker's new venture . Men are being advised to furnish their own paper bags to cover her face. This Emperor's Club obviously does not have the same cache as its high-scale twin in Manhattan. Austrian Health officials have had to set up a mobile unit in the neighborhood to dispense penicillin injections to local johns.
Caruso's stalker is hoping for a brisk business to help raise funds for her defense on charges related to stalking and threatening to murder David Caruso.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker Works as a Call Girl

Yesterday, the question was asked, what kind of double life does an indicted Austrian stalker lead? Spending 24/7 on the Internet maligning David Caruso simply does not pay the bills. It goes without saying that the stalker obviously does not have any type of conventional employment i.e., a Monday thru Friday, 8 to 5, 40 hour work week. That type of job would be much too restrictive and would not allow the stalker any flexibility to monitor site feeds, post hate-filled comments, maintain multiple blogs and invent new names by the hour. Not to mention, pursuing her obsessive need to LIBEL David Caruso with headline grabbing, slimey, incoherent articles.

This stalker had to face some difficult choices in seeking employment. She knew she would need something that provided her freedom from the eyes and ears of a micro-managing boss and one that provided flex-hours with a home-based office.

After exhaustive research, the stalker finally found her dream job--the oldest profession in the world. She was a natural for the position as she possessed all of the necessary skills to ply her trade: obscene vocabulary, a smut driven work ethic, no integrity and a morally bankrupt work history.

For the stalker, it was a no-brainer. What other position could offer flexible scheduling enabling her to "work" and sleep during non-peak hours for Internet traffic? The Internet Joke has become a call girl-- a perfect match for a love-obsessed celebrity stalker.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

David Caruso - The Stalker's Double Life

One question has never been asked about David Caruso's stalker. What does this woman do besides stalk David Caruso? Who is Gabrielle Huber really? Like Eliot Spitzer, the stalker obviously leads a double life too.

Feeling pressured with exposure herself, the stalker has recently stepped up her subterfuge. On one board, the stalker, using her latest pseudonym "lonewolfbenji", is now trying to cast doubt on her very existence. She has posted a thread "There is NO Caruso Stalker" and is downplaying the story published about her by the National Enquirer. A story, by the way, that she couldn't wait for everyone to read.

Testing the waters, the stalker is now suggesting that absent an arrest record, an indictment, news articles and other vague proof, there simply is no stalker. She is even claiming that photos of David Caruso are cardboard cut-outs. Interesting logic. Because when it comes to David Caruso, this stalker gives credence to any negative publication that mentions him. In fact, the more yellow and more negative it is, the better. But if the same publication writes a story about her, well it lacks veracity because the stalker simply doesn't exist.

How does someone who spends endless days and hours disparaging a celebrity support herself? She must have living expenses like rent and bills. Is she independently wealthy or does she hold down a regular job? Or does she earn a living off the books so to speak? The stalker uses the very latest versions of Windows and browsing software to support her addiction and wage her hate campaign multiple times a day. Where does she get the money for a laptop, an ISP and all of the proxy servers she avails herself? Supporting a double life and an addiction must be expensive. Perhaps she's employed by the Emperor's Club.

When it comes to lying, the stalker has become an Olympic champion. She's obviously feeling the heat though. Her reasoning allows her to believe if she posts enough wild claims that she doesn't exist, people will actually stop believing that she does. She's hedging her bets and laying the groundwork for reasonable doubt. Fearing exposure of her double life, the stalker has become desperate in her strategy. If everyone would simply vanish and leave her alone, in her mind she would prevail. She's fighting a losing battle however.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker & Spitzer Have Addiction Issues

On Monday, it was widely reported that New York's Governor, Eliot Spitzer, had ties to a prostitution ring. As recent as Valentine's Day, Spitzer allegedly had a tryst with a high-end prostitute. Court papers filed last week indicate that this was not Spitzer's first occasion to seek the comfort of a lady of the evening. What would motivate someone as intelligent and promising as Eliot Spitzer to pursue such destructive behavior?

How does Spitzer's fall from grace relate to the subject of this blog, David Caruso's stalker? Obsessive stalking and paying for sex are both highly addictive behaviors. And while Gabrielle Huber is neither high powered, influential or even high class, the question remains, what triggers this type of behavior that ultimately destroys lives and careers?

Unconfirmed reports state that David Caruso's stalker not only has a daughter but used to have a job as well. When she was arrested last summer on stalking charges, she fled to Mexico. She not only lost her job, but more than likely had to explain to investigating authorities why she abandoned and neglected her daughter to stalk a celebrity 24/7.

Many people are plagued with addictive personalities. Their very sense of self-worth is derived from these self-centered pursuits. Those who abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol eventually succumb to dependency. The same holds true for people who are addicted to obsessive behaviors like sex, one-sided love, work and gambling. All addicts achieve a chemically induced sense of well-being while participating in these type of behaviors. It is the addiction to that euphoric feeling that ultimately ruins marriages, jobs and friendships.

It would seem that Caruso's stalker derives some sort of unhealthy pleasure in her one-sided obsession over him. Disparaging him gives her a sense of control that she otherwise would not have. Compound that with what appears to be an addiction to a computer and you have a deadly cocktail. Was Gabrielle Huber abused as a child? Is she now acting out as an adult? Why does she lead a double life?

Two lives destroyed by addiction. One a high powered governor and another, an obsessed celebrity stalker. Addiction is not only classless, it wreaks havoc on everything it touches. At best, we should pray for the families of these very sick individuals.

Monday, March 10, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker Attacks The WOW Report

Within literally seconds after The WOW Report's article titled "When David Met David" showed up on the blog feeds, Caruso's stalker sped over posthaste and left one of her notorious vituperative comments. The sad thing about this incident is the fact that the article was a very flattering one about David. Within moments though, the spirit of the article had been changed after it was tainted by comments left by Caruso's obsessive deranged cyberstalker.

The Ovation Channel's host, David Keeps relates an account of meeting David Caruso. Nothing derrogatory was said and Keeps seemed to be genuinely pleased to have had the opportunity to discuss art with Caruso. See the following link for the article in its entirety and if you have time, please leave a nice comment:

The comments left by "Kim" and "Mark" are those of the stalker.

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