Saturday, March 15, 2008

David Caruso - Murder Threat Made by Stalker

David Caruso follows a long list of celebrities, Conan O'Brien, Jodie Foster and David Letterman among others, who have been stalked by deranged fans.

The woman pictured in this photo is Heidemarie Schnitzer, an Austrian national who threatened to murder David Caruso and his companion, Liza Marquez, last summer. Schnitzer wrote Caruso hundreds of letters demanding an autograph. When none was forthcoming, she spiraled out of control and made threats of bodily harm.

The FBI became involved and sought the assistance of Austrian authorities in bringing this woman to justice. After Schnitzer was indicted for stalking and making criminal threats, she skipped out on a scheduled court appearance and fled to Mexico. She was later captured and returned to Austria.

She has been denied future entry into the US and is now waging an all out hate campaign against David Caruso on the Internet. If anyone has information on this dangerous woman, please contact local authorities or the FBI.


Jester said...

I have a rat in my cellar! Could that be her???

Sara said...

More than likely!

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