Saturday, April 12, 2008

David Caruso - Huber's Verbal Assault on Caruso's Infant Daughter

Two days ago, I ran a piece primarily focusing on Gabriele Huber's misadventures in the English language. I ended the piece with a sad, very sick comment that Gabriele had posted about David Caruso's newborn daughter. Since running that piece, I have had innumerable e-mails from readers chastising me for not putting the proper emphasis on the heinousness of Huber's remark. A remark that further exposes Huber for what she really is: a very sick person in need of serious professional help. A person identifying herself only as "mother against child predators" strongly advised me to devote a separate piece entirely to the remark as it had been directed towards a tiny newborn unable to defend herself and more importantly, guilty of nothing.

The comment in question was originally posted on IMDb's David Caruso Forum a favorite haunt of Gabriele's where she uses multiple pseudonyms to disguise her true identity. The pseudonyms used and known to date (they can and will change as soon as Gabriele reads this) are: Dixiebabe, CSI Mfan, Miamilover, SKS97, Puppeteer, Kitkatklub, Lonewolfbenji, and her newest moniker " sargent465." Again, here is the abominable attack on David Caruso's newborn daughter:

"Caruso wasn't even there for the birth. Busy *beep* someone else. Maybe the child she had was too ugly. " posted by "Dixiebabe" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber]
When I posted a new thread on IMDb highlighting Huber's atrocious comment, Huber then posted the following incredulous response:

"Wow, what are you going to do? Run home and tell Mommy? You are entertaining if nothing else. Yawn... what ELSE is new? Besides, obviously Caruso didn't care enough himself- after all when the kid was born he was already with another woman having some fun. "posted by "Dixiebabe" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber]

The remark obviously was that of a very sick, evil mind. Any additional commentary is unnecessary.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

David Caruso - The Heidemarie Schnitzer Computer Virus

I have to admit that I borrowed the idea for this piece from another blogger who wrote an article about "Celebrity Computer Virus". For example, a Monica Lewinsky virus sucks all the memory out of your computer. ROTF LMAO--then again, maybe not. But the story made me ponder what would happen if a computer became infected with a Heidemarie Schnitzer virus.

First and foremost, a Heidemarie Schnitzer computer virus would stalk the word processing software and render its spell check system useless. Mutating, as a virus is known to do, a Schnitzer virus would cross over infecting the writer's brain causing an immediate cessation of one's ability to compose a grammatically correct sentence. Notice, even when Schnitzer manages to get the spelling correct, she uses the word incorrectly. Geez, I hope my computer doesn't crash when I try to spell check this piece.
The following "Heidemarie-isms" are listed in blue with my comments in red:

"Allmost all of them where confirmative to what one was able to read..." posted by "DavidCaruso" [pseudonym for Heidemarie Schnitzer] Excuse me?

"We were asserted that there is neither a conspiracy to ridicule David Caruso..."posted by DavidCaruso [pseudonym for Heidemarie Schnitzer] Again, excuse me?

"If you work in the business long enough you will come across the most weirdest behaviour.."posted by DavidCaruso [pseudonym for Heidemarie Schnitzer] Got that right with Heidemarie's being the "most weirdest"!

"...and signed a waver saying he wouldn't return to tv for 5 years..."posted by DiamondsandHearts [pseudonym for Heidemarie Schnitzer] Did David Caruso wave good bye to ABC or waive contractual rights?

And this final comment is not the result of any virus just Schnitzer's congenital bad taste. Apart from that, no humor is intended. The comment is included to show that even Caruso's newborn child is fair game for Heidemarie's infinite vitriol:

" Caruso wasn't even there for the birth. Busy *beep* someone else. Maybe the child she had was too ugly. " posted by "Dixiebabe" [pseudonym for Heidemarie Schnitzer]

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Claim to Fame?

The question has been asked more than once: What exactly is Gabriele Huber's claim to fame? Has she ever won an Emmy for Best Performance in a television series? Has she ever starred in a motion picture that made ANY money much less a straight-to-video production? Is she currently the star of the world's most popular TV show? Has she ever stopped to render aid to a traffic accident victim rather than leaving tread marks as she flipped them off and sped away? Does she have any money to invest in start-up companies? More importantly, does she have any money at all?

What is known about Huber is she was once head-over-heals in love with David Caruso. Several years ago, she flew from Austria to Miami where she followed Caruso to a restaurant and propositioned him. David Caruso took one look at her and undoubtedly almost lost his lunch. Rather than accepting the inevitable when Caruso firmly rejected her graphic offer of sex, Gabriele's ego refused to let it go and she spiraled off the emotional deep end.

Given the amount of time Huber spends slandering and libeling David Caruso on the Internet, she can't possibly have any type of legitimate employment. More than likely, she lives off of Austrian government welfare which enables her to pursue her favorite past time: waging an Internet hate war against Caruso. Allegedly she has a daughter. Sadly, Gabriele's parental rights were more than likely severely restricted, if not revoked entirely, following her arrest for threatening to murder Caruso.

The collective snickers of Caruso fans and Internet surfers can be heard with every new report that Gabriele has been exposed as a liar, a love-obsessed addict, a fired moderator and a deleted member of a Caruso fan site. With a criminal record and the accompanying stigma, Gabriele probably possesses little, if any, self-esteem. And her multiple personality disorder must make it quite difficult to lead a normal life.
In the years to come, what will people remember when they hear the name Gabriele Huber? More than likely it will be her vituperative mediocre writing coupled with her psychopathic attempts to attract the attention of an American celebrity and her miserable failures at both.

Monday, April 7, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber This Week's Felony Stupid Award

Granted the week is still young, however we may already have the winner of this week's "Felony Stupid" award. First let me set this up. Two months ago, this blog proposed a boycott of IMDb for the simple reason that anytime someone disagreed with Gabriele Huber on the David Caruso Forum, they were summarily deleted. At times, it was absolutely mind boggling trying to comprehend IMDb's arbitrary logic and why they engaged in blatant one-sided moderation.

I ventured back onto IMDb about six weeks ago and it didn't take me long to realize what a fool I had been all along. What finally dawned on me was the fact that none other than Gabriele Huber had somehow weaseled herself a job as moderator of this forum. Apparently when the David Caruso forum was first created by IMDb, they lacked a moderator. Seizing an opportunity to have the upper hand, guess who slithered up and volunteered to be the moderator for the David Caruso Forum? It's quite obvious now that IMDb was totally oblivious as to Gabriele's underlying evil intentions. Now all of us know WHY we were routinely deleted anytime we disagreed with Caruso's stalker. Like the wolf guarding the hen house, Gabriele was in charge and no one was going to cross her. She could defame David Caruso, bait people into arguments and delete them at will. Such a deal!

After I stopped kicking myself for being so naive, I complained to IMDb about Gabriele citing some of her more offensive posts and I mentioned the proposed boycott suggested by this blog. Apparently someone took notice because Gabriele Huber now appears powerless to delete anything, much less another poster. If Gabriele still had moderating privileges, believe me, I would have been deleted week's ago.
Therefore, this week's "Felony Stupid" winner is the following verbatim exchange I had with Gabriele on the IMDb David Caruso Forum two days ago:

Thank You IMDb for Removing Gabriele as Moderator
sarakanne 1 hour ago (Sun Apr 6 2008 21:33:23)
"Thank you IMDb for removing Gabriele Huber and all of her aliases (dixiebabe, sks97, csi mfan, puppeteer, kitkatklub, miamilover, longjohnsilvercatdogspongebobsquarepantsbenjiiwolf) as Moderator for this Board. Thousands of people had lost faith in this Board when Gabriele ran amok here and deleted anyone who disagreed with her. IMDb has restored our faith."

Re: Thank you for Removing Gabriele as Moderator
Dixiebabe [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] 6 minutes ago (Sun Apr 6 2008 22:27:33)
I NEVER was one.....this is one of your many hallucinations.... ********************* 1455 Ocean Drive,Apt. 708, Miami, FL, 33139 "

Re: Thank you for Removing Gabriele as Moderator
sarakanne 20 seconds ago (Sun Apr 6 2008 22:33:17)
"Oh, this is priceless Dixiebabe (pseudonym for Gabriele Huber). Simply priceless. Thank you, thank you for admitting what All of us already knew. You are Gabriele Huber. Thank you."

"I NEVER was one..." What exactly is that supposed to mean? If "Dixiebabe" is not Gabriele Huber, why would she have responded so adamantly to a question clearly meant for Gabriele? Sounds to me like "Dixiebabe" is speaking for Gabriele. Not a difficult feat when you consider that Dixiebabe and Gabriele Huber are one and the same. What an admission! Thanks Gabriele for confirming the obvious--not that anyone ever had any doubts. Again, guilty as charged! Felony Stupid!

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Under Pressure and Unmasked

Gabriele Huber, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker, is obviously feeling the pressure to get Don Gentile's story about her arrest OUT of the blogosphere. She's now resorting to posting lewd comments on other's blogs to try and dispel the truth about who she really is. She wants so desperately for this entire story to vanish into thin air that she has hi-jacked yet another blog:

Gabriele is also employing a new tact giving the appearance that she actually likes Caruso. A smattering of comments are actually complimentary, but don't be fooled. Huber is only doing what is in her own best interest. She's disguising her hatred of Caruso while attempting to re-invent herself. She's not having much success though.
Note that NUBNQTNDC is yet another pseudonym for Gabriele Huber. Nearly 50 comments have already been posted, and 45 give or take a few, have been posted by Huber using multiple names. The following is a sampling:

NUBNQTNDC (10:42:35) :
"I LOVE HORATIO!why you ask? *takes off glasses*because I’m Gabrielle Huber *puts on glasses* cue theme songcheck me out at"

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Lifeblood

Ever notice how Gabriele Huber, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker, regularly boasts about the number of hits her blogs receive? Sad thing is, one can never place much credence in anything this woman has to say making this claim just another that cannot be verified. Since Huber deals in lies, subterfuge and all out deception on a daily basis, how then is anyone supposed to believe these wild assertions? No one does and more importantly, no one should.

Gabriele Huber lives and breathes by her blogs' stat counter and it certainly would not be beneath her to inflate the statistics. It's rather doubtful that Huber's trashy tabloid blogs receive these kind of hits now that the woman has been positively identified as Caruso's stalker. Recently Gabriele posted something along the lines that her blog had reached a new milestone with 150,000 hits. Dare say, 149,000 of those were probably self-inflicted.

Last year Rachel, blog owner of commented that Gabriele more than likely refreshes her pages until her thumb goes numb. That would certainly drive up the stat counter and is probably much closer to the truth than Gabriele's version.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Tries to Gag Gentile's Story

One of the biggest stories in recent weeks, has been Don Gentile's National Enquirer article that positively identified Gabriele Huber as David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker. Reeling from the fact that she is no longer able to post anonymously using hundreds of pseudonyms, Gabriele Huber has focused massive efforts deflecting attention away from this story. Her own blogs along with Zimbio, Digg and all of her favorite haunts have been filled with the more than usual amount of trash and tripe she posts in her ongoing hate war against David Caruso. Watching all of this unfold has been similar to watching Hilary Clinton's damage control over the inaccurate account of Clinton's trip to Bosnia.

For literally months, Gabriele has reaped praises on Don Gentile's accurate reporting particularly when the story bore a negative slant and was done at the expense of David Caruso. But one story we have never heard Gabriele breathe a peep about was Gentile's story about her. Not one word, until now.

When confronted with Gentile's article, Gabriele has tried to ignore the facts, but everyone familiar with Gabriele knows that keeping her mouth shut has never been her strong suit. Here are some highlights of Gabriele's petty and borderline immature responses to Don Gentile's story:

"BTW if you meet "Huber" give her my best regards.. She sounds like a very very interesting person to me. I would love to meet her." posted by "Dixiebabe" pseudonym for Gariele Huber

"I googled Gabriele Huber. I got Attorneys, Judges, CEO’S etc. What is your point? I don’t know what your problem is but I think you need help, bob." posted by "Anonymous" pseudonym for Gabriele Huber

The above comment directly contradicts the following comment posted by Huber:

"Gabriele Huber is the German equivalent for Jane Smith nitwit." posting as "Dixiebabe" pseudonym for Gabriele Huber

The following is priceless as Gabriele claims she cannot understand the article published in German by The Chronik. Keep in mind that German is Gabriele's native tongue:

"Where is the translation of the article? Nobody is able to read it. Is that ALL you have to offer?Huber probabl hides her face because the newspaper is not allowed to show her face. It is called privacy law. And Caruso still DUMPED Liza....." posted by "Vixen" pseudonym for Gabriele Huber

Seems like Don Gentile's article may have struck a nerve. Why would anyone go to all of this trouble to deny the article if it wasn't true? Me thinks thee doth protest waaaaaaay too much Gabriele. OUCH, the truth hurts doesn't it.

Schnitzer's Death Threat

Schnitzer's Death Threat
Actual Letter Sent to Caruso