Wednesday, April 9, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Claim to Fame?

The question has been asked more than once: What exactly is Gabriele Huber's claim to fame? Has she ever won an Emmy for Best Performance in a television series? Has she ever starred in a motion picture that made ANY money much less a straight-to-video production? Is she currently the star of the world's most popular TV show? Has she ever stopped to render aid to a traffic accident victim rather than leaving tread marks as she flipped them off and sped away? Does she have any money to invest in start-up companies? More importantly, does she have any money at all?

What is known about Huber is she was once head-over-heals in love with David Caruso. Several years ago, she flew from Austria to Miami where she followed Caruso to a restaurant and propositioned him. David Caruso took one look at her and undoubtedly almost lost his lunch. Rather than accepting the inevitable when Caruso firmly rejected her graphic offer of sex, Gabriele's ego refused to let it go and she spiraled off the emotional deep end.

Given the amount of time Huber spends slandering and libeling David Caruso on the Internet, she can't possibly have any type of legitimate employment. More than likely, she lives off of Austrian government welfare which enables her to pursue her favorite past time: waging an Internet hate war against Caruso. Allegedly she has a daughter. Sadly, Gabriele's parental rights were more than likely severely restricted, if not revoked entirely, following her arrest for threatening to murder Caruso.

The collective snickers of Caruso fans and Internet surfers can be heard with every new report that Gabriele has been exposed as a liar, a love-obsessed addict, a fired moderator and a deleted member of a Caruso fan site. With a criminal record and the accompanying stigma, Gabriele probably possesses little, if any, self-esteem. And her multiple personality disorder must make it quite difficult to lead a normal life.
In the years to come, what will people remember when they hear the name Gabriele Huber? More than likely it will be her vituperative mediocre writing coupled with her psychopathic attempts to attract the attention of an American celebrity and her miserable failures at both.

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Jester said...

No one will remember Gabriele Huber. But they WILL remember David Caruso.

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