Monday, April 7, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber This Week's Felony Stupid Award

Granted the week is still young, however we may already have the winner of this week's "Felony Stupid" award. First let me set this up. Two months ago, this blog proposed a boycott of IMDb for the simple reason that anytime someone disagreed with Gabriele Huber on the David Caruso Forum, they were summarily deleted. At times, it was absolutely mind boggling trying to comprehend IMDb's arbitrary logic and why they engaged in blatant one-sided moderation.

I ventured back onto IMDb about six weeks ago and it didn't take me long to realize what a fool I had been all along. What finally dawned on me was the fact that none other than Gabriele Huber had somehow weaseled herself a job as moderator of this forum. Apparently when the David Caruso forum was first created by IMDb, they lacked a moderator. Seizing an opportunity to have the upper hand, guess who slithered up and volunteered to be the moderator for the David Caruso Forum? It's quite obvious now that IMDb was totally oblivious as to Gabriele's underlying evil intentions. Now all of us know WHY we were routinely deleted anytime we disagreed with Caruso's stalker. Like the wolf guarding the hen house, Gabriele was in charge and no one was going to cross her. She could defame David Caruso, bait people into arguments and delete them at will. Such a deal!

After I stopped kicking myself for being so naive, I complained to IMDb about Gabriele citing some of her more offensive posts and I mentioned the proposed boycott suggested by this blog. Apparently someone took notice because Gabriele Huber now appears powerless to delete anything, much less another poster. If Gabriele still had moderating privileges, believe me, I would have been deleted week's ago.
Therefore, this week's "Felony Stupid" winner is the following verbatim exchange I had with Gabriele on the IMDb David Caruso Forum two days ago:

Thank You IMDb for Removing Gabriele as Moderator
sarakanne 1 hour ago (Sun Apr 6 2008 21:33:23)
"Thank you IMDb for removing Gabriele Huber and all of her aliases (dixiebabe, sks97, csi mfan, puppeteer, kitkatklub, miamilover, longjohnsilvercatdogspongebobsquarepantsbenjiiwolf) as Moderator for this Board. Thousands of people had lost faith in this Board when Gabriele ran amok here and deleted anyone who disagreed with her. IMDb has restored our faith."

Re: Thank you for Removing Gabriele as Moderator
Dixiebabe [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] 6 minutes ago (Sun Apr 6 2008 22:27:33)
I NEVER was one.....this is one of your many hallucinations.... ********************* 1455 Ocean Drive,Apt. 708, Miami, FL, 33139 "

Re: Thank you for Removing Gabriele as Moderator
sarakanne 20 seconds ago (Sun Apr 6 2008 22:33:17)
"Oh, this is priceless Dixiebabe (pseudonym for Gabriele Huber). Simply priceless. Thank you, thank you for admitting what All of us already knew. You are Gabriele Huber. Thank you."

"I NEVER was one..." What exactly is that supposed to mean? If "Dixiebabe" is not Gabriele Huber, why would she have responded so adamantly to a question clearly meant for Gabriele? Sounds to me like "Dixiebabe" is speaking for Gabriele. Not a difficult feat when you consider that Dixiebabe and Gabriele Huber are one and the same. What an admission! Thanks Gabriele for confirming the obvious--not that anyone ever had any doubts. Again, guilty as charged! Felony Stupid!


Anonymous said...

looks like she got my vote... for the "Felony Stupid" award!lol!
~ CSIfreak191~

Jester said...

And mine! Oh dear! She didn't walk into it again did she? Push one button and off she blows! Sounds like the brown smelly stuff hit the fan again!

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