Monday, February 11, 2008

A Plea for Caruso to take Legal Action

At this point, it should come as no surprise that David Caruso's Austrian stalker continues to libel him on a daily basis. Publishing knowingly false misrepresentations about Mr. Caruso's personal and private life is nothing new for this indicted stalker. In the absence of any legitimate news stories to comment on, the stalker has shifted her hate campaign into overdrive. The following are two examples of her disparaging attacks on Mr. Caruso's character:

"new girl-friend/new relationship" (with the woman he dumped Liza for in October 2007) is blossoming. Our spies report that Caruso has been getting laid 24/7 during the last weeks..."

"David Caruso's obvious shortcomings won't help Liza who got dumped by David - the male whore - for a Miami Nightclub Executive. "

I refuse to post links for these comments and drive traffic to the stalker's blogs. The stalker has posted these same attacks ad nausea for months. It's time to put a stop to it.

What I fail to understand in this situation is why Mr. Caruso and his legal team do not file a libel action against this woman. The gravamen of their complaint is widely available on multiple Internet sites. The likelihood that Mr. Caruso would prevail in Court is an absolute.

I realize that Mr. Caruso is a classy gentleman and he probably does not want to dignify any of this. That consideration has become moot however. Doesn't Mr. Caruso care that he is being publicly defamed? Does he ever wonder what effect this must have on his family, friends and professional associates?

Please Mr. Caruso, in the best interests of your family, especially your children, take legal action. You can always donate the proceeds to your favorite charity.

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