Saturday, April 12, 2008

David Caruso - Huber's Verbal Assault on Caruso's Infant Daughter

Two days ago, I ran a piece primarily focusing on Gabriele Huber's misadventures in the English language. I ended the piece with a sad, very sick comment that Gabriele had posted about David Caruso's newborn daughter. Since running that piece, I have had innumerable e-mails from readers chastising me for not putting the proper emphasis on the heinousness of Huber's remark. A remark that further exposes Huber for what she really is: a very sick person in need of serious professional help. A person identifying herself only as "mother against child predators" strongly advised me to devote a separate piece entirely to the remark as it had been directed towards a tiny newborn unable to defend herself and more importantly, guilty of nothing.

The comment in question was originally posted on IMDb's David Caruso Forum a favorite haunt of Gabriele's where she uses multiple pseudonyms to disguise her true identity. The pseudonyms used and known to date (they can and will change as soon as Gabriele reads this) are: Dixiebabe, CSI Mfan, Miamilover, SKS97, Puppeteer, Kitkatklub, Lonewolfbenji, and her newest moniker " sargent465." Again, here is the abominable attack on David Caruso's newborn daughter:

"Caruso wasn't even there for the birth. Busy *beep* someone else. Maybe the child she had was too ugly. " posted by "Dixiebabe" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber]
When I posted a new thread on IMDb highlighting Huber's atrocious comment, Huber then posted the following incredulous response:

"Wow, what are you going to do? Run home and tell Mommy? You are entertaining if nothing else. Yawn... what ELSE is new? Besides, obviously Caruso didn't care enough himself- after all when the kid was born he was already with another woman having some fun. "posted by "Dixiebabe" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber]

The remark obviously was that of a very sick, evil mind. Any additional commentary is unnecessary.

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Jester NOT Amused said...

Yes, how appalling this individual. Does this ugly creature live in your area, near your schools, your local playgrounds??? Mothers Be Warned!!! keep your kids away!

Vixen. There can be no rewards in abusing small children. Don't repeat your clearly sad experience of chilhood on those of others, or your own. What will your child, or those of others you know (if you have any human contact at all) say when they go net-surfing?? Shame on you Vixen. SHAME!

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