Sunday, April 6, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Tries to Gag Gentile's Story

One of the biggest stories in recent weeks, has been Don Gentile's National Enquirer article that positively identified Gabriele Huber as David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker. Reeling from the fact that she is no longer able to post anonymously using hundreds of pseudonyms, Gabriele Huber has focused massive efforts deflecting attention away from this story. Her own blogs along with Zimbio, Digg and all of her favorite haunts have been filled with the more than usual amount of trash and tripe she posts in her ongoing hate war against David Caruso. Watching all of this unfold has been similar to watching Hilary Clinton's damage control over the inaccurate account of Clinton's trip to Bosnia.

For literally months, Gabriele has reaped praises on Don Gentile's accurate reporting particularly when the story bore a negative slant and was done at the expense of David Caruso. But one story we have never heard Gabriele breathe a peep about was Gentile's story about her. Not one word, until now.

When confronted with Gentile's article, Gabriele has tried to ignore the facts, but everyone familiar with Gabriele knows that keeping her mouth shut has never been her strong suit. Here are some highlights of Gabriele's petty and borderline immature responses to Don Gentile's story:

"BTW if you meet "Huber" give her my best regards.. She sounds like a very very interesting person to me. I would love to meet her." posted by "Dixiebabe" pseudonym for Gariele Huber

"I googled Gabriele Huber. I got Attorneys, Judges, CEO’S etc. What is your point? I don’t know what your problem is but I think you need help, bob." posted by "Anonymous" pseudonym for Gabriele Huber

The above comment directly contradicts the following comment posted by Huber:

"Gabriele Huber is the German equivalent for Jane Smith nitwit." posting as "Dixiebabe" pseudonym for Gabriele Huber

The following is priceless as Gabriele claims she cannot understand the article published in German by The Chronik. Keep in mind that German is Gabriele's native tongue:

"Where is the translation of the article? Nobody is able to read it. Is that ALL you have to offer?Huber probabl hides her face because the newspaper is not allowed to show her face. It is called privacy law. And Caruso still DUMPED Liza....." posted by "Vixen" pseudonym for Gabriele Huber

Seems like Don Gentile's article may have struck a nerve. Why would anyone go to all of this trouble to deny the article if it wasn't true? Me thinks thee doth protest waaaaaaay too much Gabriele. OUCH, the truth hurts doesn't it.


Jester said...

Hahahaha! I cannot type anything because I am laughing soooo much! Oh dear! Well done Sara. Well done!

Anonymous said...

HaHa! now she's illiterate too! she cant speak or read her own native tounge! she blew her own cover. she's finally getting caught... "She's caught in a lie, she got no alibi!" Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder" she's trippin' up! Well dont Sara, well done!
~ CSIfreak191~

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