Friday, April 4, 2008

David Caruso - The Globe Article

Although not the most flattering title I would have hoped for, it is The Globe after all, the crux of the article remains the same as previously reported here. The couple appears to be working on a reconciliation and all of us should congratulate them for doing so. According to an unnamed neighbor of the couple, "Not only have I seen David and Liza together smiling and looking all lovey-dovey again, but his silver-gray Bentley has been parked outside the house quite a bit lately. It makes sense he'd come and visit the kids, but the car has also been there overnight a few times over the past month."

Every couple, married or otherwise, experiences difficulties over the life of a relationship. Couples can use these times to grow, learn from their mistakes and ultimately have a stronger relationship for it. How nice to know that David and Liza have chosen this path and are doing what is in the best interests of their children.
We are all praying for you.


Melissa said...

Hi Sara. It is so good to hear some good news about David and Liza. I like the tone you are taking, I think we all need to remember this is a tabloid magazine and we can't be sure all details are true, but I believe that they are reconciling. Mostly I believe it because it makes sense. They both have tons vested in this relationship and I'm sure David doesn't want to be a dad on the sidelines, which, no matter how well he and Liza got along, he would be as she moved on in her life, possibly getting involved with someone else. There is no way he could force her to move back and forth between his two states if they split. I also think he's reached a time in his life where he wants some stability. He just went through a divorce last year, and I'm sure he doesn't want to repeat the pain. Separation can be a good thing sometimes, and as you indicated, a relationship can be stronger because of it. I still think more proof is needed than this article, but I know as time goes on more will come to light. I'm with you and his other fans in wishing them the best because I think they make a great couple!

Jester said...

Hi Sara! Yes, of course I hope that this may be true. Leaving the kids at the end of the evening can be as heartbreaking as the "hi kids" is pleasureable for all concerned. However, I can't thank the "good neighbours" and wish they would keep their sticky beeks out of Lisa and Davids business. Every comment is only an interpretation of an observation, as we have seen on Vipix, and can only serve to bring unnecessary pressure to bare on those concerned and bring more unwanted attention from the paps.

Sara said...

Welcome back Jester! How was your vacation?

As far as this Globe mess is concerned, I may have egg on my face for ever running with the story. I have always admired Jane Genova and her blog, but upon closer inspection, even Jane seems to be dwelling heavily on the rags.

And your comment about the neighbors was right on the money. Why, all of a sudden, is a neighbor commenting on the situation? Why not 4 months ago when David "allegedly" left? Why didn't someone come to his defense like we all did?

More questions than answers at this point.

Melissa said...

Hi Sara! Just to add to my first comment, we really don't know the truth of all that happened between David and Liza, nor should we. I distrust "Quotes" in tabloids because we have no idea if they were said or true or anything. Wouldn't his neighbors also be famous people of some sort?
I was just bringing up some logic and what I think makes sense. We also have no idea if they broke up at all. I just think it was nice to hear something positive rather than negative. The bottom line is his fans wish he and Liza the best, regardless of the outcome. I don't think you were wrong to run the article, it was out there and since Vixen will (and has) attacked it, it's good to know what she is referring to.

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