Friday, April 4, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Doesn't Believe Jane Genova!

Last December, the highly esteemed blogger Jane Genova, weighed in on the alleged split-up of David Caruso and Liza Marquez that had been reported by The National Enquirer:

"But the guy isn't a cad...My hunch is that it takes inner demons to make an actor distinct."

And in keeping with tradition, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker Gabriele Huber, beat a path to the comment section of Jane's blog to be the very first to post:

" 'Inner demons' is a fine description by Jane what must drive David Caruso to leave so many women over and over again. I like her insightfulness on so many topics. That's why I always come back to read this blog."
Posted by: Puppy [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] December 18, 2007 at 10:26 PM

With Jane's recent revelation about David Caruso, Gabriele is all of a sudden singing a different tune. After Jane broke the story last night concerning The Globe's report about Caruso and Marquez reconciling, this blog clearly and correctly cited Jane Genova as its source for the "Caruso and Liza are Back Together" article. Gabriele, however, has been all over the Internet today claiming that there is NO source for this story:

"So, Sarakanne WHERE IS THE ARTICLE???? Why don't have you a copy? Where is the link? WHICH PAGE is it on? Or do we have to take just YOUR WORD for it? A bit meager, isn't it?
posted by"Dixiebabe" pseudonym for Gabriele Huber on IMDb

"... Christina - I don't know. I just have seen a remark by a blogger. There is no article. Let's wait and see."
April 4, 2008 Vixen pseudonym for Gabriele Huber on Vipix Squarespace

"Now - 4 month later - it seems that the "Globe" has got information that they MIGHT ( THE ARTICLE THAT PROVES THAT IS STILL MISSING !!!!) be back together again. "April 4, 2008 posted on Zimbio by "DavidCaruso" pseudonym for Gabriele Huber

Today at least, Gabriele seems to be relying less on Jane's "insightfulness" and more on moving away from the blog Huber once proclaimed "...I always come back to read..." What possibly could have happened for Gabriele to turn her back on Jane Genova and HER sources? Jane Genova is a highly sought after writer by corporations and politicians alike. If Jane's sources were questionable, she certainly would not enjoy the professional reputation she does.

Could it be that Jane's recent revelation just doesn't suit Gabriele's hate mission against David Caruso, Liza Marquez and their two children? When it comes to Gabriele, one never knows what her motives are. But to suggest that Jane Genova would run with a story without proper sources is blasphemous at best.

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