Friday, April 4, 2008

David Caruso - David Loves Liza

As announced here earlier, The Globe's Shelby Loosch has reported that David and Liza are reconciled and back together. Again, Caruso's stalker Gabriele Huber, has spiraled out of control posting multiple articles on Digg and Zimbio in a desperate cover-up effort. Huber has been posting her Caruso bashing garbage at the rate of five to one attempting to keep the posts of Dojo and myself out of the headlines. There's an old saying, "the truth stands alone" and no matter how hard Gabriele tries to spin it otherwise, The Globe's story is not going to disappear.

This rumor which Gabriele first planted last November and has spent months trying to confirm without any success, has finally fallen on its face. What couple, married or otherwise, has not experienced a rough patch in their relationship? Sounds like that's all this was, nothing more and nothing less. To their credit, neither David or Liza succumbed to the pressures of Gabriele and other media services to comment on reports that the relationship was over. That shows class and a lot of it. Something Caruso's fans have come to expect from a very classy guy.

So, Gabriele, what's it going to be now? Another "onsetsnitch" hoax possibly? Whatever it is Gabriele, rest assured that Caurso's fans will be right behind you posting the truth where ever you and your lies show up.

David loves Liza. Eat your heart out Gabriele!

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Emily said...

I certain hope that David and Liza are together! I want them (and their children) to be happy. I'm looking forward to reading this article...

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