Wednesday, April 2, 2008

David Caruso - Meet Gabriele Huber's Attorney, Gunther Gast

Meet Gunther Gast, the Austrian barrister who took on the monumental task of representing Gabriele Huber after she was charged with stalking and threatening to murder David Caruso. According to his firm's website, his law practice focuses primarily on civil matters but also provides services for "private individuals with specific legal problems." Like stalking an American celebrity perhaps? That's definitely a specific legal problem, one falling within the criminal realm.

Dr. Gast has been quoted by The National Enquirer as saying that he hoped his client, Gabriele Huber, would be ordered to undergo psychiatric care in lieu of jail time. Attorney client privilege prohibits Dr. Gast from divulging anything about his client, Gabriele Huber, other than matters of public record.

Therefore, we are left to wonder if Dr. Gast has the slightest inkling what his client, maybe former client at this point, has been up to or if he would even care. More than likely, he represented her on a pro bono basis and was reimbursed by the Austrian government for his fees associated with her defense. His involvement in all probability ended at that point.

Sadly for David Caruso and his family, it appears that Huber never received any type of psychiatric care that made any significant difference in her state of mind. Huber was probably given something along the lines of Prozac with a few follow-up sessions and discharged. Turned loose upon an unsuspecting Internet public to continue to wreak havoc on the lives of David Caruso, Liza Marquez and their two innocent children.

Was justice really served?

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