Wednesday, April 2, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Invades Another Blog

As Detective Frank Tripp frequently says on CSI Miami, "file this under felony stupid." While surfing the Internet this morning, I found a very interesting comment posted by Tom Coombe at

"Back in 2006, I wrote about CSI Miami, and its unintentionally hilarious leading man, David Caruso. At the time, no one commented on what I wrote. Then last week, someone weighed in, appeciating my take on the actor. They apparently run a blog that seems solely devoted to bashing Caruso on a level usually reserved for child molesters. The attacks are both professional and personal, and it's as if the blogger has a vendetta against the actor. I actually felt bad for him. But not bad enough to not post this video[referring to the ubiquitous YouTube video] (which has actually been around for awhile):"

I immediately posted a comment notifying Mr. Coombe that he had been an unwitting victim of David Caruso's stalker, Gabriele Huber. It wasn't long before Gabriele (posting as Jason & Arwen) weighed in with her usual derogatory comments:

"Mocking David Caruso never grows old. I saw the post and the blog you are referring to and I think it is HILARIOUS and FUNNY.We ALL should mock David Caruso" [Gabriele double posted this comment]
Posted By: Jason Apr 2, 2008 2:50:28 AM

Then in a break from her denigrating tradition, Gabriele (posting as Arwen) feigned agreement with another commenter who deplored Gabriele's stalking:

"Dear lord, have I stepped into a mine field with this one. Just to be clear where I stand:
Making fun of David Caruso's ridiculous CSI Miami performance: OK
Stalking him and/or saying really nasty things about his personal life: Not OK."
Posted By:
Tom C. Apr 2, 2008 10:08:07 AM

Posted By:
Arwen Apr 2, 2008 11:15:36 AM

Although Gabriele frequently plays both sides of the fence to further perpetrate her hoax on the Internet public, she made one critical error here. Apparently Gabriele had forgotten that she had already used the name "Arwen" when she hijacked Ace's blog last month:

?????Someone hijacked ACE? What kind of shit are you smoking girl?
Posted by: Arwen at February 19, 2008 11:42 PM (bJMoP)

After Ace was warned that Gabriele had invaded his blog, he listed the names she was using to hijack his comments:

"Vixen at February 19, 2008 11:00 PM (bJMoP)

Mole at February 19, 2008 11:21 PM (bJMoP)

Arwen at February 19, 2008 11:42 PM (bJMoP)

Gino at February 19, 2008 11:49 PM (bJMoP)
Posted by: Maybe there's something to this stalker business at February 19, 2008 11:54 PM (evdj2)

Help me out readers. Does Gabriele take us for complete blithering idiots? This woman can't even keep her pseudonyms straight. Like her lawyer Gunther Gast commented, hopefully the Judge in her stalking case will recommend psychiatric care. In lieu of that, maybe Gabriele will be ordered to attend a class on how to set up an Excel spreadsheet to help her keep track of her gazillion pseudonyms.

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Tom Coombe said...

Just to be clear, the "other commenter" you mention was me, writing about my own post.

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