Tuesday, April 1, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Denial Campaign

As expected, once Gabriele Huber's identity as David Caruso's Austrian stalker was confirmed, Huber began flooding Zimbio, Digg, Manpaper, IMDb, Vipix along with blogs and fan sites with her infamous denials. In addition, Huber's efforts to divert attention from this latest bit of news about herself have gone into overdrive. It's not enough any more to slander Caruso's acting abilities or his companion, Liza Marquez. Gabriele Huber is now denigrating Caruso's appearance and his physical attributes. How immature and desperate is this woman?

Her lawyer, Gunther Gast, was quoted as saying that he hoped he could "convince a judge that Huber should get psychiatric help, not jail time." See, The National Enquirer, Nov. 12, 2007. Either Mr. Gast has been wholly unsuccessful in getting this woman needed help or if he has been, then the help she received never took effect. Sounds like a lobotomy might be in order.

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