Monday, April 7, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Lifeblood

Ever notice how Gabriele Huber, Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker, regularly boasts about the number of hits her blogs receive? Sad thing is, one can never place much credence in anything this woman has to say making this claim just another that cannot be verified. Since Huber deals in lies, subterfuge and all out deception on a daily basis, how then is anyone supposed to believe these wild assertions? No one does and more importantly, no one should.

Gabriele Huber lives and breathes by her blogs' stat counter and it certainly would not be beneath her to inflate the statistics. It's rather doubtful that Huber's trashy tabloid blogs receive these kind of hits now that the woman has been positively identified as Caruso's stalker. Recently Gabriele posted something along the lines that her blog had reached a new milestone with 150,000 hits. Dare say, 149,000 of those were probably self-inflicted.

Last year Rachel, blog owner of commented that Gabriele more than likely refreshes her pages until her thumb goes numb. That would certainly drive up the stat counter and is probably much closer to the truth than Gabriele's version.

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