Tuesday, March 11, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker & Spitzer Have Addiction Issues

On Monday, it was widely reported that New York's Governor, Eliot Spitzer, had ties to a prostitution ring. As recent as Valentine's Day, Spitzer allegedly had a tryst with a high-end prostitute. Court papers filed last week indicate that this was not Spitzer's first occasion to seek the comfort of a lady of the evening. What would motivate someone as intelligent and promising as Eliot Spitzer to pursue such destructive behavior?

How does Spitzer's fall from grace relate to the subject of this blog, David Caruso's stalker? Obsessive stalking and paying for sex are both highly addictive behaviors. And while Gabrielle Huber is neither high powered, influential or even high class, the question remains, what triggers this type of behavior that ultimately destroys lives and careers?

Unconfirmed reports state that David Caruso's stalker not only has a daughter but used to have a job as well. When she was arrested last summer on stalking charges, she fled to Mexico. She not only lost her job, but more than likely had to explain to investigating authorities why she abandoned and neglected her daughter to stalk a celebrity 24/7.

Many people are plagued with addictive personalities. Their very sense of self-worth is derived from these self-centered pursuits. Those who abuse substances such as drugs and alcohol eventually succumb to dependency. The same holds true for people who are addicted to obsessive behaviors like sex, one-sided love, work and gambling. All addicts achieve a chemically induced sense of well-being while participating in these type of behaviors. It is the addiction to that euphoric feeling that ultimately ruins marriages, jobs and friendships.

It would seem that Caruso's stalker derives some sort of unhealthy pleasure in her one-sided obsession over him. Disparaging him gives her a sense of control that she otherwise would not have. Compound that with what appears to be an addiction to a computer and you have a deadly cocktail. Was Gabrielle Huber abused as a child? Is she now acting out as an adult? Why does she lead a double life?

Two lives destroyed by addiction. One a high powered governor and another, an obsessed celebrity stalker. Addiction is not only classless, it wreaks havoc on everything it touches. At best, we should pray for the families of these very sick individuals.

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Jester said...

"The same holds true for people who are addicted to obsessive behaviors ......, one-sided love,"

Yes. disparaging DC gives her a sense of control, but she is also obsessively in love with him. Ain't love grand!

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