Monday, March 10, 2008

David Caruso - Stalker Attacks The WOW Report

Within literally seconds after The WOW Report's article titled "When David Met David" showed up on the blog feeds, Caruso's stalker sped over posthaste and left one of her notorious vituperative comments. The sad thing about this incident is the fact that the article was a very flattering one about David. Within moments though, the spirit of the article had been changed after it was tainted by comments left by Caruso's obsessive deranged cyberstalker.

The Ovation Channel's host, David Keeps relates an account of meeting David Caruso. Nothing derrogatory was said and Keeps seemed to be genuinely pleased to have had the opportunity to discuss art with Caruso. See the following link for the article in its entirety and if you have time, please leave a nice comment:

The comments left by "Kim" and "Mark" are those of the stalker.

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Jester said...

Thanks for posting this Sara. Yes, I was laughing. She virtually shot herself in the foot by posting this article. Big sign on forehead. "Read me, Believe me, Then let ME prove how twisted I am!"

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