Wednesday, March 12, 2008

David Caruso - The Stalker's Double Life

One question has never been asked about David Caruso's stalker. What does this woman do besides stalk David Caruso? Who is Gabrielle Huber really? Like Eliot Spitzer, the stalker obviously leads a double life too.

Feeling pressured with exposure herself, the stalker has recently stepped up her subterfuge. On one board, the stalker, using her latest pseudonym "lonewolfbenji", is now trying to cast doubt on her very existence. She has posted a thread "There is NO Caruso Stalker" and is downplaying the story published about her by the National Enquirer. A story, by the way, that she couldn't wait for everyone to read.

Testing the waters, the stalker is now suggesting that absent an arrest record, an indictment, news articles and other vague proof, there simply is no stalker. She is even claiming that photos of David Caruso are cardboard cut-outs. Interesting logic. Because when it comes to David Caruso, this stalker gives credence to any negative publication that mentions him. In fact, the more yellow and more negative it is, the better. But if the same publication writes a story about her, well it lacks veracity because the stalker simply doesn't exist.

How does someone who spends endless days and hours disparaging a celebrity support herself? She must have living expenses like rent and bills. Is she independently wealthy or does she hold down a regular job? Or does she earn a living off the books so to speak? The stalker uses the very latest versions of Windows and browsing software to support her addiction and wage her hate campaign multiple times a day. Where does she get the money for a laptop, an ISP and all of the proxy servers she avails herself? Supporting a double life and an addiction must be expensive. Perhaps she's employed by the Emperor's Club.

When it comes to lying, the stalker has become an Olympic champion. She's obviously feeling the heat though. Her reasoning allows her to believe if she posts enough wild claims that she doesn't exist, people will actually stop believing that she does. She's hedging her bets and laying the groundwork for reasonable doubt. Fearing exposure of her double life, the stalker has become desperate in her strategy. If everyone would simply vanish and leave her alone, in her mind she would prevail. She's fighting a losing battle however.


Jester said...

Your site, and others like this, should feel complimented. Your exposure of this evil fool and her lies and sadistic hate campaign is obviously having effect. Ha! Well done! To see her denying her existence is a true sign of cracking under presure.

Anonymous said...

Hello O great VixenHunter,
thank you for the update on she-who-must-not-be-named! we must find her, hunt her down like the dog she is, and throw her into the dungoen! yay!

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