Tuesday, March 4, 2008

David Caruso - Spinography 101

Armed with her PhD in spin, David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker has perfected the art of half-truths, lies and falsehoods. In one of her recent posts on Zimbio, the stalker dissected a comment about David Caruso left on Zip TV and posted it as follows to further her defamation of David Caruso:

"I hate David Caruso. I just see his face in previews of CSI Miami and my stomach turns. Used to love him in NYPD Blue but after his Diva departure it was lights out for me..."


What we didn't see was the rest of the comment which had been conveniently censored by the stalker:

"Mind you I love the original CSI and CSI NY so I tried CSI Miami for 40 minutes but could not take him, too bad the show seems to have good plots. I also dislike Russel Crowe don't know why, I have avoided all of his films since I first saw him in Gladiator, just recently saw 3:10 to Yuma enjoyed the movie but if it had been another actor in his place it would have been awesome. Can't stand Will Ferrel, Rob Schneider and the likes "

Within moments of posting this on Zimbio, the stalker rushed over to Digg and posted it there as well. After I saw it on Digg, I left a comment pointing out that she had failed to post the entire quote:

by sarakanne 16 hours ago
"Too bad you failed to include the entire quote, but then that would not have been good for your spin."

The stalker responded as follows:

by KillerQueen2 11 hours ago

As the venerable "Bennu" recently noted on Topix, the stalker subscribes to every feed and search engine known to mankind. If there is ever a mention of David Caruso in Cyberspace, no matter how insignificant, the stalker is on the offending site within a nanosecond to post her agreement or an equally vituperative opposing view. A most accurate observation Bennu.

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