Tuesday, March 4, 2008

David Caruso - Rumor Contest

Does anyone else hear an echo on the Internet? Ever noticed how Caruso's stalker attempts to dominate Digg and Zimbio by posting KNOWINGLY FALSE AND MALICIOUS information about the actor? NO REPUTABLE MEDIA OUTLET HAS EVER REPORTED THAT CARUSO AND HIS COMPANION HAVE SEPARATED. Yet, the stalker repeatedly posts this rumor multiple times a day on Zimbio as "DavidCaruso" and "DiamondsandHearts" and on Digg using five or six pseudonyms. It's high time for a new rumor don't you think?

In the last year, the indicted Austrian has planted several rumors about David Caruso that eventually ended up in the great rumor graveyard in the sky. Remember "Eva LaRue and David Caruso are an item", remember "Caruso was drunk on a plane" and remember last Xmas' rumor that "Caruso was in Miami with his new girlfriend." None of these ever panned out and none of them ever will. The "plane" rumor was so ludicrous on its face that even the tenacious stalker gave up after only a few weeks. And when an eyewitness reported seeing Caruso Xmas shopping with Liza in South Beach, that rumor died as well.

Therefore, I am going to conduct a poll here in the next few weeks based on readers' responses to the following question: What should the stalker's next rumor be?

Post a comment or send me an e-mail with your suggestion for the stalker's next David Caruso rumor. Make them juicy too with things like Caruso Endorses Hillary,Obama or McCain. Better yet how about Caruso Dines with Ann Donahue, Caruso goes to Toys R Us, or Caurso Favors Shell Gas over Chevron, or Caruso Puts Trash out by Curb. I will select the 5 best and set up a poll so everyone can vote. The winning rumor will be posted on Zimbio and Digg.


Anonymous said...

I'll play! Let's see, DC appeared an a video years ago that showed gambling -- cards, dice, etc. -- which is PROOF that he has a gambling problem! He's tried to hide it for years, but now the truth is out. And I think he wore a pink jacket in that same video, which shows he's a closet homosexual. -- mirium

Anonymous said...

Or he is a child molester, because he kisses his son - Martina.

Jester said...

Damn! There goes my gay rumour, pink jacket on the Brian Setzer vid says it all. (not that there's anything wrong with it).
Back to the drawing board.....

I'll be Back!

Jester said...

David Caruso Training for Place in LA Lakers! David Caruso was seen in secluded LA park practicing shooting hoops with his son....

David Caruso to run for President of Greens Party! David Caruso, demonstrated by his penchant for paper shopping bags, will run for the leadership of the Greens. He was later seen standing by a tree, proof of his conviction. David was later quoted as saying:"It only takes one!"

David Caruso Enjoys Open Mouthed Interactions: David Caruso was photgraphed leaving a dental clinic..

David Caruso: Alligator Hunter! David Caruso,during the filming of the hit show CSI Miami, was photographed teasing an alligator by mimicking its movements. After teaching the team the dynamic of gator capture, David jumped in to fight the beast and saved a stranded child. , Although the cameraman was unfortunately eaten ("they never listen" David said)the remaining footage was included in Season 3's Lost Son.

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