Sunday, March 2, 2008

Boycott IMDb - Site Promotes Hatred of David Caruso

I should have known better. Of all people I, a professed stalker hunter, ventured back onto IMDb's David Caruso Message Board last night after discovering the stalker's latest Internet rampage against Caruso and his co-star Emily Proctor. And although the stalker has not completely abandoned her failed rumor about Caruso and his companion, she is attempting to launch a replacement rumor. This new rumor in fact is one that she tried to breathe life into before and involves the stalker's claims that Caruso and Proctor are having problems on the CSI: Miami set. NOT TRUE, ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE.

I fled IMDb (dubbed the "Internet's Malicious Deception Business") months ago when my posts and those of other Caruso fans were summarily deleted for no other reason than they expressed opposing viewpoints to the stalker's latest deceptions. Am I a glutton for punishment? Knowing that my comments and those of other staunch Caruso supporters are hastily deleted, why would I return?

Back when this site was in its infancy ANYONE, including an indicted celebrity stalker, could sign up and be given moderating capabilities. When the stalker discovered this loophole, she was first in line to seek and be granted a Moderator position on the David Caruso Forum. When fans descended here about 6 months ago to defend Caruso against the stalker's wild and salacious rumors, their comments were routinely deleted. Like TVGuide's site, complaints to the site owners fell on deaf ears and were virtually ignored.

IMDb's David Caruso Message Board has evolved into a killing ground for fans and a safe haven for a moderating stalker. The stalker posts under nearly 10 different names (Sks97, CSI Mfan, Puppeteer67, Miamilover, Dixiebabe, KitKatClub, Black Fire, and Guta53) Post a comment that disagrees or even deigns to question that of the stalker and you will be deleted. It's as simple and as blatant as that. The indicted Austrian stalker wields her dominance here and LIBELING DAVID CARUSO is the name of her game.

Last night, the stalker started this new thread: David Caruso VS Emily Procter 2 The following comment to her own thread is the stalker's latest effort to start yet another salacious untrue rumor involving David Caruso:

By Sks97 (the Indicted Austrian Stalker):
The article appeared just at the right time. Writers' strike is over, everyone goes back to work - it is about high time to do some much needed PR.( Emiliy Procter does what she does best - she chats about this and that. Her role. The show. The cast etc. ALL very positive, of course. Everything is fine.They like each other 24/7....blah, blah, blah.... One is almost tempted to stop reading and turn to something else .......until Emiliy Procter mentions David Caruso and their scenes together - or better the LACK of it. Now Procter goes into an overdrive. She gushes how much fun David Caruso is to work with. One can't shake the impression that she is desperately trying to convince people that everything is okay (between them). However, the harder she tries the less believeable she becomes. People have been complaining about the characters' - Duquesne/Horatio - drifting apart. Little to no interaction. What started out as "a dream team" in 2002 has faded into something grey in 2008. The writers seem to avoid scenes between Procter/Caruso. Is it because they were told to do so because Caruso and Procter don't get along too well? Is David Caruso back to his bad old habits again? Some behavior patterns never die no matter how hard you try to bury them. David Caruso has had (or still has) stormy private times. He dumped his girlfriend for a Miami Nightclub Executive Did he take some of the emotional baggage to work - thus alienating Procter? Someone recently wrote it is high time for David and Emily to put differences/egos aside and start acting like responsible grown up people. Agreed. However, it always takes two to tango. What if one of them - David Caruso - actually likes it the way it is and has no inclination whatesoever to change anything?

The following opposing comments were posted:

by pjh1955 14 hours ago (Sat Mar 1 2008)
"You are full of it. You make crap up all the time. I saw that interveiw too and she did not go into overdrive talking about him. She was very sincere. How do you sleep at night? I'm sure just fine, because people like you feel no guilt or remose."

by sarakanne 13 hours ago (Sat Mar 1 2008)
"The person posting as SKS97 is Caruso's real life stalker and she is on a hate rampage across the Internet. This garbage about Caruso and Liza HAS NEVER been proven and Vixen seems to think if she says it enough, then it becomes the truth. Sooner or later Caruso and his lawyers are going to say ENOUGH and she's going to find herself a defendant in a Libel suit."
The above message WAS deleted by an administrator NAMELY THE STALKER
by pjh1955 13 hours ago (Sat Mar 1 2008)
"Yeah, I know. I saw the similaries some time ago, so when you and others also started to noticed...I knew it wasn't just me. BTW, David does talk about the time he spent with his family during the writers strike, and how enjoyable that was to have the extra family time. It didn't sound to me like there was a split."
by sarakanne 13 hours ago (Sat Mar 1 2008)
"They are not split. If you would like to post on a fan-friendly site, try the David Caruso Forum at Topix or CBS' CSI Miami Board. We would love to have you."
The above message WAS deleted by an administrator NAMELY THE STALKER

And ALL comment wars must end with the stalker getting in the last post:
by SKS67 (the indicted Austrian stalker
"He just said that "I had a great time." He didn't say with WHOM. Caruso dumped Liza - that was just a matter of time."
Thanks IMDb (Internet's Malicious Deception Business) for reminding me why I stopped going to your site in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

Moderating stalkers are still present.

One urrently hides under various names.

Currently: crdpolaris, formerly quixotic7, formerly Chasing_Dreams.

Not that the administrator of IMDB care.

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