Friday, April 25, 2008

David Caruso - Huber "Could Become Dangerous"

I found this interesting Austrian News site that also has an English translation. The following is a copy of the article they ran last week when David Caruso's stalker, Gabriele Huber fled after failing to appear for her trial. Note the psychiatrist's statement in red at the end of the article:

Austrian Woman Goes on Trial Accused of Stalking US TV Star David Caruso

"A 41-year-old Austrian woman went on trial in Innsbruck Wednesday accused of stalking 'CSI: Miami' star David Caruso and allegedly threatening to kill him.
Prosecutors allege the woman sent more than 100 letters to Caruso and pursued the American actor for an autograph. After the star refused to provided her one, she wrote letters threatening to kill him and his co-stars.
Authorities have identified the defendant only as a 41-year-old native of Innsbruck, Tyrol. She was arrested after a joint investigation by the FBI and Austria's Federal Criminal Investigations Bureau.
Since then, the defendent disappeared, and not even her family knows where she is. A court hearing was set for last Thursday, but she failed to appear as required. Her defence lawyer, G√ľnther Gast, said that the case will be conducted without the defendant being physically present. He said, "My client has also be away from work, unexcused. Her relatives fear the worst."
It is possible that the accused has flown to Miami, where much of the series is filmed as it is known that she has visited Miami in the past. That would be the worst that she could possible do, her lawyer said, as she would probably be arrested by the police there and be required to pay a significantly higher penalty.
It is unclear why the woman, whom her attorney has yet to meet, would become a stalker and write someone death threats. She has a family and was successful with her work.
A psychiatrist for the court says that she is probably suffering from a personality disorder and it should be investigated as it is possible that she could become dangerous.
Caruso, 52, is the star of the American TV series and plays Miami police Lt. Horatio Caine."


Jester as Profiler said...

You bet! She IS potentially very dangerous because of her psychopathic nature. If you watch her posts she demonstrates no conscience or empathy, changes her tune according to her environment, targets those that she wants to use and turns viciously against them when they disappoint her etc etc. She has already demonstrated her dangerous nature and continues to do so daily in many ways. There is no telling what such a prsonality will do under duress such as those associated with travelling, hiding, maintaining appearances as she currenrly does thru her sites.

Anonymous said...

She aint potentially dangerous... she IS dangerous! come on we gotta give her some love... get her some help! lol! let's all say a prayer...
"Dear God, Please keep Caruso safe in this sad time, after his stalker disappeared there is no way of knowing where she is or what she's doing. Please keep him and his family safe."
~ CSIFreak191 ~

Jester said...

Nice prayer CSIFreak191. I am sure we all have the safety of David Caruso and those in his life in our prayers.

And I pray the little guy in the wheelchair would make it easier to post here.

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