Friday, April 25, 2008

David Caruso - Tips for Austrian Polizei

With each passing day, the question begs: why is it taking the Austrian polizei so long to capture David Caruso's escaped stalker, Gabriele Huber? Most U.S. law enforcement agencies have dedicated lines set up so the public can phone in tips concerning ongoing investigations. Some even offer cash rewards if information leads to an arrest and conviction. Surely, a similar reporting system must exist within Austria's expansive Federal Criminal Investigations Bureau.

In case one doesn't, I would like to provide the FCIB with a few, well actually more than a few places where they might want to contact site administrators for data that could lead them to Gabriele's physical location: [DiamondsandHearts and DavidCaruso] [Mermaid7, StealthQueen, Cole, CrazyRabbit, QueenBitch2die4] [Anonymous, Vixen, Eva, Christina, Miss Caine, Charles] [Vixen, Anonymous, Pia, RLC, Biene, AngelWings5, etc.] [Horatiolover, SouthernBelle98, Chloe Showy] [Dixiebabe, CSI MFan, Puppeteer, Miamilover, etc] [name changes daily, sometimes hourly, but look in the David Caruso threads] [onsetsnitch] [check google blog search for any mention of David Caruso]

Sophisticated computer hackers have been brought down in less time when authorities traced their internet activity. Since the Internet is where Gabriele spends most of her waking hours locating her should actually be quite elementary. Being a celebrity stalker probably has not put Gabriele at the top of the FCIB's Most Wanted List, however she has threatened to murder David Caruso and members of his family. That alone should make it a priority in locating and bringing her to justice.

If anyone has legitimate information about Gabriele Huber, please contact Austria's Federal Criminal Investigations Bureau at: +43-(0)1-531 26-0

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