Thursday, April 24, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber Wants To Suppress Stalker Story

For those who are not regular readers of Digg, I wanted to share Gabriele Huber's [David Caruso's Austrian stalker] latest effort to suppress the week-old news about her bail jumping stunt heavily reported by major news services worldwide. Enjoy the following blurb:

"News come and go. What is interesting today is old tomorrow. What we frown upon today will be shrugged off the very next day.David Caruso has a stalker? So what? He is not the only one. More talented and more successful people than him have been stalked in the past/present. Come to think of, when was the last time that the man had that much PRESS?" posted by Mermaid7 [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] on Digg, April 24, 2008

In Gabriele's foolish mind, everyone should simply disregard the fact that she is wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso and how she has fled to avoid being tried on those charges. Why? Because Gabriele says so! But when it comes to Don Gentile's nearly six-month old National Enquirer story concerning David Caruso's personal life, Gabriele wants nothing more than for everyone to remember that ridiculous story which she continues to post on the Internet multiple times a day.

Cooler heads, those owned by Caruso's fans who have not been diagnosed with "profound personality disorder," have also posted concerning Huber's efforts to muffle the stalker as evidenced by this jewel:

"For a "D" lister, he sure has your undivided attention, doesn't he? Why don't you stalk an "A" lister? You'd get more media exposure that way. And, since media attention has dwindled due to your flight from court, we're now waiting for your next move that will put YOU back in the headlines. Why wait for a know nothing pap to get a pic of an unknown female friend of a "D" lister? Nothing better to do?"
April 24, 2008
Brian posted on VipixSquarespace

Note to Gabriele: If wishes were horses, all beggars....... This story ain't going away no matter how hard you wish for it to. That's a promise!

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Oz Witch said...

And didn't we enjoy the reponses to Brians comment as quoted by Sarakanne today!

Vixen: "Brian" - why post on a pap site? Nothing better to do? LOL. Or are YOU desperate for some attention too. "Brians" plea - "I have something to say too, pay attention to me?"

Tricia "One post qualifies as an attention getter? What does that make you?"

But then the Very Best of Vixen::::
"Nice try, tricia baby. Fact is Caruso dumped Liza ......."

I kow that this really is not funny overall but... Oh Lord! I did just wet myself laughing.
Notice: seething mass known as Vixens brain. If found please return to...... so where r u Vixen???

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