Thursday, April 24, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Flight From Justice Continues

Update: To my loyal readers, my sincere apologies for having neglected this blog for a few days. Work and family commitments take priority and that is where I have had to focus my attention.

As you all know, Gabriele Huber skipped out on a mandated court appearance a week ago and a bench warrant for her arrest was issued. To date, she has not been captured and Huber continues unabated to thumb her nose at the justice system while maliciously attacking David Caruso's loyal followers who hope that justice will be served and soon.

Gabriele's Caruso bashing attacks continue with the vitriol and hate reaching an all time high. It's obvious Gabriele realizes that her days are numbered and that she has little left to lose . So why not pull out all the stops. On the very day that she jumped bail and fled, she managed to post the following attack on David Caruso's toddler Marquez:

"I wonder if the boy is really HIS. .. "
********************* posted by "Dixiebabe" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] on IMDb

On Manpaper and Vipix, fans have been trying to prevail on Huber to turn herself in. She responds with the same tired expressions:

"Renna - you really should stop smoking that stuff. You don't make sense.
The" baggage" - looks like YOU are part of the baggage. How ridiculous questioning a paparazzi who has been in the field for over 15 years.Whom to believe? Him or some silly fan girls,wannabes etc.?
Whatever your personal preferences - one thing remains unchanged. Caruso and the Latina are separated. The Latina is HISTORY. Over. Fini. Aus. " posted by "Vixen" [pseudonym for Gabriele Huber] on Manpaper


Jester said...

And yet, after all of this time and energy, several blog sites, 100's of feeds, 70% of Vipix blog content, Vixen denies her obsession with David Caruso, her need to pursue him so vigorously day and night in a malicious way and the undying need to see photos of the new GF. Like a grog shop denying it sells grog. The human mind is a strange thing. The Vixen mind is even more unfathomable.

Sara said...

Great observation Jester and oh so true.

Anonymous said...

She won't stop until the sun is dead! When will this maddness end?! She denies her obsession on many other blogs and now its getting retarded. When will she stop? No one will ever know!
~ CSIFreak191 ~

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