Monday, February 25, 2008

Nazi Stalker - Weapon of Mass Defamation

Exploiting the Internet's lack of regulation and vast potential audience, David Caruso's Nazi stalker has created her own electronic war zone to promulgate her hatred of the actor. Playing the role of an Internet Terrorist, the Nazi stalker has bloated forums, boards and fan sites with LIBEL about the actor's personal and professional life, his hit T.V. show CSI Miami and the many films in which he has appeared.

With the surge of advanced technology to monitor, search, track and analyze information posted about David Caruso, the Nazi stalker plans her on-line invasions much like a skilled war general. Subscriptions to multiple internet RSS feeds provide the Nazi stalker with a sophisticated radar. These feeds alert her within moments that someone has commented about David Caruso on a blog, in the news or on a fan-related site. The more negative the comment, the better the fodder for the Nazi stalker.

Cyberspace has become the Nazi stalker's primary WEAPON OF MASS DEFAMATION to spin disinformation and disseminate less than attractive photos of David Caruso. Trying to win publicity for her anti-Caruso propaganda, it is believed that the Nazi stalker is actually seeking an arrest: Her OWN! In the stalker's very sick mind, an arrest would grant her a legal opportunity for a face-off with the object of her obsession, David Caruso. Negative attention, in her thinking at least, is better than no attention at all.

Last summer, Austrian officials arrested the Nazi stalker (unconfirmed sources state that her real name is either Heidimarie Schnitzer or Gabrielle Huber) for threatening to murder David Caruso. At the time, the stalker was elated thinking that she would finally have her day in court with Mr. Caruso. Her hopes were madly dashed when she was ultimately returned to Austria. U.S. officials will not grant her entry into the country and have also denied her a visa.

Now, with unfettered internet access, the Nazi stalker continues her well-planned invasion of multiple internet sites. What motivates this Nazi terrorist? The potential for arrest? Perhaps another opportunity to be in the same room, albeit a courtroom, with David Caruso? Will any of us ever know?

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Anonymous said...

are you serious, Sara? she was arrested? well i did find a picture most likely posted by the stalker. She's a Nazi? She must be put to death! I'm scared what she's gonna do next, Sara, i really am. Put her to Death Put her to Death! Death sentence Death sentence!
~ CSIFreak191~

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