Sunday, May 4, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Nightmare

Gabriele Huber, Caruso's fugitive stalker, is claiming on the Vipix website today that she is without her laptop. Huber asserts that her lifeline to the outside world which she relies on to slander and libel David Caruso is locked up in some one's house. Yesterday, she claimed she would get her laptop returned today. Today, however, she is claiming it will be Monday before she has it. According to Gabriele, Internet Cafes are her only available Internet connections now.

Is this Huber's latest ruse? After fleeing to avoid prosecution, who in their right mind would disclose this type of information on the Internet? Is Huber attempting to throw off law enforcement? Or is she attempting to perpetrate another hoax on Internet surfers? Email certainly would have been a more desirable and discreet way to communicate this message to someone. Or maybe Gabriele has been using a government issued computer, one provided by an Austrian jailhouse.

For days now, Huber's Internet activity has been severely curtailed. It's possible that Huber's attorney, Dr. Gunther Gast, negotiated a plea agreement whereby Huber would acquiesce and quietly surrender in exchange for no media coverage. If Huber has been incarcerated, this would certainly account for her lack of Internet activity. Although this scenario is highly unlikely, in the event this is the case, news of her incarceration will eventually be leaked to media sources.

Whatever the reasons, Huber's inability to wreak havoc 24/7 ad nausea has been a welcome respite for David Caruso's fans. Even if Huber has been locked up, with Austria's lax laws, she'll be back out soon to wage her non-stop Internet war against David Caruso. Austria, after all, is an enabling society.

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Jester said...

I doubt Huber is locked up. But if so, Davids angels will be there to greet her as she leaves and meanwhile, meet her wherever she cyber-travels. Because when it comes to angels: "we never close"

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