Friday, May 2, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele In Search of New Spider Hole?

Where is Gabriele Huber today? For nearly 24 hours, David Caruso's stalker has been mysteriously absent from her usual Internet haunts. Bloggers, fan sites and boards have been spared, temporarily at least, her slander and libel of David Caruso. A phone call to a well-placed news outlet afforded no new information either. News, of course is very fluid, subject to change at a moment's notice.

Is Gabriele hunkered down in a new spider hole, one without Internet access? Or is she traveling hidden in the trunk of some one's car searching for another safe haven far from the probing eyes of the FBI and/or Austria's CIB? Worse yet, has she managed to illegally enter the U.S. in her deadly stalking caper?

As anyone knows who has followed this woman's exploits, Gabriele is a survivor and unfortunately will more than likely appear later today to continue her Internet war against David Caruso. An Internet war that has taken on yet another front with Huber now using it as a vehicle to defy authorities letting them know how well she believes she has outwitted them. Hubris, will eventually be Gabriele Huber's downfall.

Look here for continued updates. And please report any and all legitimate leads to Austria's Federal CIB at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.


Anonymous said...

When will the nightmare end?! Let's all say a prayer for David Caruso shall we?
"Please Lord let this sick freak be caught as soon as possible! Make sure to keep Caruso and his family safe. Amen"
~ CSIFreak191 ~

Jester said...

Amen Freaky!

She is about but strangely in and out and much less frequently. 2 days no posts on one of her usual despicable haunts. Lol!
? Negotiating some legal or other assistance (positive step maybe!)
? re-applying for holiday visa to re-enter her Heidi-hole?
? cleaning her current lair to travel onwards(Hubering the carpet?)
? On the move to a new lair?
? worried she is being net-monitored by the powers that be? Hope so!
Hopefully it won't be too long now b4 she finds a safe place where she can have 3 meals per day, 1 hour per day to learn socialisation skills, and men with guns patrolling her walls to keep her in and others out. No computer: Tuff!

Jester said...

9.21 your time Sunday, and all remains very quiet. Dare I whisper it. Dare we hope. Must be a deep spider hole.

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