Wednesday, April 30, 2008

David Caruso - Week 3 of Gabriele Huber's Flight from Justice

Today officially begins the third week of the David Caruso stalker crisis. There is nothing new to report as Gabriele Huber continues to wreak havoc on the Internet although it appears she is running out of new and fresh material. Posts over the last two days have dealt with critically important issues like David Caruso's condoms and his pubic area. Subjects of interest to no one with the exception of Gabriele. And last night Gabriele hi-jacked another blog for the umteenth time. Kudos to the very astute blog owner who cut Huber off at the pass when she tried to trash Liza Marquez.

Huber has also been spending noticeably less time on the Internet than prior to her now infamous bail jump. She is probably changing locations frequently to stay one step ahead of the authorities. That takes time and crucial planning especially in terms of maintaining Huber's all important lifeline: an Internet connection. The above photo shows one hide-out authorities suspect had been used by Gabriele. Over on Vipix and IMDb, Huber continues with out success, trying to create the illusion she is conversing with like-minded individuals when in fact she is simply talking to one of her own pseudonyms. Gabriele's charade and this whole sordid mess are growing stale quite frankly. The gig is up Gabriele, turn yourself in.

If anyone has legitimate information that could lead to Huber's arrest and conviction and put an end to this misery for David Caruso, please contact Austria's FCIB at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

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