Saturday, May 17, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber's Vain Attempts to Discredit Stalker Story

Every day on various Boards and Forums, Gabriele Huber (David Caruso's fugitive Austrian stalker) attempts to discredit the stalker story in its entirety. Claiming not to know who Gabriele Huber is, the stalker and all of her pseudonyms never miss an opportunity however to respond whenever Gabriele's name is brought up. The identity of Gabriele Huber which has been reported by two different news services strikes fear in the stalker. Why? Maybe the truth has hit a little too close to home.

Last summer, anecdotal reports mainly from other bloggers and Caruso fans, suggested that the stalker's name was "heidimarie schnitzer." The origin of that identity allegedly was provided by the stalker herself. If anyone believes such nonsense, then one would have to also believe that Gabriele in a moment of weakness revealed her true identity to another blogger. Sorry, I am not buying it. It certainly is agreed that Huber has more than a few screws loose, but it's highly unlikely she was stupid enough to have revealed her real name on the Internet. Besides, comments naming her as "schnitzer" were always followed by the same denials and outrage now associated with comments identifying her as Gabriele Huber.

If the stalker's real name is NOT Gabriele Huber, then why such vehement denials on her part? As a rule, Huber's standard operating procedure is to cast doubt, especially when it involves the truth. To further her ruse, Huber also casts aspersions on the story suggesting that without photos of the stalker, she can never be captured. Don't give up your day job Gabriele. Your future in a stand-up routine doesn't look very bright.

Huber has even threatened to bring suit against this blogger for disclosing her identity. Why if, as the stalker claims, she is not Gabriele? Losing sleep on a nightly basis, I have been literally shaking in my boots. To date, no papers have been served and none will be. It's a purely empty threat by a desperate woman on the run from the law.

GABRIELE HUBER remains at large wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso. Huber is armed and considered to be very dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend her yourself. Contact your local FBI or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

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