Saturday, May 17, 2008

David Caruso - Gabriele Huber From a Male's Perspective

Earlier this afternoon on CBS' CSI Miami Message Board, something wonderful happened. A male, outnumbered by a 99% female board, showed up and challenged Gabriele Huber and all of her B.S. Calling himself the Vince Man ("XXPrinceVinc"), it didn't take long to declare him the winner in this one, two, three knockout punch. Gabriele Huber never knew what hit her:

"Hey all and Good Afternoon, I just found two recent articles about that crazy stalker woman i see you guys post about, personally, if she was gonna do anything but stalk Mr Caruso she would have done it by now, and in the one article it appears she was close enough at one time for a autograph but Mr Caruso refused, ''who can blame him?'', so she had the oppurtunity right there if she was serious. Sounds like someone who is all talk and written letters with not much action, i guess she does not want to die in a hail of gunfire from his bodyguards, LMAO. And it says in one article she could get 3 years in prison and longer for fleeing once they catch her, I [no] longer think Mr Caruso is her main goal, i think trying to avoid becoming a lesbian in a aussie jail has now takin prioroty, and seeing she is 41, those women in there will play with her like a worn out blonde barbie doll, LMAO. And seriously, this poor woman has personality disorders as well, so the article says, she probably dont even realize how rediculous she has made herself seem, a stalker, a real stalker would have done tried something, she is a stalker by letters and by mail, if i paid attention to every woman who was gonna kill me after i forgot to call her the next day i be a dead man by now, LMAO! Anyhow, take care Mr Caruso, and dont sweat it bro, this woman is nothing but a babble of words on paper and by websites, and David Caruso is a dam good actor, and plays the part of Horatio well, keep up the good work brother! Please take care and be safe all, especially the main man, Mr David Caruso!" posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

Gabriele responded immediately:
"A - Z-lister like Caruso and bodyguards? Him? He can thank God on his knees if somebody recognizes him on the street. Besides, bodyguards who attack people get SUED BIG TIME (as it should be). How old are you? 12?" posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

Minutes later the Vince Man responded:
"No babe, but now that your here, why are you not out taking your shot? How old are you, 12? Quit wastin time, if your gonna stalk get off the iste and go do your business? Or is that all talk and the bells of a coward i hear, maybe i should try and trace your IP myself, LMAO! I will turn the tables on you you messed up wreck! What kind of gun do you have anyway, I have a 45 and a sawed off, care to go a few rounds, maybe ill come stalk you!! LMAO" posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

"No Gabby, LMAO, not a religious freak, but gotta be the Catholic i am. Pornographic material about a 2 year old, dam Gabby, i knew you were very unattractive, but dam, you really arent getting any, you still a virgin, LMAO, DAM, A 41 YEAR OLD VIRGIN? No wonder your so uptight Gabby, and i knew about the letters, why has she just sent letters and not followed through, she is only dangerous because we make her out to be, she dont even know how to handle a gun, LMAO! She cut a deal with people to help this story grow bigger and ta rake in bucks, Gabby, you really are pathetic, never been laid, no wonder your after Caruso, he was probably in your fantasys about what a lover is like and looks like now your jealous cause another woman has your fantasy, deep down she lovessssssss Caruso, LMAO! I can tell ya Gabby sex is fun, go out and try it after you get a facelift, fix up those legs, and do something with that hair..." posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

"So, "Gabriele Huber" is going to be famous? You go girl! Sarakanne's descend into madness progresses very fast. I'm looking forward to the next absurd theory. You know how much I like to laugh....LOlAnyway, HOW PEOPLE are going to "apprehend" "Gabriele Huber"? They don't even know how she looks like. The least you can do is to provide A NEW PHOTOGRAPH of her. Because I'm afraid, scanning hotels for someone registered under the name "Gabriele Huber" won't do any good. Especially in a place where you don't even need ID to check in.Are there any volunteers that will go and look for her? Sarakanne - should you be the first on the lookout for "Gabriele Huber"?Talk is cheap - WE want to see actions...LOL" posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"Put a bounty out on ya and ill track your bony butt down myself, LMAO! As dumb as you are you wont be to hard to track, maybe i should be Mr Caruso's personal bodyguard, LMAO! You are just not good at what ya do Gabby, now go to stalkerswhoarescary and register to learn how to really stalk someone, LMAO! Now, i dont use water guns babe, i use real lead when i shoot, LMAO, so be ready. Whats a 45? yhea, your a real stalker, you thought 45 was a beer, well colt45 is, LMAO! Sorry Gabby, had to get one last punch in, your to much fun not to, LMAO!"
posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

Always claiming she is NOT Huber, but ALWAYS responding to any and all posts to Huber, Gabriele again weighed in:
"Oh my, someone has been watching really BAD TV lately - CSI Miami and old f*g David Caruso maybe?Bounty? Laughable. Since I haven't done anything wrong why would they do such a thing. I don't know what kind of stuff you are smoking - it keeps you hallucinating..." posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"She just put her foot in her mouth, words not action Gabby, all we have seen you do is type here and type letters to Mr Caruso, you will be famous all right, because the other stalkers of the world will beat your butt for making them look bad and non scary, LMAO, that will surely get the news. Now get on over to and learn to do it right. Set off some fireworks to make people think you know how to use a firearm. 2nd, lets see some action, go out and buy a water rifle to really move up another grade in the world of ''armed and dangerous'', they are 4.99 at kmart! LMAO! And third, my golly, look like a stalker, a face like yours dont change, you aint hard to spot at all, LMAO! Its not hard to find out what ya look like now Gabby!! LMAO!..." posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

How many times will Gabriele pretend that she isn't Gabriele?
"Sweetheart, grow up and I will take you seriously. Until then, dream amuse me if nothing else. BTW WHo is Gabby? posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"...As i was saying, she can post all the negative hate remarks in words about him as she wants, words on a computer and on paper are just that, words, if i were her, id stop babbling and do what i gotta do or else move forward in life, but to type on a website the same remarks about Mr Caruso is really not proving anything except your a coward running from the law, LMAO, i would be to if i had 3 years in a lesbian joint looking at me, LMAO! Anyway, just my opinion, please take care and be safe all. " posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

From our wonderful "IntheWind":
"Good post, xxprincevinc! So much of what you've said is true. There remains, though, that tiny inkling that many stalkers who turned homicidal gave prior warning signs and no one paid any attention. Don't you think this internet barrage of hostility might be a plea for help? BTW, David Caruso has no regular security, only when there's been a threat, as when the death threats came in.
Those stalkers turned killers didn't have the advantage of the internet. This one was an internet obsessive long before she became a stalker. She was a delusional fan from the outset, living in Austria yet dreaming of America. So, by the time her love obsession became a hate obsession, she was well versed in the workings and capabilities of the internet.
Both the FBI and Austrian CIB, that's Criminal Investigation Bureau, Sweet Cheeks (Huntersarse), think it's serious enough that there's currently a warrant out for her immediate arrest. She can't get a visa so she can't come to the US. The internet is her only outlet.
Your comments make good sense. We would all like to think she's blowing smoke. But, since she's now a criminal, she needs to surrender or be captured. Treatment is a must." posted by "IntheWind"

"I do agree with much of what you said, but if she was serious she would have unloaded a six shooter by now in her attempt, i mean, 2 years, dam, it aint hard, especially on the run, if you wanna take someone out. And have you seen her, she is frail, 41, i doubt she could even lift a gun much less fire one, i think she is just obsessed and scared downright outta her mind to attempt anything but to send letters and threats. I may be wrong, but if im crazy and stalkin someone, which Thank God im not, i would have takin a shot or two by now, she is just lost, desperate for attention, and comes here to get it. She actually amuses me, she is more hilarious than anything, LMAO! Then again, being a martial artist, id snap her like a toothpick, LMAO! Anyways, I really dont think Mr Caruso has anything to worry about except more ''im gonna kill you letters'', I just got two this week from women i forgot to call after last weekend, LMAO, join the club of hate mail Dave! Peace out and take care all!" posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

"I LOVE to be entertained. Especially if Inthewind hands out advice. This is getting funnier and funnier by the minute....keep those jokes coming...Wow, you don't expect me to be impressed? Next time maybe. Boys who don't have any brains at all play with their guns. Fitting somehow. BTW I'll tell "Gabriele" when I see her. Good luck in finding her...." posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"Your Impressed, Well good, glad to impress any woman, thats what a gigolo does, LMAO! Men who are men are trained to use handguns and have them registered in case some fruitcake stalker approaches them, LMAO, And tell Gabby i said hi, well, your right there hon, you talking to yourself now, better stop that, they usually put ya in white jackets if ya do that, LMAO!" posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

Still in denial, Gabriele Huber responds:
"You are right. I find the whole thing AMUSING. Since I don't have done anything wrong I don't know WHY on earth I should "turn myself in"....." posted by Gabriele Huber (Huntersarse)

"Yhea, i agree with that post, Gabby babe your quite a trip, hilarious, funny, man, you sure help the afternoon fly by, LMAO! But i do have my usual Saturday date to get ready for soon, so i gotta say thanks for the laugh, you should do standup, LOL, quit stalking and turn to comedy, if your good in prison at comedy they might not be so rough on ya, anyway, I am done responding now..." posted by "XXPrinceVinc"

And last but certainly not least, this little jewel from "Furrymom1":
"okay i've been reading this stuff and i think the main reason she hasn't tried to shoot david is because she hasn't been able to get close enough to him..
then about being a frail 41 year old and not able to shoot.. heck i'm a sicky 63 year old and don't let anyone break in my house because i'll blow them away..
this is not a threat against anyone, believe me it is a promise if my safety is in doubt. so don't ever doubt the ability of a woman of any age..
why are you such a naughty boy that anyone would threaten you as you seem rather nice to me, just need more education about threatened women.. JUST KIDDING... H rules jeanne" posted by "FurryMom1"

I am still laughing how Gabriele was caught totally blind-sided by this exchange. Conceding defeat, Huber finally threw in the towel and moved to another thread hoping to harass unsuspecting board members there. When she realized that we were all still laughing at her, she returned pretending again that she was not Gabriele.

On a very serious note, Gabriele Huber remains at large wanted for threatening to murder David Caruso. Huber is armed and considered very dangerous. Do not attempt to apprehend her yourself. Contact your local FBI or Austria's Bundeskriminalamt at +43-(0)1-531 26-0.

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Jester said...

Lol! Another interesting, if not amusing exchange! The lesbians in Aussie jails are a scary thought. Must have seen "Prisoner" Er hum... do you guys refer to Austria as aussie??? Better watch what I say then!

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