Wednesday, March 26, 2008

David Caruso - An Open Letter to


You have been duped by none other than David Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker, Gabriele Huber. No need to despair though because you are in very good company. In 2007, Janet Charlton fell victim to one of Huber's many Internet scams designed to defame David Caruso and his career. After several weeks where no corroborating evidence surfaced to support Huber's contention that Caruso was involved with one of his co-stars, Janet Charlton felt compelled to publish a retraction. No other media service had picked up Huber's scam story and more importantly, none was planning to do so.

Lacking any originality, Huber's latest effort is a contemporary re-hash of stories that were touted following Caruso's departure from NYPD Blue in the 1990's. Fast forward to 2008 and you have the same story with a slightly different spin hailing from the set of CSI Miami. Stories that amount to nothing more than mere fabrications claiming the actor is difficult to work with and behaves poorly on the set.

With the 2008 story, the only difference is how Huber has used the Internet as a weapon of mass defamation. Last week, Huber successfully managed to perpetrate yet another elaborate hoax on numerous media outlets. Claiming that she had worked on the set of CSI Miami, Huber e-mailed Defamer with details of alleged bad behavior on the part of David Caruso. Disguising herself under the pseudonym "Onsetsnitch", Huber gave a detailed account that only a deranged stalker could invent. The story was so wild on its face Huber knew there would not be any comments forthcoming from Caruso's people. To have done so, Caruso's people would have had to acknowledge how ludicrous the entire story was. The story was Huber's to run with. And that she did.

If you doubt this woman's motives, peruse the article published by The National Enquirer on Nov. 12, 2007 on page 50. After you realize that Huber's latest scam is nothing but an elaborate hoax to perpetuate her ongoing Internet slander of David Caruso, consider doing the honorable thing and publishing a retraction.

After the initial flurry of activity following this latest hoax, no reputable media organization has commented any further. It's highly doubtful any will.

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