Tuesday, March 25, 2008

David Caruso - Huber Perpetrates Internet Hoax

It' nothing but a Hoax! It has been a week now since Caruso's indicted Austrian stalker planted her latest fabrication about the actor. Posting as "Onsetsnitch", Huber sought to inundate various on-line media outlets, forums, sites and Boards with her eyewitness fable involving her alleged employment on the set of CSI Miami. Since that time, the New York Post's Page Six has gone belly up and Huber's rumor has been reduced to some nonsense involving spitting and unsanitary floor conditions on the set. Huber herself has noticeably backed off the rumor and has resumed digging thru her archives for the usual trash talk about the actor's appearance, private life and comparisons to Jack Lord.

Either Huber is being unusually low-keyed or she realized early on, that her most recent deception is so ludicrous on its face that it's not going to fly with even the most jaded fan. Absent from the stalker's usual haunts, Manpaper, IMDb, Topix, and CBS' CSI Miami Board, is the non-stop 24/7 promotion of the newest rumor. In recent days instead, Huber has been focusing on the dead and buried Liza Marquez rumor that failed so miserably it actually gave birth to Huber's current effort to defame Caurso.

What caused the latest rumor to be so short-lived? Perhaps the private e-mails to various media outlets including MSNBC, The New York Post and Defamer that initially published the slander had something to do with it. Most media services, no matter how yellow they are, simply don't take too lightly to being duped by a novice rumormonger like Huber. Particularly when the rumormonger was arrested last summer for threatening to murder David Caruso and cannot gain entry into the US. Can't work on the set of CSI Miami without a green card! Nice try Gabriele.

Now, it's on to the next rumor. Only this time it's doubtful that , Defamer, The New York Post and MSNBC will get burned twice.

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Anonymous said...

when will the nightmare of Vixen end? i dont know!

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