Saturday, February 23, 2008

Stalker's Hitler Sites - Weekend Reflux

For most of the world, the weekend affords a welcome repose to be spent with one's family or in pursuit of beloved diversions or simply to experience the pleasure of nothingness. For a stalker however, the weekend is simply another opportunity to inundate the Internet with libelous hate posts about David Caruso. After all, a stalker's work is never done. There is a hate campaign to be waged. And now that "Ace" has identified her efforts as nothing short of Hitler's, the stalker rages on. See

It is mid-day in most of the U.S. and the enraged Austrian stalker has already posted four rehashed anti-Caruso articles on the Internet. Some of this reconstituted tripe is from 2006! If you happen to run across them, do not click the links for these articles. You may unknowingly be infecting your computer with a virus or spy ware if you do. If you read them, you will also be infecting your brain with salacious and unsubstantiated rumors, products of the stalker's own reflux.

For those unaware of the stalker's tactics, these articles are traps designed to drive web traffic to her hate sites. These sites do not contain anything relevant to David Caruso, his acting, or his television and film career. Quoting "Ace":

"Damn, I don't know who writes this site..... no one gets this angry at a stranger."

Folks, if you fall for any of this, you have been duped. And the stalker can and will chalk up one for the win column. Avoid these hate sites at all costs and spend your weekend more productively.


Jester said...

Well said Sara!

Can I order 7 of those long-sleeved T's. I would like to send them to Vixen. All that sweating and panting over DC as she sits 24/7 in front of her computer surrounded by posters and photos, breathing heavily. Bound to need a regular change of clothes. Size zero please, she is morally under-nourished.

karonis2 said...

So she's the source of all that acid reflux I've been experiencing.

Sara said...

Jester, this blog has been worth every moment just to read all of the hilarious comments. And Karonis2, Welcome!

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